66128 Manton 23 April 2021

A red 66 is an extremely poor substitute for a red HST! I had gone to this spot above Manton Tunnel on 23 April 2021 in order to photograph the 5M17 10:20 St Pancras International to St Pancras International (via Leicester) East Midlands Railway driver training run, but due to it running 18 minutes late on the outward run, I was much later than expected travelling to this location. It would have been OK, but here it was now running one minute early, which was just enough for me to miss it, as I saw it pass by as I was walking up the path! The substitute picture shows 66128 working the 4L38 10:59 East Midlands Gateway to Felixstowe Central intermodal. The extreme western edge of the 3,100 acre Rutland Water reservoir can be seen on the right.