960014 & 960010 North Lee 6 December 2008

I had been meaning to photograph the 3S74 08:46 Aylesbury to Marylebone Rail Head Treatment Train for some weeks, so when a sunny day was forecast for Saturday 6 December 2008, an early morning trip was made to the Aylesbury area. As the sun would have only just risen when the train was due, it was a good job that I knew a spot that would be ideal, with nothing in the way to shade the train and the sun at the perfect angle. Of course this carefully laid plan was thwarted by a band of cloud that formed just where the sun was! 960014 (55022) & 960010 (55024) are pictured passing North Lee on time and in no light whatsoever! Much careful work in Photoshop has brought out the underframe detail and also retained the subtle tones in the sky. Without the use of layers this picture would either be excessively dark or have the all too common fault of railway pictures on websites - that of a completely blank sky.