Class 60

60026 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 19 January 1991

My first picture of a Class 60 on the move. 60026 William Caxton approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 19 January 1991 with the 6B33 09:57 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The loco had been delivered from Brush the previous month, and had arrived at Margam on 7 January. Its first outing was on 10 January, when it worked the 18:30 Port Talbot to Robeston empties, followed by the 23:35 loaded train to Theale. The following day it worked the return empties, thus becoming the first Class 60 to complete the West Wales to Theale circuit. 

60026 Melton Ross 21 August 1992

60026 William Caxton passes Melton Ross on 21 August 1992 with the 6E54 10:37 Kingsbury to Humber oil empties. 60026 was initially allocated to Cardiff Canton, but within a few months had migrated to Immingham, where it spent several years working trains such as this. It returned to its original Welsh home in 2000, although not in one go, as it was allocated to Toton for a few years.

60026 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

The 6G47 15:50 Immingham to Tinsley steel coils always made an excellent picture in the late 1990s, with the shiny coils contrasting with the bright orange wagons. On a gloriously sunny 18 July 1996, 60026 William Caxton is pictured passing Melton Ross.

60026 Cwm 2 June 2001

60026 passes Cwm on 2 June 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour, at this point running as the 1Z42 16:50 Ebbw Vale to Crewe. 37886 & 37707 had been photographed just 20 minutes earlier, as they hauled the train up the valley.

60026 Llangewydd 2 June 2001

60026 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z42 16:50 Ebbw Vale to Crewe 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour at Llangewydd on 2 June 2001. 37886 & 37707 were leading the train at this point. A huge radio mast now ruins this viewpoint.

60026 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 1 November 2007

60026 approaches Shrivenham with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 1 November 2007. As the light was very poor, the opportunity was taken to photograph the train from the north side of the line, which when the sun is out is only possible late on summer evenings. In the background is Chapelwick Farm, which takes its name from the former chapel which was situated near the tall trees visible in the background on the right.

60026 Kibworth Harcourt 25 June 2008

60026 passes Kibworth Harcourt with the 6V92 10:10 Corby to Margam steel empties on 25 June 2008, traveling via the Midland Mainline rather than its usual route via Melton Mowbray. The scatter of orange plastic visible in the ballast is an all too common sight nowadays, plastic track components spilled during track maintenance works and just abandoned. All kinds of discarded materials can bee seen on the lineside, and certainly money could be saved with better stock control.

60026 Yarnton 1 September 2008

60026 passes Yarnton (near Oxford) with the diverted 6M04 02:28 Port Clarence to Bedworth Petroplus tanks on 1 September 2008. The major engineering work on the West Coast Main Line has resulted in considerably increased mileage for this train, as instead of traveling down from Teesside to the Midlands in the conventional way, it is seen here approaching the Midlands from entirely the opposite direction! Ironically this massive diversion is caused because its normal route involves just a very short section of the WCML at Nuneaton.

60028 Oxford 13 May 1995

60028 John Flamsteed passes through Oxford station on 13 May 1995 with the 6V53 02:20 Lindsey to Langley Total aviation fuel tanks. At this time the loco was in Immingham's FDAI pool, and therefore the Railfreight Petroleum livery is correct for this working - it wasn't always so! The area to the south of the station was in limbo at this time, with the former scrapyard gone, and the sidings rusting, but before the new car park was constructed, which effectively ruined this photographic viewpoint.

60028 Brampton 16 December 1995

Superb winter lighting at Brampton on 16 December 1995, as 60028 John Flamsteed heads south with the 6E13 12:40 Kirkby Thore (Newbiggin) to Milford Sidings gypsum empties. The gypsum is a by-product of the desulphurisation plant at Drax Power Station. Although this is in one of the flatter parts of the Settle & Carlisle route, there is a still the same dramatic background, and with a little snow on the fells and the clouds luckily confined to the background, it still makes an excellent picture.

60028 Compton Beauchamp 20 June 2001

How quickly times change! 60028 John Flamsteed passes Compton Beauchamp on 20 June 2001 with the 6A64 07:21 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station MGR. It wouldn't be long before a grey Class 60 and the venerable HAA coal wagons would be history, but I wouldn't have imagined in 2001 that Didcot Power Station would close after a ridiculously short lifespan of just 45 years.

60028 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 28 December 2001

60028 John Flamsteed's drab unbranded grey livery has not been improved by the evidence of its recent use on iron ore workings. It is pictured here passing the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 28 December 2001 with the 4D16 13:30 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR empties.

60028 Cossington 14 July 2002

Sunday engineering work on 14 July 2002 sees 60028 John Flamsteed heading north at Cossington with a rake of spoil wagons. This loco spent a number of years in this debranded grey livery, before eventually just acquiring the EWS 'Three Beasties' logo. It never did see the red paintbrush!

60028 Hinksey 2 January 2008

60028 John Flamsteed passes Hinksey Yard on 2 January 2008 with the 6E55 13:35 Theale to Lindsey oil empties. Luckily it wasn't running late, otherwise the shadows from the wagons parked on the right would have caused a problem. They are already starting to shade the wheels.

60028 Great Bedwyn 24 April 2020

Looking absolutely superb, with its matching rake of deep blue liveried wagons, 60028 passes Great Bedwyn on 24 April 2020 with the 6Z92 08:38 Willesden DC Rail Sidings to Westbury spoil empties. The train would later take a load of spent ballast to Southampton. Bedwyn station is just beyond the bridge in the background, and a Turbo unit can be seen in the turnback siding, having just arrived with the 5K33 ECS, after working the 2K36 09:11 GWR service from Reading. To complete the picture, Great Bedwyn church, along with its magnificent yew tree forms the backdrop.

60029 Whiteball 30 September 1995

60029 Ben Nevis approaches Whiteball on a slightly damp 30 September 1995 with the 6B68 09:48 Burngullow to Newport Alexandra Dock Junction china clay tanks. It's hard to believe looking at these wagons they were once known as 'silver bullets'!

60029 Dorrington 23 June 1996

60029 Ben Nevis passes Dorrington on 23 June 1996 with the 6M30 10:17 Margam to Dee Marsh steel coils. During 1996 I frequently made the 200 mile round trip on a Sunday, just to photograph this one train. Surprisingly, two decades later this train still runs, and even occasionally produces a Class 60, but somehow I haven't got the enthusiasm for the long drive these days!

