9708 Kemble 3 January 2019

Network Rail DBSO 9708 leads the 3Q64 10:20 Canton Pullmans to Canton Pullmans (Via Swindon) test train through Kemble station on 3 January 2019. 37607 is doing the pushing at the rear. This was running over half an hour early, having missed out its booked 24 minute stop in Haresfield Loop. Luckily I had left home in good time in case that happened, but even so only got here with a few minutes to spare. As I was taking the picture, I thought that 165132 arriving on the other platform with the 2G85 13:36 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa GWR service was going to ruin the picture, but instead it makes an interesting passing shot. Judging by the rusty track, it doesn't look like anything has used the former Cirencester branch bay platform line for a while.