6201 Chilson 1 December 2012

An unbelievably lucky picture at Chilson on 1 December 2012. Princess Royal Class 4-6-2 6201 Princess Elizabeth heads westwards with the Railway Touring Company 1Z71 08:05 Paddington to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Worcester Anniversary Christmas Fayre' special. LMS locomotives have never been common on the Cotswold Line, not even in preservation days, so I was keen to get a picture of this. Unfortunately, for most of its route the train would be coming directly out of the sun. Only for a short stretch from Shorthampton to Ascott-under-Wychwood would the sun be on the front. The sun had been out for a long time while I stood in this field at Chilson, but shortly before the train was due a huge bank of cloud rolled in from the north. As I could hear 'Lizzie' approaching it was very dull, but miraculously as the train came into view the sun found a small hole in the cloud, resulting in this fantastic lighting, with the exhaust standing out superbly against the dark menacing clouds in the background. As the back of the train passed me, the clouds won and the lights went out!