66090 Evesham 19 August 2009

At less than walking speed, 66090 approaches the impressive bracket signal at Evesham with the 6W85 Worcester to Aldington ballast train on 19 August 2009. The train of ballast was for use in connection with the doubling of the Cotswold Line, which will unfortunately see the end of these semaphore signals. This is why I was keen to get a picture of this particular train at this location, and was slightly surprised that I was the only photographer there. It is a little ironic that the little used siding on the right seems to have marginally less vegetation growing on it than the main line! I very nearly didn't get this picture in the sun, as although it was sunny while the train was stopped by the box, a cloud appeared as it moved off. Luckily with such a heavy load the train was moving so slowly that the sun had come out again by the time it was in the right position. Note tamper DR73912 in the siding, waiting to move off five hours later.