60029 Brentingby 9 August 2003

60029 Clitheroe Castle passes Brentingby on 9 August 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z70 08:10 Crewe to Kettering 'Metropolis Meanderer' railtour. I was surprised to be the only person present at this location. A recognisable location, easily accessible, and with the sun at the correct angle - where were all the other photographers?

60030 Wychnor Junction 25 April 1996

A crisp spring morning at Wychnor Junction on 25 April 1996. 60030 Cir Mhor heads north with the 6E28 07:05 Wolverhampton to Scunthorpe steel empties. The loco is named after the 2,621 feet high mountain on the Scottish island of Arran.

60030 Circourt 5 October 1999

60030 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth with the 6V99 12:43 Hamworthy to Cardiff Tidal scarp and steel train on 5 October 1999. At the time I thought this location would become restricted by the lineside vegetation seen here in the foreground. Luckily however, this has subsequently been blitzed and the spot is completely clear again.

60030 Eckington 28 July 2002

60030 crosses the River Avon at Eckington on 28 July 2002 with the 6V42 09:58 Lackenby to Llanwern steel slabs. This picture did not result in muddy boots, as use was made of the small wooden platforms provided for local fishermen!

60030 Milford Junction 3 August 2002

60030 heads south from Milford Junction on 3 August 2002 with the 6V37 13:00 Lackenby to Llanwern steel slabs. Obviously at this time a Class 60 was such a common sight that nobody was bothering to record every single move, as happened a few years later. There were no other photographers, either on the bridge visible in the picture, or the one on which I'm standing.

60031 Challow 6 December 2008

60031 ABP Connect passes Challow with the 6B33 12:12 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties on 6 December 2008. The loco seems to have been in a minor shunting accident resulting in a damaged front end just above the buffer beam. The outer pairs of lines visible here are the freight relief lines that were relaid in the early 1990s and extend from a few hundred yards behind my position here at Challow to the site of Wantage Road station.

60032 & 60057 Ellistown 26 May 1991

60032 William Booth & 60057 Adam Smith pass Ellistown on 26 May 1991 with the first ever Class 60 hauled passenger train, the Hertfordshire Railtours 1T45 08:30 St Pancras to Coalville 'Coalville Swansong' railtour.

60032 Warrington 25 March 1993

With the West Coast Mainline in the background, 60032 William Booth approaches Arpley Junction at Warrington on 25 March 1993 with a loaded MGR for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. The loco will shortly run round its train, before taking the line that burrows beneath Warrington Bank Quay station.

60032 Baulking 27 August 2001

Shortly before the Avonmouth to Didcot coal trains were taken over by Class 66s hauling bogie HTA wagons, 60032 William Booth passes Baulking with the 6A65 08:51 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station service on 27 August 2001 using the time honoured HAA wagons, that would have been taking coal to Didcot since the power station opened, although principally from the Midlands via Oxford and hauled by classic traction including Class 47s, 56s & 58s. The bridge in the background marks the site of Uffington station.

60033 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 19 July 1993

60033 Anthony Ashley Cooper approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 19 July 1993 with the Mondays only 6V08 09:00 Fawley to Margam fuel oil tanks. Note that at this time this was a three track main line. The down relief line had just been reinstalled between Wantage Road and Challow, but as can be seen from the rusty rails, was still not yet in use. The up relief line was added later. Didcot Power Station can be seen in the background.

60033 Pilning 12 February 1994

Uncharacteristically smoky 60033 Anthony Ashley Cooper approaches Pilning station on 12 February 1994 with the 6B33 12:25 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The problem with photographing freight at this location is that if it is routed along the relief line (on the right) there is no possibility of a decent picture, so at least I was lucky on this occasion.

60033 Compton Beauchamp 6 June 1994

A solitary white calf in the field next to the line watches as 60033 Anthony Ashley Cooper passes Compton Beauchamp on 6 June 1994 with the late running 13:25 Colnbrook to Robeston aviation fuel empties. This view clearly show that there was once an up relief line at this location.

60033 Ashchurch 16 July 2002

Corus silver liveried 60033 Tees Steel Express pulls slowly out of Ashchurch loop on 16 July 2002 as it works the 6V40 06:02 Lackenby to Llanwern steel train. Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station opened in 1997 on the site of the former Midland Railway station, junction for the Malvern and Evesham lines.

Corus silver liveried 60033 Tees Steel Express passes Melton Ross on 26 July 2003 with 7C78 14:45 Immingham to Scunthorpe MGR imported coal. This locomotive previously carried the British Steel light blue livery. Note the amount of coal dust blowing off the load. A significant amount of this finely ground coal never gets to the power stations, as witnessed by the state of the ballast at some locations on this intensively used route, which can be quite black in places. The footbridge in the background is next to the New Barnetby level crossing.

60034 Twerton 12 October 1994

60034 Carnedd Llewelyn catches the last rays of the setting sun as it emerges from Twerton Tunnel on 12 October 1994 with the diverted 6B17 Theale to Robeston oil empties. Note the newly planted trees in the field on the right, which have since made such views a lot more difficult.

60034 Pilning 22 July 1995

60034 Carnedd Llewelyn rolls down the gradient towards the Severn Tunnel at Pilning on 22 July 1995 with the 6B33 12:35 Theale to Robeston oil empties. Although frequently it waits in the loop on the right, on this occasion it was given clear passage for the trip under the River Severn.

60034 Washwood Heath 20 November 1999

Dwarfed by Washwood Heath's twin gasholders (since demolished) 60034 Carnedd Llewelyn heads east past the yard on 20 November 1999 with a loaded MGR, while in the background 08765 is engaged in a spot of shunting.

60034 Rawcliffe 18 March 2006

A very rare piece of track for a loco-hauled passenger train. 60034 approaches Rawcliffe (on the Knottingley to Goole line) with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z55 07:13 Gloucester to Hull  'Humber Haulier' railtour on 18 March 2006. Needless to say the sunshine earlier in the day had now vanished! The loco carries the former Railfreight triple grey livery with the original markings replaced by a large EWS 'three beasties' logo.

