L200 Water Eaton (Banbury Road) 23 February 1991

With the North Oxford Golf Course in the background, L200 (51215 & 54081) passes Water Eaton (Banbury Road) on 23 February 1991 with the 2C20 07:40 Reading to Bicester Town Network SouthEast service. The unit has just passed over the point that allowed access to the stone terminal, situated on the other side of the bridge on which I was standing. Note the long headshunt in the background. Approximately adjacent to the end of the headshunt is the site of Oxford Road Junction, where a former LNWR line diverged to the right, crossed the Oxford to Banbury line, and joined the Cotswold Line near Yarnton Junction. Even in BR days this was known as the LMS Loop. It closed in 1965.