59001 Shrivenham 4 July 2019

59001 Yeoman Endeavour passes Shrivenham on 4 July 2019 with the diverted 7A09 07:12 Merehead Quarry to Acton Mendip Rail 'Jumbo' stone train. This was routed via Swindon due to signalling problems between Bedwyn and Reading. Ordinarily this would have been an ideal opportunity to pop out for a local picture, but on this occasion I had gone down to the Berks & Hants line to photograph it, and only realised something was amiss when I got there! It was therefore a case of a quick drive back from whence I came. So this picture has involved driving over double the distance that it should have, wasting time and petrol. I would add that the extra mileage has added to the car's deprecation, but with over 465,000 miles on the clock, that is not a consideration!