1502 Basingstoke 27 September 1987

Class 77 1.5kV DC electric loco 1502 Electra stands in the sunshine at the Basingstoke Rail Show on 27 September 1987. Clearly showing why the BR 1990s departmental livery was described as 'Dutch', it is sporting the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Netherlands state owned railways) livery and number. Built at Gorton Works in 1952 as 27000, this loco has had an eventful life both before and since this picture was taken. After use on the Woodhead route until 1968, it then spent nearly two decades at work on the Dutch network, before being repatriated in July 1986. After visiting various open days, it returned to Holland in 1989 for the NS150 celebrations, before finally coming back to this country for a quiet life in preservation!