59103 Didcot North Junction 10 July 2015

59103 Village of Mells rounds the curve at Didcot North Junction on 10 July 2015 with the 6A15 05:04 Whatley Quarry to Appleford Mendip Rail stone train. This is probably the nearest I have ever come to missing a picture, as I literally just had time to get the camera out of the bag and press the shutter! I thought I could hear it coming as I was walking up the path towards the bridge, and as I climbed the steps it was coming round the curve. It's amazing how awkward a lens cap seems to be to remove when it is desperately urgent! I had checked a little earlier, and it was running just a few minutes early. However, by missing out a couple of booked stops, it was now over half an hour ahead of time!