800001 Old Dalby (Asfordby Depot) 28 August 2015

800001, the prototype for the fleet of new Hitachi built bi-mode units stands at the Asfordby Depot end of the Old Dalby test track on 28 August 2015. It's pantograph is up, and some systems on board are running, but there are no signs of imminent movement. Note that the nose cone sections have been retracted to reveal the coupling. 800001 was constructed at Hitachi's Kasado works in Japan, and shipped to this country from the port of Kobe aboard the MV Tamerlane, arriving at Southampton on 11 March 2015, and was unloaded the following day. Being built in Japan this will presumably be virtually fault free, but even so an extensive programme of testing was undertaken prior to the fleet's introduction into service in 2017.