57315 Shorthampton 3 July 2015

57315 passes Shorthampton on 3 July 2015 with the 5Z19 20:25 Charlbury to Carnforth Pullman ECS. This had just worked the 1Z18 16:54 Victoria to Charlbury private charter. I had considered trying to get a photo of 1Z18, and then driving round to this location for the ECS. However, as the roads either through or around Charlbury are not conducive to high speed driving, I thought it might not be possible to get both pictures. Therefore I opted for this location, as loco hauled empty coaching stock moves are even more unusual on the Cotswold Line than charters, and a Charlbury to Carnforth working must be exceedingly rare, if not unique! Unfortunately the very poor light and the typically filthy 'sludge brown' liveried Class 57 do not make for a particularly good picture, but it is an acceptable record of a very unusual working.