60034 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 18 March 2006

With Goole's 'Salt and Pepper Pot' water towers dominating the background, 60034 pulls away from the station stop with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z55 'Humber Haulier' railtour on 18 March 2006. Apparently one passenger elected to visit Goole, rather than carry on to Hull! 66125 can be seen waiting in the loop to follow the railtour out with the 6H93 17:08 Goole to Peterborough empty sand hoppers (from the nearby glass factory). By this point in the day the weather had really deteriorated, and it was now getting dark.

60034 Tredington 13 February 2008

60034 Carnedd Llewelyn approaches Tredington on 13 February 2008 with the 6V92 10:10 Corby to Margam steel empties. The use of a long lens not only reveals the change of gradient under the farm bridge at Fiddington, but compresses the perspective, making the red brick bridge at Claydon, and (just visible in the haze) the bridge at Ashchurch appear relatively close.

60035 Rangeworthy 22 July 1995

60035 Florence Nightingale passes Rangeworthy on 22 July 1995 with the late running 6B13 05:40 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil train. This picture would look a lot more impressive if the relatively clean train of Murco tanks wasn't interspersed with several exceedingly grubby grey liveried vehicles. At least on this occasion however the sun decided to remain out at the critical moment! The train has just emerged from Wickwar Tunnel, which is a short distance behind the bridge in the background.

60035 Cathiron 9 September 1998

On a gloomy 9 September 1998, 60035 Florence Nightingale passes Cathiron with the 6B10 08:57 Peak Forest to Bletchley RMC stone train. There seems to be one track less than when I was last there in 1984, although this has since been reinstated. Note the variety of wagon types in this train.

60035 Hatfield & Stainforth 30 October 1998

60035 Florence Nightingale approaches Hatfield & Stainforth station on 30 October 1998 with the 6D68 08:13 Lindsey to Leeds oil tanks. A lineside fence, and masses of bushes have now made this wide viewpoint impossible.

60035 Baulking 26 April 2007

60035 passes Baulking (between Didcot and Swindon) with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 26 April 2007. The EWS paintwork doesn't look to be in too good condition, with sections on the roof and the number peeling off to reveal the colour underneath. A large mass of cloud was approaching from the south, and a few minutes after this train had passed the sun went in for the rest of the day. Usually with my luck this happens before the train had gone out specifically to photograph arrives. At least I win sometimes!

60035 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 26 June 2014

60035 approaches Potters Grange Junction, Goole on 26 June 2014 with the UK Railtours 1Z60 11:56 York to York (via Hull) 'Yorkshire Detour' railtour. In the background is the Guardian glass works, and hidden by the vegetation just above the locomotive is not only the relatively new line into the glass works, but also the single track line to Knottingley.

60035 Goole 26 June 2014

Passing through Goole for the second time in a little over an hour, 60035 heads back to York on 26 June 2014 with the UK Railtours 1Z60 11:56 York to York (via Hull) 'Yorkshire Detour' railtour. The train would shortly be branching off onto the single track line to Knottingley. Goole signal box (originally named Boothferry Road, to distinguish it from Goole's other boxes: Potters Grange and Dutch River) can be seen in the background, with just a glimpse of the station beyond.

60036 Bourton 28 October 1992

60036 Sgurr na Ciche passes Bourton on 28 October 1992 with the late running 6A14 Robeston to Theale Murco oil tanks. Although photography is still just about possible at some locations on the now electrified Great Western Mainline, this view, with the outskirts of Swindon visible in the background, is now completely lost in a sea of wires and posts.

60036 Llanwern West Junction 19 November 1994

60036 Sgurr na Ciche slowly traverses Llanwern West Junction in the rain on 19 November 1994 with the 6B92 10:05 Llanwern to Llandarcy empty oil tanks. The works that are virtually hidden by the mist and rain in the background have since been demolished, as has the Bowls Club clubhouse on the right.

60036 Croome 29 September 1995

60036 Sgurr na Ciche approaches Croome on 29 September 1995 with the 6M24 12:45 East Usk to Bescot MGR empties. The loco is named after the Munro (Scottish mountain over 3,000 feet) in the remote area between Loch Cuaich and Loch Morar, to the east of Mallaig.

60036 Rangeworthy 13 January 1996

60036 Sgurr Na Ciche passes Rangeworthy on 13 January 1996 with the 6V70 07:45 Bescot to St Blazey china clay empties. This was a welcome Saturday morning freight, running at just the right time for the best lighting. Until late 1995 it had been worked by pairs of Class 37s. The train originated at Cliffe Vale the previous day, staging overnight at Bescot.

60036 Haughton 30 June 1996

60036 Sgurr na Ciche passes Haughton on Sunday 30 June 1996 with the 6M29 08:23 Margam to Dee Marsh steel coils. This is the site of Haughton Halt, which was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1934. Situated in the middle of rural Shropshire, some distance even from the small village of Haughton, and not near any other sizable settlements, it was no surprise that it closed in September 1960.

60036 Duffryn 8 November 1996

A dull autumn day at Duffryn on 8 November 1996. 60036 Sgurr na Ciche heads westwards with the 6B33 12:34 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Not only does the Transrail Class 60 date this view, but so too does the presence of the now demolished gas holder in the background.

60036 Marshfield 27 August 1998

60036 passes Marshfield on 27 August 1998 with the 6M86 10:59 Margam to Dee Marsh steel coils. This used to be my default photographic location when visiting South Wales, but I cannot envisage ever going back now, what with the intrusive electfrication catenary, and lack of anything interesting to photograph, that cannot be seen nearer home.

60036 Brancliffe East Junction 16 December 2000

60036 GEFCO takes the Doncaster line at Brancliffe East Junction with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z42 07:50 Banbury to York 'Siberian Hamster' railtour on 16 December 2000. A bitterly cold day, and no doubt the tour participants were glad of the heat provided by the generator van seen here behind the loco. Brancliffe East Junction Signal Box had closed in 1998, but at this time was still relatively intact. However, it wasn't long before it got vandalised, despite its remote location, and was subsequently demolished.

60037 Acton Turville 13 March 1995

60037 Helvellyn passes Acton Turville on 13 March 1995 with the late running 6B33 12:34 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. 6B33 still runs, but not with 60037, which has been dumped at Toton with a whole bunch of its classmates for a long time now.

60037 Ponthir 23 July 1995

60037 Helvellyn passes Ponthir on 23 July 1995 with the 6S55 Alexandra Dock to Irvine china clay tanks. Theoretically this had a departure time of 16:35, but passed me at 15:15! The previous day this train had worked up from Cornwall behind 37670 & 37669, the last time that Class 37s were booked on this working.

