66528, 66550, 66548, 66549 & 66607 Beechbrook Farm (Ashford) 19 July 2002

The transient railway. Once this was all fields, and now it is all fields again! Beechbrook Farm depot was constructed next to the A20 road to the north of Ashford, during the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1). For a few years it was extremely busy, but such has been its total obliteration, that there is no sign now that a railway was ever here. In this 19 July 2002 view there are at least 11 locos in view. 66528, 66550, 66548, 66549 & 66607 are parked in the foreground, with several other Class 66s (both Freightliner and EWS) in the background. Just visible in front of the trees in the background is Class 14 D9504.