66743 Wolvercote 12 July 2016

66743 passes Wolvercote on 12 July 2016 with the 5Z81 18:05 Oxford to Oxford Up Carriage Sidings Royal Scotsman ECS. 66746 is on the rear of the train. This was in connection with the Belmond Royal Scotsman mammoth eight day 'Grand Tour of Great Britain' luxury charter, a snip at 9,660 per person! Earlier in the day the train had worked the 1Z79 04:35 Gloucester to Bath (via Newton Abbot), and the 1Z81 13:30 Bath to Oxford (via Southampton). Initially I hadn't noticed that this train would pass this location, as obviously Oxford station and Oxford carriage sidings are next to each other. It was only when I looked at the timings that I realised that the train was travelling via Banbury! Nearly an extra 50 miles, just to reverse!