60037 East Usk Junction 18 August 1995

With Llanwern Steelworks dominating the background, 60037 Helvellyn passes East Usk Junction on 18 August 1995 with the 6B20 12:05 Heathfield to Waterston oil empties. The lines in the foreground lead to Uskmouth Power Station.

60037 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 29 December 1995

With just two colourful Murco liveried tanks amongst the oil stained TEAs, 60037 Helvellyn passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 29 December 1995 with the 6B33 12:34 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties.

60037 Stanwardine-in-the-Fields 18 August 1996

60037 Helvellyn passes Stanwardine-in-the-Fields, deep in the Shropshire countryside, with the 6M30 10:17 Margam to Dee Marsh steel coils on 18 August 1996. Note the reddish deposits on the roof of the loco, which indicate that it has recently been used on the Port Talbot to Llanwern iron ore trains.

60038 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 19 March 1997

Looking very smart in the sadly missed Loadhaul colour scheme, 60038 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 19 March 1997 with the 4D16 13:30 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR coal empties. Obviously there are no HSTs in the vicinity at this time, and it therefore has no need of the relief line on this occasion.

60038 Westerleigh 27 July 1998

60038 prepares to leave Westerleigh oil depot on 27 July 1998 with the 6B47 20:25 Westerleigh to Robeston oil empties. With a departure time like that it is obvious why this train had to be photographed in high summer. Luckily the area around the oil depot is relatively free of obstructions, so the very low sun at that time in the evening is not a problem. A decade later in 2008, the train departs several hours earlier, giving more choices of photographic location en-route, although obviously it is more backlit when it leaves Westerleigh.

60038 Madeley Chord Junction 7 November 1998

60038 has just passed Madeley Chord Junction, as it traverses the stub of the Newcastle-under-Lyme to Market Drayton line on 7 November 1998 with the Pathfinder Tours 1T55 14:10 Silverdale Colliery to Watford Junction 'Cheshire Mole' railtour. 56114 can be seen on the rear, with the steeply graded line to Silverdale Colliery curving off into the woods. Once clear of the points, 56114 would then take the tour down the chord to the West Coast Mainline. The start of the chord is just visible to the left of 56114.

60038 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 5 April 2007

60038 AvestaPolarit approaches Claydon with the 6V92 10:10 Corby to Margam steel empties on 5 April 2007. The new road bridge near Ashchurch station can be seen in the background, and the tower of Ashchurch church is visible on the right. The use of a long lens also means that the bridge at Bredon can just be seen in the distance.

60038 Onllwyn 14 April 2007

60038 AvestaPolarit departs from Onllwyn with the Pathfinder Tours 'Principality Railtour' on 14 April 2007. Five minutes before it was running as the 1Z37 06:19 Birmingham International to Onllwyn, now after the briefest of stops it is running as 1Z74 13:33 Onllwyn to Birmingham International. Unfortunately the tour only went as far as the Network Rail limit, and nowhere near the colliery, which can be seen in the background.

60038 Tonna 14 April 2007

60038 AvestaPolarit brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z74 13:33 Onllwyn to Birmingham International 'Principality freighter' railtour on 14 April 2007 as it passes Tonna on the Cwmgwrach branch. 37422 Cardiff Canton & 37410 Aluminium 100 can just be seen at the head of the train.

60039 Harbury 6 May 1991

60039 Glastonbury Tor climbs through Harbury cutting in atrocious light with the 7V33 11:08 Barrow Hill to Didcot Power Station MGR. Despite the awful conditions, I have included this picture as it shows the loco clearly working a revenue earning train on 6 May 1991, three days before it was officially taken into BR stock! Note also the inappropriate Railfreight Construction livery.

60039 Barnetby 31 December 2001

Snow and semaphores. 60039 approaches Barnetby station on 31 December 2001 with the 6K22 09:42 Santon to Immingham iron ore empties. The Barnetby area lost its iconic semaphore signals in 2015. Despite the loss, and the decline in variety of freight traffic and traction, the location still attracts numerous photographers.

60039 Barnetby 31 December 2001

60039 passes through Barnetby station on 31 December 2001 with the 6T24 11:33 Immingham to Santon iron ore hoppers. A light dusting of snow the previous day was just enough to provide some seasonal whiteness, without causing any problems on the roads en-route to the location.

60039 Cam & Dursley 1 June 2002

Viewed from the end of Cam & Dursley station platform, 60039 works the 6E09 10:27 Margam to Lackenby steel empties on 1 June 2002. The A4135 Stroud to Dursley road crosses the line in the background, with the more modern M5 motorway bridge in the far distance.

60039 Fenwick 13 September 2003

60039 heads south along the East Coast Mainline at Fenwick (between Selby and Doncaster) with the 6D43 14:12 Jarrow to Lindsey empty oil tanks on 13 September 2003. It is something of a challenge finding decent photographic locations on lines with overhead catenary, in fact I try to avoid them if at all possible, as what would otherwise be a useable location is often spoilt by a badly positioned mast. However this turned out to be a reasonable location to spend a few hours in the autumn sunshine.

60039 Spetchley 8 October 2008

60039 passes Spetchley with the 6Z98 Lindsey to Westerleigh oil tanks on 8 October 2008. Not a lot left of the numbers on this loco, either on the side or on the front! I didn't realise quite how lucky I was with the sun on this picture until I turned round. The other side of the footbridge was completely in shade from a cloud that I hadn't noticed creeping up on the sun! 

60039 Up Hatherley 14 January 2011

60039 passes Up Hatherley in the gloom on 14 January 2011 with the 6E41 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties. Unfortunately the drab EWS livery looks terrible in poor light (especially when filthy, as here). EWS's successor's new livery is another story, as 60011 was really standing out just over an hour earlier at Grange Court.

60039 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 26 February 2014

60039 runs along the down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 26 February 2014 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Luckily the sun was now making its afternoon reappearance, after succumbing to heavy cloud during the middle of the day.

