C594 Shipton 18 September 1982

A historic scene at Shipton on 18 September 1982. C594 (51073, 59435 & 51104) rounds the curve through the station with the 15:37 Didcot to Hereford service, travelling on vintage 95lb per yard bullhead rail. Note how the unit has had its Cardiff prefix letter painted out, on it recent transfer to Reading. It would soon aquire the L for London prefix. On the left can be seen the remains of the goods loading dock with three ex Great Western Railway corrugated iron huts beyond. The two nearest of these last remnants of the steam age were swept away shortly afterwards, and now a small industrial estate occupies the site. Trees have now grown up all around the up platform in the background, and of course Class 119s no longer work the line. However, FWP Matthews flour mill on the right is still in business, and is virtually the only unaltered part of this view.