66060 & 60059 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 27 August 2009

I suppose it is newsworthy, but this certainly isn't the picture I was intending to take when I went to the site of Ashbury Crossing at Shrivenham to photograph the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 27 August 2009. 60059 Swinden Dalesman had worked the 6A11 loaded service, so I fully expected to get a shot of the 60 in its faded Loadhaul livery, if I could find a gap in the clouds. Unfortunately 60059 had obviously failed, so 66060 has been added to the front to take the train back to Wales. A good job the tanks are empty, as otherwise the total load including a dead 60 would obviously be too much for a 'shed'! Although the sun was out at the appropriate moment, the fact that the train was over an hour late meant that the lighting was a little head on.