60039 Didcot North Junction 12 August 2019

60039 Dove Holes approaches Didcot North Junction on 12 August 2019 with the 6C58 11:45 Oxford Banbury Road to Whatley Quarry stone empties. With DB Cargo losing the Mendip Rail stone contract in a few months time, I thought the appearance of a Class 60 on this working was worth recording, despite the dodgy weather. Anyway, it was probably best that there wasn't any sun, as the line from Oxford to Didcot runs more or less north to south, so the sun would have been very head on here.

60040 Quainton Road 27 June 1995

Even near the Summer Solstice it is very difficult to take pictures clear of shadows at 21:00. Such is the case here as 60040 Brecon Beacons passes through Quainton Road station with the 6A71 19:25 Northolt to Calvert binliner on 27 June 1995. Although the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre's signal box and signal gantry are well lit, unfortunately most of the station isn't. However, this was the only way to record this unusual view of a mainline freight train passing through the middle of a preservation centre.

60040 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 22 October 1997

60040 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 22 October 1997 with the 6C64 11:59 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR empties. The relief lines here were laid a few years earlier specifically for the use of these trains, but more often than not, I saw the MGRs using the main, as here.

60040 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 3 December 2008

Eagerly awaited by the large crowd of photographers on the footbridge, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary approaches the site of Ashbury Crossing at Shrivenham on 3 December 2008 whilst working the 6C54 13:13 Oxford Banbury Road to Whatley Mendip Rail stone empties. The branding on the side of the locomotive includes the Army's latest recruiting phrase: 'Army - Be The Best'. This loco has become something of a celebrity, despite the fact that its so-called one off livery is very little different from the standard EWS colour scheme.

60040 Ollerton 12 December 2009

Class 60 sunset? Running over an hour late, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary passes Ollerton in near darkness on 12 December 2009 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z60 14:30 Tuxford to Westbury 'Pye Bridge Pie-Man' railtour. The assembled photographers had to watch the fine evening light gradually disappear, and indeed some had understandably given up after the sun had set! Prior to setting the sun had tinted the clouds in the background pink, but such was the lack of light that this picture was taken at 1/500sec f2.8 at ISO 3200.

60040 North Stafford Junction 12 November 2013

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary slowly passes North Stafford Junction on 12 November 2013 with the 6M57 07:15 Lindsey Oil Refinery to Kingsbury oil tanks. Autumn colour is provided by the young trees growing on the site of the former Willington Power Station, on the right of the picture.

60040 Bourton 1 July 2014

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary emerges from the fog at Bourton on 1 July 2014 with the diverted 6A11 22:49 Robeston to Theale Murco oil tanks. An early start was required for this 05:38 picture, but as this train was booked via Swindon, instead of its usual route via Newbury, and the Met Office had forecast a sunny morning, it had to be done. Only during the longest summer days can a picture be taken from the north side of the line at this spot. Therefore, I was not impressed to find the location in thick fog when I arrived. I had contemplated driving straight back home, but miraculously just before the train appeared, the sun broke through the fog, but only just in this one spot, which I think produces a very atmospheric picture - well worth getting up early for!

60040 Cholsey 8 July 2014

With the soon to be demolished Didcot Power Station in the background, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary approaches Cholsey on 8 July 2014 with the diverted 6A11 22:49 Robeston to Theale Murco oil tanks. Unusually this was running on the up main line, rather than the nearer relief line. This train's customary very early running (a 100 minute early departure from Robeston on this occasion) had been converted to a few minutes late running by this point. This was lucky, as a ridiculously early start was required to be in position here even for the booked time! Note the tubular steel pile on the extreme left, part of the forthcoming electrification works. For some reason this particular pile has been left only partly driven in.

60040 Haresfield 29 August 2014

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary slowly passes Haresfield on 29 August 2014, as it prepares to enter the loop with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. As it was just a short drive of less than a mile to Little Haresfield, a second picture was taken, despite the grim weather.

60040 Little Haresfield 29 August 2014

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary pulls out of the loop at Little Haresfield on 29 August 2014 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. There had been a shower of rain between me seeing this train a little further north at Haresfield and arriving here, but that was as nothing compared with the downpour that happened shortly afterwards, as I was going home!

60040 Cholsey 2 January 2015

Unfortunately from a photographic point of view, running along the down main rather than the down relief line, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary passes Cholsey on 2 January 2015 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties.

60040 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 8 January 2015

8 January 2015 was a day of two halves. The morning was dark and rainy, but this gave way around midday to some superb winter sunshine. I had not initially planned to go out, but the good light prompted yet another visit to the very familiar location of Circourt Bridge, Denchworth to photograph the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary runs along the down relief line, prior to a ten minute stop at Challow.

60040 Challow 8 January 2015

A slight whiff of exhaust, as the driver applies power to get 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary moving again at Challow on 8 January 2015 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. I had already photographed the train at Circourt Bridge, but as this was on my way home, I couldn't resist another picture. Often the train draws up much nearer the signal than this, and this long lens view from the roadside would not then be possible. The driver had already taken advantage of the short stop to get his picture of the train!

60040 Barrow upon Trent 17 March 2015

Making a welcome change from the usual Class 66 hauled coal trains, and bringing back memories of the class's use on the Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station MGRs in the late 1990s, 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary passes Barrow upon Trent on 17 March 2015 with the 6Z37 11:32 Ratcliffe Power Station to Arpley Sidings empty coal hoppers.

60040 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 4 February 2017

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 4 February 2017 with the 6B33 11:25 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Although this had left Theale at the correct time, it was nearly an hour early here, having missed out its booked stops at Milton and Challow. It was however held at Swindon, leaving there just a few minutes early.

60040 South Marston 11 February 2017

60040 The Territorial Army Centenary passes South Marston in a snow flurry on 11 February 2017 with the 6B33 11:25 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. I wouldn't normally go out in such awful weather, not even for a Class 60, but as this was following just six minutes behind 68023, that I had just photographed on a rugby special, it seemed churlish not to brave the cold for just a few more minutes for a final picture of a freight passing this spot before the wires go up.

60041 Steventon 22 May 2007

60041 passes Steventon with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 22 May 2007, running 20 minutes early. Didcot Power Station dominates the background and the A34 road bridge can be seen crossing the line in the distance. 

60041 Coaley 18 September 2009

60041 passes Coaley with the 6B13 05:10 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 18 September 2009. This was very much a rush shot, as I had walked the few hundred yards from the footpath crossing to the west where I had seen 6E41, and was still not in the right position when the 60 could be seen approaching around the corner!

