Class 165

165029 Shottesbrooke 26 March 1992

Under an impressively dark and menacing sky, brand new 165029 passes Shottesbrooke on 26 March 1992 with the 1F20 12:38 Paddington to Newbury Network SouthEast service. 165029 had only been delivered from the BREL works at York a few weeks previously and was the first of the three car Class 165/0s that were temporarily lent to the Thames division for use on services out of Paddington, pending delivery of the Class 165/1s. When eventually enough 165/1s became available, 165029 along with the other 165/0s moved to their intended Chiltern Line duties, where they have been ever since.

165029 & 165037 South Moreton 6 May 1992

This is not quite the commonplace 1990s Network SouthEast scene that it appears to be at first sight. Instead of the usual Class 165/1s, this is in fact a pair of Chiltern Line Class 165/0s at work in the Thames Valley. Prior to the introduction of the route's dedicated 165/1s, a number of Chiltern Line units were borrowed for both crew training and passenger workings. 165029 & 165037 pass South Moreton on 6 May 1992 with a westbound crew training run. 165029 had been in service for several weeks when this photo was taken, but 165037 was just a few days old.

165029 Kings Sutton 31 May 1994

165029 heads north from Kings Sutton on 31 May 1994 with the 1G44 16:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Network SouthEast service. At this time all Chiltern Line services were operated by Class 165/0s, either three car units such as this, or the more numerous two car units.

165029 Ardley Quarry 13 December 1997

165029, the first of the Chiltern Line's three car Class 165/0s, passes Ardley Quarry on 13 December 1997 with the 09:29 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone service. This is the early days of Chiltern Railways, and not only is the unit still in Network SouthEast livery, without any updated branding, but the line is still single track. Ironically however, at this spot there is a small section of double track in the foreground, a remnant of the lifted (and now reinstated line), left in situ at this point as the Ardley Quarry sidings were a short distance further on.

165029 Bicester South Junction 13 August 2016

165029 slowly traverses the new curve between Bicester South Junction and Gavray Junction on 13 August 2016 with the Branch Line Society 1Z68 14:35 Marylebone to Oxford Parkway 'Wycombe Wanderer' railtour. Unfortunately without a headboard it looks just like any other Chiltern Railways train. Equally unfortunately it was running two minutes early. Had it passed at the correct time the sun would have been out!

165029 Bicester MoD Reception Sidings 13 August 2016

165029 pulls out of the Bicester MoD Reception Sidings on 13 August 2016 with the Branch Line Society 1Z72 16:29 Oxford Parkway to Marylebone 'Wycombe Wanderer' railtour. Despite the awkward lighting, this was the obvious location to photograph this railtour, as this is definitely an out of the ordinary move for a passenger train. However, I wasn't entirely surprised to be on my own, as a lot of photographers ignore DMUs, however unusual the working is. Note the very small '84C Banbury Drivers' headboard.

165029 Piddington 13 August 2016

165029 passes Piddington on 13 August 2016 with the Branch Line Society 1Z72 16:29 Oxford Parkway to Marylebone 'Wycombe Wanderer' railtour. The reason for the going away shot was partly due to the better lighting angle, but more importantly because I was in position to photograph 68009 on the 1G49 17:10 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service, which was due from the other direction in a couple of minutes.

165030 & 165105 Goring 27 May 1992

It is extremely unlikely that these two units will have ever worked together in more recent times. Class 165/0 165030 & Class 165/1 165105 accelerate away from Goring on 27 May 1992 with the 1F66 17:38 Paddington to Didcot Parkway Network SouthEast service. The Thames Valley's new Class 165/1s were not being delivered quickly enough, and so during 1992 various members of the 165/0 fleet were drafted in to help out. When more 165/1s became available, 165030 would have been returned to the Chiltern Line, where it still works to this day, whilst 165105 carried on working in the Thames Valley. Like many of the hired in 165/0s, 165030 is completely devoid of set numbers.

165030 Didcot North Junction 20 June 1992

165030 passes Didcot North Junction on 20 June 1992 with the 1F52 18:08 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast service. Being a Class 165/0, this is of course an interloper on the Thames Valley route, given away by the fact that 'Chiltern Turbo' can be seen on the bodyside (at least on the high-res 35mm slide scan). This was during the period when several Chiltern 165/0s were on loan to work trains out of Paddington, pending the arrival of the Class 165/1s.

165030 Kings Sutton 19 May 1998

The hawthorn is in full flower at Kings Sutton on 19 May 1998 as 165030 heads north with the 16:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service. Still no signs of the new owners on this Network SouthEast liveried unit. With hindsight I should have taken more pictures of NSE units on the route, but at least I have more pictures of them than my ridiculously poor coverage of the formerly used Class 115 units. Despite the infrequent service on the line in the 1980s, the fact that the line was reasonably local makes the omission inexcusable.

