66107 Wolvercote 19 July 2013

The shadows are lengthening at Wolvercote on 19 July 2013, as 66107 heads northwards with the 4E70 17:03 Southampton Western Docks to Wakefield Europort intermodal. This view clearly shows the work going on to reinstate the down relief line between Oxford and Wolvercote Junction. This line originally opened in 1942, and as can be seen here, was separated from the main running lines by a considerable distance. It is hard to believe now, but up until the 1980s there was a footpath crossing in the middle of this view, which made a good location to photograph northbound trains in the evening (this viewpoint from the Godstow Road footbridge was already obstructed by bushes in the mid 1980s, and has only just been cleared). The site of the crossing is where there is extra fencing close to the line, with the approach path marked out by the parched grass in front of the cows grazing on Port Meadow.