56303 Oxford 24 January 2013

If at first you don't succeed, try again! I visited the footbridge to the south of Oxford station on 21 January 2013 with the hope of seeing 56303 on the 6Z91 10:53 Calvert to Didcot Power Station flyash empties. However, as it didn't run, I returned three days later hoping for better luck. Unfortunately, in the intervening time most of the snow had melted. This time it did run, and although the loco's drab livery isn't helped by the dull conditions, here for the record is 56303 screaming through the centre road on 24 January 2013, while 165116 waits to follow right behind it with the 1P43 11:50 Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington First Great Western service.