165030 Hatton North Junction 19 February 2008

In perfect low winter afternoon lighting, 165030 is pictured as it slowly accelerates away from Hatton station and approaches Hatton North Junction with the 14:20 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service on 19 February 2008. Not many Class 165s venture this far north and this makes a change from the normal Class 168s on this route.

165030 Harbury 15 March 2008

165030 has just emerged from Harbury Tunnel on a very gloomy 15 March 2008 with the 08:54 Marylebone to Stratford-upon-Avon Chiltern Railways service. Note the banner repeater signal in the background for up trains.

165030 Launton 24 February 2018

165030 passes Launton on 24 February 2018 with the 1U39 14:43 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. Chiltern usually keep their units well cleaned, and although the bodyside look sparkling, they seem to have missed the cab roof on this one!

165031 Radley 15 May 1992

165031 approaches Radley on 15 May 1992 with the 1F44 17:20 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast service. This was during the brief period when Class 165/0s were operating in the Thames Valley, prior to the full introduction of the route's Class 165/1s. 165031 would soon migrate over to the nearby Chiltern Line, where it can still be found over two decades later.

165031 & 165025 Ardley Quarry 3 July 2010

165031 & 165025 pass the site of Ardley Quarry on 3 July 2010 with the 1G36 13:15 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service. This was one of a number of modified services operating over the route due to engineering works further south. Note the rusting rails of the former quarry siding just visible underneath the brambles in the foreground.

165031 Ardley 21 April 2015

The blackthorn is in full bloom at Ardley on 21 April 2015, as 165031 passes by with the 1H52 13:13 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. The entrance to the Ardley Tunnel can just be glimpsed underneath the bridge in the background.

165031 Bicester South Junction 1 November 2015

165031 nears journey's end on 1 November 2015 with the 1U35 13:43 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. The line beyond Bicester was closed for engineering works. The train has just passed Bicester South Junction, which connects with the new chord to the Oxford line, seen in the foreground.

165032 Culham 13 May 1992

165032 accelerates away from Culham station (which can just be seen in the background) with the 1F52 18:08 Paddington to Oxford 'all stations' service. The date is 13 May 1992, and the route's long term Class 117 DMUs were just being ousted by a more modern replacement. However, as the intended Class 165/1s were not yet ready, these Class 165/0s destined for the Chiltern Lines were taking up the slack.

165032 Bishops Itchington 23 June 2009

165032 passes Bishops Itchington on 23 June 2009 with the 08:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service. A day of sunshine and cloud, with the sun not quite appearing in the right place at the right time for this picture!

165032 Banbury 2 January 2011

165032 starts on its journey from Banbury station on 2 January 2011 with the late running 09:47 Chiltern Railways service to Marylebone. The station building, with its concrete canopies dates from 1958, replacing an earlier wooden trainshed.

165033 Radley 15 May 1992

165033 arrives a Radley just before sunset on 15 May 1992 with the 18:08 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast service. At this time a number of Chiltern Line three car Class 165/0s were on hire to the Thames Line to cover for the late arrival of the Class 165/1s. Subsequently, with the exception of a brief period after privatisation when five 165/0s were allocated to Thames Trains, the Paddington to Oxford route has been worked exclusively by Class 165/1s along of course with the more up market Class 166s.

165033 West Ruislip 19 February 1994

165033 passes West Ruislip on 19 February 1994 with the 1H17 07:07 Leamington Spa to Marylebone Network SouthEast service. The line diverging to the left is the London Transport depot  connection, and the two buffer stops in the foreground mark the end of the West Ruislip underground station tracks.

165033 Fritwell 18 April 2010

165033 passes Fritwell on 18 April 2010 with the 12:00 Stratford-upon-Avon to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. For once the destination indicator is not working, which avoids the strange broken up display effect that normally appears in pictures of these (any many other) units.

165033 Brill Tunnel 24 May 2010

165033 emerges from Brill Tunnel on 24 May 2010 with the 12:52 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Notice how short the tunnel is, although this has admittedly been slightly foreshortened by the use of a very long lens. The long lens and the extreme heat have also given the rails a curiously wobbly appearance. This view would have not have been possible until recently. Whole swathes of trees have been cleared from both sides of the cutting.

165033 Ashendon Junction 10 August 2012

Not long after sunrise on 10 August 2012, a lengthy train of Chiltern Railways Class 165 stock passes the site of Ashendon Junction with the 1H07 06:54 Bicester North to Marylebone service. 165033 leads the ensemble, with an unidentified two car unit in the centre, and 165012 bring up the rear.

