800014 Finstock 19 December 2017

My first picture of a Class 800 DMU on the Cotswold Line. 800014 arrives at Finstock station on 19 December 2017 with the 5Z26 09:11 Hereford Diesel Sidings to Stoke Gifford selective door opening test run. The train came to a stand with the leading vehicle underneath the roadbridge, and a member of staff got out of the second coach and looked down the train. After taking a picture on his phone, he reboarded the train, and test complete, the train set off towards Oxford. Class 800s had previously made several forays up the line, but they were either at night, or in the case of the one a week earlier, happened during heavy snow that prevented me getting out to photograph it! Note the unhelpful train indicator, which kept cycling through a series of messages saying it couldn't find the modem or GPS signal. Also, as you can tell from the winter sunshine, the time definitely isn't 21:18!