66850 Purton 20 October 2018

66850 David Maidment OBE passes Purton on 20 October 2018 with the 3S59 19:47 Bristol Barton Hill to Bristol Barton Hill Rail Head Treatment Train. 66847 is bringing up the rear. This train had spent the night spaying various Welsh locations, including: Abercynon, Merthyr Tydfil, Mountain Ash & Ebbw Vale. It had been sat in Lydney loop for a long time, and as soon as I noticed that it had left, I set out for this location, despite it still being foggy at home. I thought this was going to be hopeless, as I didn't drive out of the fog until less than a mile from this spot! You can still see it in the background. Also, I only just arrived in time, as instead of keeping to its booked path, they surprisingly let it ahead of the passenger train, and it was running 36 minutes early.