66129, 66100 & 66091 Denchworth 17 October 2011

How many Class 66s does it take to move twenty one wagons! The answer seems to be three if this photo is to believed! 66129, 66100 & 66091 pass Denchworth in a very lucky brief patch of sunshine on 17 October 2011 with the 6X50 07:36 Westbury to Bescot departmental working. Obviously 66100 & 66091 are dead in tow, as even a 66 could manage this meagre load unaided. The reason for the 6X50 headcode rather than the more normal 6M50 is not immediately apparent in this view, but the switch and crossing panel wagons which renders the train an exceptional load would be added later at Hinksey Yard. Note how Circourt Bridge in the background is not in the sun, proving it was a good job I decided not to go to there.