L579 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 23 August 1985

Hybrid Class 118/119 set L579 (51319, 59424 & 51065) approaches Oxford on 23 August 1985 with the 2A25 06:50 Cardiff Central to Reading (via Worcester!) service. The leading vehicle (51319) was originally part of set P462. That was disbanded a month before this picture was taken, and the vehicle found itself deputising for Class 119 DMS 51093, which had been withdrawn. The new set number has clearly recently been applied over a patch of fresh yellow paint. With the disbanding of P462, the DMBS (51304) was scrapped, but the centre trailer (59477) saw further use in set P472, until it too was withdrawn in 1988. 51319 lasted until 1992, managed to become one of the few Class 118 vehicles to carry Network SouthEast livery.