L207 Water Eaton 17 August 1993

A picture that I expect very few other photographer bothered to take, but which has now changed completely. With Islip church visible on the horizon, L207 (51221 & 54396) passes Water Eaton on 17 August 1993 with the 2C61 18:15 Bicester to Oxford (not Reading, as it says in the destination blind!) Network SouthEast service. Two decades later, almost every aspect of this picture is radically different. NSE Class 101s are of course long gone, and the young saplings in the foreground, on the embankment of the then recently opened A34 Gosford bypass have now grown so tall as to completely block out this view. The major change however is the present upgrading of this sleepy backwater into a trunk route, and the building of the new Oxford Parkway station on this site.