60042 Arleston 17 May 1991

Official entry to traffic dates for locomotives are not always to be believed, even if they are only 'week ending' dates. 60042 Dunkery Beacon is recorded as being accepted by BR on 29 May 1991, but here it is working a westbound MGR at Arleston on 17 May! Around this time brand new Class 60s could often be seen working MGRs in the midlands regardless of their intended sphere of operation, which is why we see this construction sector liveried loco hauling coal.

60042 Wantage Road 6 November 2007

A long lens dramatically compresses the perspective and emphasises how short the train is, as 60042 The Hundred of Hoo approaches the site of Wantage Road station on 6 November 2007 with the late running 6B24 10:36 Didcot to Wentloog MoD stores train. Using a lens this long (200mm) almost reminds me of the time when I used to use a Pentax 6x7, such is the limited depth of field!

60043 South Moreton 29 September 1996

A brief burst of sunshine illuminates 60043 Yes Tor, as it passes South Moreton on 29 September 1996 with the late running 6A54 09:25 Brentford to Appleford Binliner. There was a very smart turnaround at Appleford, as just 45 minutes later it was back with the empties!

60043 South Moreton 29 September 1996

Just 45 minutes after passing by in the other direction with the loaded train, 60043 Yes Tor passes South Moreton on 29 September 1996 with the 6A55 11:33 Appleford to Brentford Binliner empties. The outward run was 50 minutes late, this return working was mere 35 minutes late.

60043 Lowgill 29 March 1997

60043 passes Lowgill on 29 March 1997 with the 6M19 11:12 Jarrow to Stanlow oil empties. The loco had just been repainted into the then relatively new EWS livery, and had therefore lost its original Yes Tor name.

60043 Little Haresfield 27 March 2007

60043 emerges from the fog at Little Haresfield on 27 March 2007 with the 6B13 03:48 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Although partly lost in the gloom, you can just about see in the background where it is pulling out of the loop after allowing a couple of passenger trains to pass.

60044 Culham 22 June 1995

60044 Ailsa Craig passes a field of poppies at Culham on 22 June 1995 with MGR empties from Didcot Power Station. At this time Didcot was receiving both imported coal from Avonmouth and the domestic product from the Midlands.

60044 Wolvercote Junction 30 June 1995

A clean looking 60044 Ailsa Craig approaches Wolvercote Junction on 30 June 1995 with the 6M58 17:25 Didcot Power Station to Toton MGR empties. The interim Mainline Freight livery was the blandest of the privatised freight company's colour schemes, made even more spartan here by the omission of the 'Mainline' wording, which was normally applied below the logo.

60044 Kempston 24 December 1996

Christmas Eve 1996 was a perfect sunny winter's day. Despite the cloudless sky it was freezing cold standing waiting for 60044 Ailsa Craig to appear at Kempston with the 6A61 08:25 Cricklwoood to Forders Sidings Binliner. However, the wait was certainly worthwhile! The train has just passed underneath the A421 Bedford bypass, and is only just over a mile from its destination.

60044 Coedkernew 3 September 1999

60044 passes Coedkernew on 3 September 1999 with the 6M86 10:59 Margam to Dee Marsh steel coils. This was just one of three Cass 60s to carry the distinctive Mainline blue livery. Note the mark on the bodyside where the former Ailsa Craig nameplate has been removed.

60044 Kintbury 2 April 2007

60044 leans into the curve at Kintbury with the 6Z20 09:45 Whatley to St. Pancras stone train on 2 April 2007. A very odd combination of liveries, with an EWS branded Mainline blue loco hauling a rake of ex National Power hoppers! This was one of those infuriating situations when a freight train was approaching from both directions and a snap decision had to be made as to which one to photograph. It was touch an go as to whether I was going to get blocked out on this shot. As I pressed the shutter the Class 59 on the westbound stone empties was just about level with me!

60044 Milton 13 December 2014

With the 650 ft tall chimney of the disused Didcot Power Station dominating the background, 60044 passes Milton on 13 December 2014 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. As is often the case on a Saturday, this was running early, and it got even more ahead of time later on by being routed via the main, rather than the relief line.

60044 Denchworth 9 October 2015

Recently named 60044 Dowlow looks superb as it passes Denchworth on 9 October 2015 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. This is the kind of lighting that I like, but unfortunately it doesn't happen that often. A dark menacing mass of clouds in the background, and yet more or less uninterrupted blue sky where the sun actually is.

60044 Compton Beauchamp 27 May 2016

A different perspective on the well known (at least in recent years) bridge at Compton Beauchamp. The lichen encrusted parapet and the blue engineer's bricks make a striking foreground for the picture, as 60044 Dowlow heads west on 27 May 2016 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties.

60044 Melton Ross 6 November 2017

60044 Dowlow runs slowly along the relief line at Melton Ross on 6 November 2017 with the 6M00 14:27 Humber Oil Refinery to Kingsbury oil tanks. Although there was no sign of any clouds appearing, this superbly lit picture was the last of the day, as the shadows were beginning to lengthening, and nothing else of interest was due for a while.

60044 Thurgarton 10 March 2018

60044 Dowlow passes Thurgarton station on 10 March 2018 with the 6E54 10:40 Kingsbury to Humber Oil Refinery empty oil tanks. The little station has no car parking, and is a long walk from the village, so is consequently little used.

60044 Lowdham 12 March 2018

60044 Dowlow approaches Lowdham in the pouring rain on 12 March 2018 with the 6M57 06:04 Lindsey Oil Refinery to Kingsbury oil tanks. This makes an interesting comparison with the 6M00 14:19 Humber Oil Refinery to Kingsbury tanks, photographed here a few months earlier. The tanks are different, the trees are now leafless, and the weather is even worse!

60044 Highnam 26 June 2018

Under a perfect blue sky, and with Gloucester Cathedral in the background, 60044 Dowlow passes Highnam on 26 June 2018 with the 6B47 18:14 Westerleigh to Robeston oil empties. The tree on the right was deliberately included, not only to provide a frame for the picture, but to add a vertical element to the picture.

60044 Wellhouse Bay 28 June 2018

60044 Dowlow passes Wellhouse Bay (near Purton) on 28 June 2018 with the 6B47 18:14 Westerleigh to Robeston oil empties. This is the point where the Severn Railway Bridge formerly crossed the river. The bridge was damaged by a couple of barges in 1960, and after standing for several years with a couple of spans missing, was finally demolished during the late 1960s.

