9714 Chilson 12 September 2011

There seemed very little prospect of getting another sunlit shot of the 3Z13 08:23 Derby RTC to Bristol Kingsland Road test train on 12 September 2011, after I had seen it near Cornbury Park. However, I decided to go to a location near Chilson to see it returning from its reversal at Oxford, this time of course with Network Rail DBSO 9714 leading, and 31106 pushing at the rear. I wanted a 'train in the landscape' type shot, and thought that the short train would look well framed between the solitary tree and the new signal post. I expected nothing more than a record shot, as the clouds were building up big time. Amazingly, just as it came into view the sun found a hole in the cloud and bathed the whole scene in light, which contrasts markedly with the background. I'm glad I took the trouble to walk to the location now! Incidentally, the last time I saw 9714, was just around the corner at Shorthampton, two years previously, going the other way.