66129 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 13 July 2013

66129 heads north through Oxford on 13 July 2013 with the diverted 6M60 04:00 Exeter Riverside to Bescot china clay tanks, passing 220011 held at a red signal with the 1O82 06:16 Leeds to Southampton Central CrossCountry service. The huge white buildings in the background are the as yet unfinished Castle Mill student accommodation blocks. Quite how such a hideous monstrosity ever got planning permission, especially in a place like Oxford, is a question that every local resident is asking. As the iconic views from the nearby Port Meadow have been compromised, there is real talk of a review, and even forcing the developers to reduce the height. The buildings have no architectural merit whatsoever, and are more reminiscent of 1950s communist state tenements.