60044 Gatcombe 21 July 2018

60044 Dowlow runs alongside the muddy banks of the River Severn at Gatcombe on 21 July 2018 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. The footpath crossing is an odd survivor, as not only does it only lead down onto the foreshore, but the small fence in the ballast dividing the path from the running line, while perfectly safe, seems very casual by Network Rail's current paranoid standards. Note the substantial stone built base for the disused PW hut, which is still there, underneath the vegetation.

60044 Bredon 16 July 2019

60044 Dowlow passes Bredon on 16 July 2019 with the 6M53 16:20 Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. Just five minutes behind this was even more power, on much less train, with 68005 Defiant & 68001 Evolution working the 6M56 17:50 Berkeley CEGB to Crewe Coal Sidings low level nuclear waste container.

60044 Oaksey 23 July 2019

60044 Dowlow passes the site of Oaksey Halt on 23 July 2019 with the 6M53 16:20 Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. Luckily the cloud in the west held off, although it did look touch and go for a while earlier on.

60044 Manningford Bruce 27 August 2019

Not quite sunny, but an awful lot brighter than it had been a few minutes earlier, as is obvious from the dark background. 60044 Dowlow passes Manningford Bruce on 27 August 2019 with the 6C58 11:45 Oxford Banbury Road to Whatley Quarry stone empties.

60044 Standish Junction 1 September 2020

60044 Dowlow approaches Standish Junction on 1 September 2020 with the 6B41 11:19 Westerleigh to Robeston empty oil tanks. After a sunny start, the clouds were now rapidly building up, although in this case, as this would be hopelessly backlit, the fact that a large cloud was obscuring the sun was almost an advantage!

60045 Coalpit Heath 10 April 1997

60045 Josephine Butler passes Coalpit Heath on 10 April 1997 with the 4D16 13:30 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR empties. Ironically the train has just passed over the course of a line that served a nearby colliery, one of a number in the immediate area that were operated by the Coalpit Heath Colliery Company in the nineteenth century.

60045 Milton 15 April 1997

60045 Josephine Butler runs slowly  along the up relief line at Milton on 15 April 1997 with the 6A64 07:21 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station MGR. The village of Steventon can be seen amid the trees in the background.

60045 Baulking 27 August 2001

60045 The Permanent Way Institution passes Baulking on 27 August 2001 with the 6C64 11:59 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR coal empties. There was very nearly a passing shot here, as 60026 was bearing down from the opposite direction with the 6A66 loaded train from Avonmouth. The warm sunny day had tempted me to cycle to this location and surprisingly considering it was a Bank Holiday the weather forecasters for once got it right!

60045 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 23 February 2012

Unfortunately in gloomy conditions and in a filthy external condition, 60045 The Permanent Way Institution passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham on 23 February 2012 with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston empty Murco oil tanks.

60045 Uffington 27 October 2012

3100hp bird scarer! A startled partridge takes flight as 60045 The Permanent Way Institution passes Uffington on 27 October 2012 with the late running 6B33 12:12 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Interestingly, although this picture is taken at 1/1000sec, and therefore both the train and the bird are pin sharp, the tips of its wings are slightly blurred, proving just how fast a partridge flaps its wings when trying to flee from a train! Note the massive oil stain down the side of 60045.

60046 Saunderton Lee 29 May 1997

The sun sets in the west on 29 May 1997 as 60046 William Wilberforce passes Saunderton Lee with the 6A71 19:40 Northolt to Calvert Binliner (I could easily smell the contents from this side of the fence!). Any later and photography would have been very difficult, as already the wheels are in shade and the fence posts are casting odd shadows on the loco's bodyside.

60046 Middlesbrough 26 November 2001

Even without the sign behind the locomotive, there is no mistaking where this is. The Middlesbrough transporter bridge dominates the background as 60046 William Wilberforce rounds the curve to the west of Middlesbrough station with the 6N31 12:00 Lackenby to Tees Yard lime empties on 26 November 2001.

60046 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 1 February 2020

With the photographer's one time favourite location of Circourt Bridge in the background, 60046 William Wilberforce passes Denchworth on 1 February 2020 with Chiltern Railways DVT 82309, running as the 6Z20 08:14 Bristol Barton Hill to Wembley. This is my first picture of a DCR Class 60, and therefore it is slightly ironic that it is working such a ridiculously short train, rather than the bulk loads that the class was designed for.

60046 Uffington 1 February 2020

Running 42 minutes early, 60046 William Wilberforce passes Uffington on 1 February 2020 with the 5Q21 12:38 Wembley to Bristol Barton Hill, conveying Chiltern Railways DVT 82305. Both this, and a slightly earlier duplicate path for the same train, had initially been shown as cancelled, but luckily, in view of the perfect photographic weather, it did actually run as planned.

60046 Uffington 7 February 2020

60046 William Wilberforce passes Uffington on 7 February 2020 with the 5Z20 10:09 Bristol Barton Hill to Wembley, conveying Chiltern Railways DVT 82305, which hopefully has been dragged from London to Bristol and back again for more than just the addition of the Chiltern Railways lettering to the bodyside!

60046 Challow 8 February 2020

60046 William Wilberforce runs along the down relief line at Challow on 8 February 2020 with the slightly overpowered 5Z22 12:43 Wembley to Bristol Barton Hill, conveying Chiltern Railways DVT 82302. The few clouds in the background give a false impression, as behind me there were an awful lot more, and I was quite lucky to get this in the sun.

60046 Hungerford Common 21 August 2020

60046 William Wilberforce passes Hungerford Common on 21 August 2020 with the 6Z93 09:15 Westbury to Willesden DC Rail Sidings recycled ballast. The small patch of sunshine was following the train along, and was a welcome bonus, as there was so much cloud around that I was convinced that this was just going to be a very dull record shot.

60046 South Marston 19 September 2020

60046 William Wilberforce passes South Marston on 19 September 2020 with the 5Z20 08:48 Bristol Barton Hill to Wembley ECS, conveying Chiltern Railways Mk3 coach 12623. Always worth photographing, but 3,100 hp does seem a bit excessive to move one coach!

