57312 & 313026 Baulking 8 April 2019

57312 Solway Princess tows Great Northern EMU 313026 on it final journey on 8 April 2019, seen here passing Baulking, running as the 5Q56 10:54 Hornsey EMU Depot to Newport Docks. Despite the awful weather, I wanted a picture of this train, as not only was it being hauled by a debranded Northern Belle Pullman liveried loco, but it is also the first of Great Northern's Class 313s to be sent for scrapping. Ironically, it was only a week earlier that I photographed my first Class 313. In view of the poor light, I took this picture from the north side of the line, a location that would not be possible with the sun out. With so few locations to choose from, it makes no sense to keep going back to the same spots, when you have the opportunity to try something different.