66077 Elliot 1 September 2018

Running a staggering 268 minutes early, 66077 passes Elliot on 1 September 2018 with the 6D84 18:01 (14:31 actual) Aberdeen Waterloo to Mossend calcium carbonate tanks. While I suppose getting this was a bonus, it is an exceedingly poor substitute for the 1S11 10:00 Kings Cross to Aberdeen LNER HST, which is what I went here for, and which I missed. As the HST appeared to have come to a stand near Dundee, and as the weather was so grim, I decided to walk back to the car in Arbroath. I checked Realtime Trains whilst walking across the field in the background, only to find it was now on the move again and had passed Carnoustie. Despite running back to the bridge, I didn't make it in time!