66083 Charlbury 24 July 2009

Work to reinstate double track on parts of the Cotswold Line started in late July 2009, with initial work confined to slewing the track to its former position and moving signal cables, basically undoing all the realignment work done at the time of the 1971 singling. On 24 July, 66083 sits next to Charlbury station car park with the 6W88 ballast train from Hinksey. Unfortunately a buckled rail meant that it would be unlikely to move for some time, so I abandoned my original plan to photograph the return empties somewhere nearer Oxford, which would have been headed by 66118, which is well out sight round the corner here on the rear of the train. This is not a very photogenic location, but at least it was parked somewhere that was easily accessible. It was just a case of waiting for one of the brief bursts of sunshine before taking the picture and then heading home!