61306 Whitehill 24 September 2015

B1 4-6-0 61306 Mayflower passes Whitehill (between Combe and Finstock, on the Cotswold Line) with the Steam Dreams 1Z82 07:39 West Brompton to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Cathedrals Express' railtour on 24 September 2015. As this is a fair walk from the nearest road (albeit down a well maintained track), I was not really surprised to be the only person on the bridge. What did surprise me however, was the near 100% cloud cover to the west, which I discovered when I got back to the car. From where I was, apart from a few small clouds, as can be seen in the background, it was virtually completely sunny. I'm quite glad I decided not to go to the west of Charlbury, which I assume may well have been in cloud.