165034 Saunderton Lee 19 June 1998

165034 passes Saunderton Lee on 19 June 1998 with the 19:05 Marylebone to Princes Risborough Chiltern Railways service. At this point the up and down lines are on different alignments, At first close together, but then diverging further apart, before rejoining at Princes Risborough.

165034 Ludgershall (Buckinghamshire) 6 August 1998

With the recently relayed up line yet to be commissioned, 165034 gives the impression that is running wrong line, as it passes Ludgershall on 6 August 1998 with the 08:30 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. This was the transformation period for the Chiltern Line, turning a backwater with an infrequent service, into a busy commuter route.

165034 Kings Sutton 3 June 2011

Glorious evening light at Kings Sutton on 3 June 2011, as 165034 accelerates away from the village's station whilst working the 1U51 17:37 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. Note the yellow band over the disabled access door on the first coach.

165034 & 165039 Islip (Mill Lane) 2 April 2017

Superb early morning lighting at Mill Lane, Islip, on 2 April 2017. Extremely clean 165034 & not quite so clean 165039 accelerate away from Islip station with the 1T11 07:35 Marylebone to Oxford Chiltern Railways service. Normally of course I would photograph a train approaching me, rather than heading away. However, I could see from the dark clouds in the background that the sunshine might be limited, so took this in case when the train returned in 25 minutes it was cloudy. It was!

165034 Kings Sutton 22 April 2017

165034 accelerates away from Kings Sutton on 22 April 2017 with the 1U47 16:43 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. I had intended to compliment this picture with a view of the following 2L50 18:19 Oxford to Banbury GWR service, but that was cancelled, apparently due to a trespass incident.

165034 Oxford North Junction 20 May 2017

A busy moment at Oxford North Junction on 20 May 2017. 165034 gets into its stride with the first Chiltern Railways train of the day to London, the 1Y01 06:12 Oxford to Marylebone service. In the background, 70007 waits on the down relief line with the early running 4M62 04:31 Southampton Maritime to Lawley Street freightliner, while visible underneath Walton Well Road bridge is 165026, working the 5Y02 05:51 Banbury Depot Reception to Oxford Chiltern Railways ECS.

165035 & 165106 Culham 12 May 1992

During 1992 various members of the Chiltern Line Class 165/0 fleet were drafting into the Thames Valley pool to increase capacity pending delivery of more of that route's dedicated 165/1 sets. This often led to the two types working in multiple, as shown here. 165035 (bereft of any front end numbers) leads 165106 past Culham on 12 May 1992 with the 18:08 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast service. Although of course Class 165s still often work in multiple, it is exceedingly unlikely that these two will ever meet again, as while the rear unit still works the same route, 165035 has spent virtually all the time since working the Chiltern Line out of Marylebone.

165035 & 165032 Lower Basildon 17 May 1992

A scene full of historic interest at Lower Basildon on 17 May 1992, with three trains in the picture, which is not bad for a Sunday! 165035 & 165032 (both temporarily hired in from the Chiltern Line) head towards London with the 1F24 17:50 Oxford to Paddington Network SouthEast service, while L405 can be seen heading in the opposite direction with the 2C66 18:00 Reading to Didcot Parkway. The 1C64 17:15 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads HST can be seen overtaking L405. Not only does this view show the transition from Class 117s to 165s on the Thames Valley route, but is also of course a reminder of how the location looked prior to the visual vandalism that is the Great Western Mainline electrification scheme.

165035 Rowington 5 June 1996

165035 runs alongside the M40 motorway near Rowington on 5 June 1996 with the 16:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill service. Unfortunately this view of the competing forms of transport is no longer possible, as the small bushes seen here growing alongside the railway fence are now very large bushes!

165035 Ardley Quarry 9 August 2003

Until the inevitable bushes grew up, there was a good evening viewpoint for northbound trains near Ardley Quarry, on the Chiltern Line. With the M40 motorway in the background, 165035 passes the overgrown quarry line on 9 August 2003 with the 15:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service.

165035 Ardley 5 September 2009

Viewed from the lofty vantage point of the bridge to the west of Ardley, 165035 heads towards the capital on 5 September 2009 with the 11:29 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Note the profusion of hawthorn berries in the foreground.

165035 Kings Sutton 28 May 2010

165035 passes Kings Sutton on 28 May 2010 with the 1G40 14:50 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service. I'm not quite sure what's happened to the unit's number on the front end, with misaligned figures and peeling digits.

165035 Kings Sutton 10 July 2015

165035 approaches Kings Sutton on 10 July 2015 with the 1U50 17:21 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. A headshunt for the station's small goods yard formerly passed underneath the left hand span of the bridge in the background.

165036, 165027 & 165015 Little Kimble 21 March 2017

165036, 165027 & 165015 run along the low embankment on the approach to Little Kimble station on 21 March 2017, as they work the 5P11 07:02 Aylesbury to Princes Risborough Chiltern Railways ECS. Seven miles of empty stock working before they go their separate ways for individual daily workings.

