DR98912 & DR98962 Charlbury (Cornbury Park) 9 November 2008

MPVs DR98912 & DR98962 pass Cornbury Park (near Charlbury) with the 3S31 09:55 Kings Norton to Ledbury Rail Head Treatment Train on 9 November 2008, shortly after its reversal at Oxford. Although one of the few locations on the Cotswold Line that is actually less grown up with vegetation than when I used to regularly photograph the Class 50s in the 1980s, the view from the bridge looked a little bland. I wanted to include the Scots Pine tree in the background, but that would also include a lot of featureless sky in the picture. Both problems were solved by standing on the parapet of the bridge on the opposite side of the road. This included the overhanging beech branches, adding colour to the foreground and covering up most of the blank sky.