66848 Ley Court 2 November 2018

A location that I had been meaning to visit for some time is Ley Court, between Oakle Street and Grange Court. As 2 November 2018 was a completely sunny day, I decided to go there for the 3S33 11:08 Cheltenham Lansdown Loop to Gloucester Horton Road (via Newport) Rail Head Treatment Train. As the train's earlier working, the 3S32 22:37 Gloucester Horton Road to Cheltenham Lansdown Loop, was on time when I left home, I was surprised that it was now running 78 minutes early. Sure enough, a glance up the line revealed an approaching headlight, so I had literally less than a minute to get ready for this picture after arriving at the location! 66848 is leading, with 56096 on the rear.