60046 Uffington 19 September 2020

60046 William Wilberforce passes Uffington on 19 September 2020 with the 5Z21 12:46 Wembley to Bristol Barton Hill ECS, conveying Chiltern Railways Mk3 coach 12605. Unfortunately the sun dipped slightly just as this passed.

60047 Wolvercote Junction 18 August 1993

Catching the last of the evening light at Wolvercote Junction on 18 August 1993, surprisingly clean 60047 Robert Owen heads north with the 6E81 19:55 Didcot Power Station to Worksop MGR empties. This was the last summer that all of Didcot's coal came from the Midlands, as at the time the new bulk handling terminal was being commissioned at Avonmouth, allowing imported coal to be brought to Didcot via the Great Western Mainline.

60047 Lowgill 16 December 1995

60047 Robert Owen passes Lowgill on 16 December 1995 with the 7F60 09:21 Carlisle to Fiddlers Ferry loaded MGR. 60047 had only just received the 'Big T' Transrail livery, having previously worn Trainload Coal colours.

60047 Elton & Orston 14 March 2016

60047 passes through the remote Elton & Orston station on 14 March 2016 with the 6E82 12:16 Rectory Junction to Lindsey empty oil tanks. The station is situated midway between the two villages, with only a few roadside houses in the vicinity.

60047 Heck Ings 22 February 2019

In July 2018, Colas sold its entire Class 60 fleet to GBRf, and although by early 2019 a start had been made to paint the locos into GBRf colours, some locos were put to work still wearing the distinctive Colas livery, albeit with the 'Colas Railfreight' wording truncated to just 'Railfreight'. 60047 Faithful passes Heck Ings on 22 February 2019 with the 6M36 09:54 Drax Power Station to Liverpool biomass empties.

60047 Hensall 12 March 2019

60047 Faithful passes Hensall in the rain on 12 March 2019 with the 6M36 09:54 Drax Power Station to Liverpool biomass empties. Note the switchback nature of the line, as the gradient changes twice as the line crosses the A645 level crossing. The heavy rain wasn't the main worry here, but the imminent approach of another ex Colas Class 60 with the 6H12 06:24 Tyne Coal Terminal to Drax Power Station biomass from the other direction was causing concern, as it was only a few hundred yards away!

60048 Waterbeach (North Fen) 14 September 1991

60048 Saddleback takes a break from its usual heavy aggregate trains, and instead has two Class 312 EMUs in tow, as it passes North Fen (near Waterbeach) with the 2G33 10:40 Kings Lynn to Cambridge Network SouthEast Gala special on 14 September 1991. The loco is still looking clean after five months in traffic.

60048 Hampton Gay 4 May 1995

60048 Saddleback passes Hampton Gay on 4 May 1995 with the 7V23 14:36 Barrow Hill to Didcot Power Station MGR. The former Trainload Construction decals have been removed, but the loco has yet to receive its new Mainline Freight logo.

60048 Hatfield & Stainforth 30 October 1998

Hatfield Colliery dominates the background of this view, as 60048 Eastern approaches Hatfield & Stainforth station with the 6N04 09:00 Lindsey to Jarrow oil tanks on 30 October 1998. Note the unusual style of nameplate, with a large white surround to the actual name. This was unveiled on 29 August 1997 to mark the Eastern Group's reopening of the Hunterston terminal, and replaced the original name Saddleback, which was named after an English mountain, and not the breed of pig!

60049 Thoresby Colliery 12 February 2000

60049 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 13:54 Thoresby Colliery to Swindon 'Dukeries Colliery' railtour on 12 February 2000. Out of sight at the front, 58025 leads the tour back towards the mainline along the sharply curved Thoresby Colliery branch.

60049 Uffington 7 December 2010

On a bitterly cold 7 December 2010, 60049 passes the frozen fields near the site of Uffington station with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Despite the gloomy weather, I think that the frost on the vegetation, and the remnants of the autumn colours on the trees in the background make an atmospheric picture.

60049 Baulking 9 December 2010

60049 passes Baulking in glorious light on 9 December 2010 with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. After a lengthy period of sunshine, a large bank of cloud decided to ruin things just before this train was due, but shortly before it appeared in the distance, the sun slowly reappeared, only to vanish again just as the train had passed! The dark clouds in the background certainly add to the effect, and the picture is well worth the long trudge from the car, especially after I thought it was going to be a no-hoper.

60049 Denchworth 14 July 2011

60049 rumbles slowly along the down relief line at Denchworth on 14 July 2011 with the late running 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. If it had been on time there would have been a fair chance of it being in the sun!

60049 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 16 October 2012

60049 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 16 October 2012 with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. It is ironic that this is now one of the most interesting Class 60s, as it still retains EWS livery, amid a sea of dayglo DBS red. I was certainly pleased to get this shot, especially as the sun had only just emerged from behind very large cloud. I make no excuses for yet another picture at this location, as after visiting this spot since 1973, it looks like I will just about get four decades worth of visits before the wires go up and ruin the location forever.

60049 Challow 10 October 2013

60049 weaves from the main to the relief line at Challow on 10 October 2013 with the 6M50 07:55 Westbury to Bescot departmental working, which on this occasion is mainly loaded ballast wagons. With a cloudless morning and the prospect of a Class 60 on either this, or the following 6M26 service, it was well worth while making the short trip to this location.

60049 Shrivenham 30 November 2013

Unfortunately corresponding with a patch of high cloud, 60049 passes Shrivenham on 30 November 2013 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco empty oil tanks. This was running nearly an hour early, and consequently I only just managed to get the picture. Walking up to the bridge I could see the train coming, and just had enough time to get the camera out the bag. I was walking back to the car a few seconds later. Probably one of my shortest ever visits to a railway location!

60050 Smardale 31 May 1999

60050 passes Smardale on 31 May 1999 with the 6O20 10:24 Milford to Killoch MGR empties. This side view shows the majority of the small hamlet of Smardale, including the distinctive Smardale Hall, a grade II listed tower house.

60050 Gascoigne Wood 20 March 2000

60050 passes Gascoigne Wood on 20 March 2000 with the 6D04 11:18 Hull Dairycoates to Rylestone Tilcon stone empties. The rusting line in the foreground leads into the former Gascoigne Wood 'super pit' - the largest deep mine coal complex in the world at the time of its construction in the 1980s.