56287 & 51384 North Weald 24 September 2017

The Class 121 'Bubble Cars' were the longest lived of all first generation DMUs, and a fair number of the original 16 DMBS vehicles have entered preservation. However, the same cannot be said for the 10 DTS trailer vehicles, with only two surviving the cutter's torch. 56287 is seen here paired with Class 117 51384 at the Epping Ongar Railway on 24 September 2017, taking part in the line's Diesel Gala. The pair had just arrived at North Weald with the 2E26 15:05 service from Epping Forest, and are seen here coming back into the station (still displaying red lights) ready to form the 2E29 15:40 departure for Epping Forest. Admittedly it is emphasised by the long lens, but note the severe gradient in the background.