66955 Compton Beauchamp 11 September 2014

66955 passes Compton Beauchamp on 11 September 2014 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. The Met Office's forecast had been slightly out on this particular morning, as the bank of cloud that was predicted to arrive towards midday had in fact reached here well before this train was due. By the time it actually appeared under the bridge in the background (20 minutes late) it was really quite dull. I was therefore surprised when the sun briefly reappeared as it got nearer, and then disappeared as it had passed by. Result! As the 66/9 sub-class is so small, the chances of getting one on this working are slim, so it is therefore noteworthy that I saw 66954 on this same working, in similar transient lighting, just a couple of months previously.