Finstock Station 14 September 1986

In 1986 Finstock station was rebuilt, moving the single platform from one side of the line to the other. When the southern section of the Cotswold Line was singled in 1971, the down line was removed, leaving just the former up platform in use. The track was realigned in 1986 to approximately the centre of the former double track formation, and a new platform was constructed on the west side of the line. Prior to this opening, a temporary platform had to be added to the old up platform, as the track was now nowhere near the platform! This view, taken on 14 September 1986, shows all three platforms. On the left is the old 1930s sleeper built  platform, with its new scaffolding and plywood addition, while on the right the new platform takes shape. Once this new platform was commissioned, the old platform on the left, along with its approach gateway and path were removed.