165037 Saunderton Lee 29 May 1997

The last rays of the setting sun illuminate 165037 as it passes Saunderton Lee on 29 May 1997 with the 19:25 Marylebone to Aylesbury Chiltern Railways service. There were few places at this end of the Chiltern Line that were clear enough of vegetation in the 1990s to allow pictures to be taken this late in the evening. It was always a worry that this train shouldn't be late, otherwise it would hold up 6A71, which followed directly behind.

165037 Jordans 8 August 1998

I have not seen many photographs taken from this location, but then it does require a fair walk to get to it. 165037 approaches the Buckinghamshire village of Jordans with the 18:32 Marylebone to High Wycombe Chiltern Trains service on 8 August 1998. Unfortunately the abundant trees that make the Chilterns such a picturesque area mean that there are very few good photographic locations in the Beaconsfield area.

165037 Yarnton 20 December 2016

165037 passes Yarnton on 20 December 2016 with the 5V44 12:59 Banbury Depot to Hinksey Chiltern Railways ECS. The unit would then work the 5Y49 14:38 Hinksey to Oxford Parkway and the 5T36 14:56 Oxford Parkway to Hinksey, before returning to Banbury as the 5U62 15:42 Hinksey to Banbury. Just behind the train the barriers of Yarnton Lane level crossing can be seen rising after the passage of the train. In the far distance is the cottage adjacent to Sandy Lane level crossing.

165038 & 165037 Culham 13 May 1992

165038 & 165037 speed through Culham on 13 May 1992 with the 5F50 18:43 Twyford to Oxford Carriage Sidings empty stock working. This had previously formed the 1F50 17:53 Paddington to Twyford, from where it became a non-stop ECS working to Oxford. Obviously there are more commuters in the lower Thames Valley, but for the sake of a few minutes station time at intermediate stops, I would have thought it could have still carried passengers onwards to Oxford! Both these units were on short term loan to Thames Valley services at the time, as the intended Class 165/1 units had not yet been delivered. After several months working to Oxford, Newbury, etc, they would then take up their Chiltern Line duties.

165038 Shottesbrooke 5 September 1992

165038 passes Shottesbrooke on 5 September 1992 with the 1E39 09:00 Oxford to Paddington Network SouthEast service. 165038 was just five months old when this picture was taken, and of course being a Class 165/0 unit, is operating away from its intended route. Due to the late delivery of the Thames Valley fleet of 165/1s, the eleven three car 165/0s that were destined for the Chiltern Line, were loaned to the Paddington to Oxford route.

165038 Fritwell 15 December 2007

165038 passes Fritwell on a bitterly cold 15 December 2007 with the 08:23 Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways service. At least the dull conditions allowed this viewpoint, which because of the angle of the line would be a very difficult proposition in sunny conditions.

165038 Bishops Itchington 23 June 2009

The penultimate Class 165/0, 165038 passes Bishops Itchington on 23 June 2009 with the 09:12 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. This is an 'all stations' train as far as High Wycombe, from where it becomes non-stop to the London terminus.

165038 & 165004 Bicester South Junction 1 November 2015

With the steeply graded new link line in the foreground, 165038 & 165004 pass Bicester South Junction on 1 November 2015 with the 1N37 14:10 Marylebone to Bicester North Chiltern Railways service. The line beyond Bicester was closed for Sunday engineering works.

165039 Wormleighton Crossing 22 April 2009

165039 approaches Wormleighton Crossing on 22 April 2009 with the 11:52 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone Chiltern Trains service. This view illustrates one of the numerous ways Network Rail finds to waste money. Note the duplication of the 93 milepost. Presumably the old one was getting a little tatty, but this is easily remedied by a readily available cheap miracle cure that comes in tins - called paint! Although I suppose nowadays nobody would be allowed to do such a simple job so near the running lines, although of course that's exactly how the replacement got there!

165039 Oddington 20 April 2016

165039 passes Oddington on 20 April 2016 with the 1Y20 08:27 Oxford Parkway to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. The train is passing the site of the former level crossing, which has been replaced by a new road, from which this picture is taken. With work only just complete on the line's major upgrade, the views are still completely open and free of vegetation.

165039 Saunderton 9 April 2017

165039 races through Saunderton station on 9 April 2017 with the 1H14 09:44 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Note the missing section of the front valance, a common problem, as it is extremely prone to damage.

165039 & 165034 Saunderton 25 February 2018

165039 & 165034 pass through Saunderton station on 25 February 2018 with the 1Z22 11:20 Aylesbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. This was one of a number of additional trains run in connection with the Arsenal vs Manchester City football match at Wembley Stadium.