60074 & 66198 Ley Court 12 August 2020

How embarrassing! On its way to be named Luke at Westerleigh on 12 August 2020, freshly painted 60074 failed whilst working the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh oil tanks. I had positioned myself at the footpath crossing near Ley Court (west of Gloucester), and with hardly a cloud in the sly, and the westbound DMU out of the way, there didn't seem to be anything preventing a perfect picture as the train approached. However, it then failed just a few miles from where I was waiting, and after a delay of more than two hours, was rescued by the loco off the 6V05 09:15 Round Oak to Margam steel empties. Note the covered up nameplates on the side of Puma Energy liveried loco, as it is hauled past Ley Court by 66198.