66585 & 70002 Charfield 2 March 2010

So much for General Electric reliability! 66585 The Drax Flyer gives a helping hand to failed 70002 with the 4Z70 08:53 Rugeley Power Station to Stoke Gifford coal empties on 2 March 2010, seen here passing Charfield. The three month old 70002 had disgraced itself at Cheltenham, caused severe delays to following passenger services. If your impression of a loco class's performance is gleaned from first impressions, this is not a good start. Not having bothered to obtain a picture of a Class 70 until now, I decided to wait around for this train as the light was good, only for this to happen! I had assumed that the class's extreme ugliness would be compensated for by ultra reliability, but apparently not.