Electric Locomotives

E5001 Hook 17 July 1993

The National Railway Museum's E5001 finds a brief patch of sun at Hook on 17 July 1993 as it works the Pathfinder Tours 1Z39 05:42 Derby to Waterloo 'DC Green Flasher' railtour. Obviously being a purely electric loco, E5001 only worked the section of the tour running over Southern Region lines, in this case between Eastleigh and Waterloo. It would later work back to Southampton via Horsham. At this time there was still a ban on preserved diesel locomotives working over the national network, however by some strange logic this didn't apply to electrics.

E5001 Horsham 17 July 1993

By the look of the clouds I did well to get this one in the sun! E5001 arrives at Horsham with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z39 'DC Green Flasher' railtour on 17 July 1993, at this point running as the 15:02 Waterloo to Birmingham New Street. Although obviously the highlight of the tour, 56005 and a pair of 73s (73139 & 73141) as featured. 09019 is stabled in the yard on the left.

E5001 Hove 20 April 1996

E5001 takes the Preston Park line at Hove on 20 April 1996 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z33 05:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Eastbourne 'Southern Coasterman' railtour. In order for E5001 to carry on from Brighton to Eastbourne, a reversal at Preston Park was required, which resulted in 09025 having its brief moment of fame as it hauled the entire train the short distance to Brighton station.

E5001 Brighton 20 April 1996

E5001 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z33 05:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Eastbourne 'Southern Coasterman' railtour at Brighton on 20 April 1996. This short section of the tour was being worked by 09025. In the background is the viaduct that carries the line to Lewes (which the train would shortly be traversing). On the right, what appears to be two EMUs coupled together is in fact one of the four Class 422 8-DIG units, which were formed in 1992 by semi permanently coupling a 4-CIG and a 4-BIG unit. This is 2003, formed from 4-CIG 1801 & 4-BIG 2255.

E5001 Lewes 20 April 1996

E5001 crosses the River Ouse as it accelerates away from Lewes with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z33 05:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Eastbourne 'Southern Coasterman' railtour on 20 April 1996. Unfortunately E5001 has had very few outings on the mainline, which is a pity, as it is the sole surviving Class 71. 750V DC electric locomotives (as opposed to electro diesels or dual voltage locos) were never numerous on the national network.

1502 Basingstoke 27 September 1987

Class 77 1.5kV DC electric loco 1502 Electra stands in the sunshine at the Basingstoke Rail Show on 27 September 1987. Clearly showing why the BR 1990s departmental livery was described as 'Dutch', it is sporting the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Netherlands state owned railways) livery and number. Built at Gorton Works in 1952 as 27000, this loco has had an eventful life both before and since this picture was taken. After use on the Woodhead route until 1968, it then spent nearly two decades at work on the Dutch network, before being repatriated in July 1986. After visiting various open days, it returned to Holland in 1989 for the NS150 celebrations, before finally coming back to this country for a quiet life in preservation!

81007 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

81007 takes the Crewe avoiding lines at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985 with a northbound Speedlink working, presumably the 6F86 09:10 Willesden to Warrington Arpley. This is exactly the kind of problem that plagues most views looking down from road bridges on 25kV lines - wires everywhere getting in the way! I don't normally take such pictures, but I have included this one, as I have very few pictures of the early electric classes, and this is my only picture of a Class 81 hauling a mixed freight.

81011 Penkridge 4 July 1987

81011 passes Penkridge on 4 July 1987 with the 4O94 15:54 Trafford Park to Southampton freightliner. Penkridge church can just be seen in the background, on the left. 81011 survived in traffic for another year. It was official withdrawn in 1989, after spending some months stored unserviceable. It was cut up in 1991.

81020 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

I have very few pictures of the pioneering Class 81s at work on the mainline, and this is about the best. 81020 weaves across onto the down relief line at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985, as it prepares to take the 1S84 14:50 Birmingham New Street to Glasgow Central around the Crewe avoiding lines, due to the total closure of Crewe station for major rebuilding. Note the ScotRail branding on the leading coach of this all Mk 1 rake.

85011 Soulbury 28 April 1990

85011 passes Soulbury on 28 April 1990 with a Warrington Bank Quay to Wembley rugby special. This was for the Silk Cup Challenge final, between Wigan and Warrington. 85011 was withdrawn the following year, and cut up at MC Metals, Springburn in February 1993.

85012 Soulbury 24 April 1984

A dramatic low level shot of 85012 as it speeds past Soulbury with the 1A39 12:18 Birmingham New Street to Euston service on 24 April 1984. This loco was renumbered 85104 in June 1989 and withdrawn two year later. It was very nearly saved for preservation, literally almost being bought whilst waiting to be cut up at MC Metals, Glasgow. However, when Pete Waterman realised the state the loco was in after it had been partly cannibalised whilst at Crewe, the sale did not go ahead and the loco was scrapped.

85022 Bugbrooke 28 November 1987

85022 passes Bugbrooke on the frosty morning of 28 November 1987 with what is presumably the 07:23 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston service, although a Class 85 on InterCity Mk1s suggests possibly a relief service. Confirmation anyone? 85022 was withdrawn the following year due to fire damage. Just visible n the right is the Grand Union Canal.

85101 Winwick 12 March 1990

85101 passes Winwick on 12 March 1990 with the 6S50 13:11 Dee Marsh to Mossend steel empties. This was the first of ten Class 85s (a quarter of the total build) that was converted for freight use in 1989. This entailed removing the ETH equipment and reducing the maximum permitted speed. The locos were renumbered on the 85/1 series, 85101 being formerly 85006. This loco is the only survivor of the class, with all the other locos meeting their end at MC Metals, Glasgow.

86102 Gayton 15 November 1986

86102 Robert A Riddles passes Gayton on 15 November 1986 with the 1M05 07:40 Ayr to Euston 'Royal Scot'. The Grand Union Canal crosses the fields in the middle distance, bridged by the road from Gayton to Rothersthorpe. The loco is named after the steam locomotive engineer who was responsible for the design of the BR Standard classes of locomotives in the 1950s.

86205 Millmeece 22 November 1997

86205 City of Lancaster passes Millmeece on 22 November 1997 with the 1V96 09:10 Edinburgh to Reading Virgin CrossCountry service. Even at this distance it is quite easy to see the three subsidiary plates (including the rose emblem and 800th anniversary plates) above the nameplate. This immediately makes identification easy, without reference to the number.

86206 Lowgill 16 December 1995

86206 City of Stoke on Trent passes Lowgill on 16 December 1995 with the 1V96 09:10 Edinburgh to Reading service. The house on the hillside, directly above the locomotive, has the highly appropriate name of 'Mountain View', as it looks out across the valley of the River Lune, towards the Howgill Fells.

86213 Penkridge 4 July 1987

Looking smart in freshly applied InterCity livery with a painted black headcode panel, 86213 Lancashire Witch speeds past Penkridge with the 16:10 Liverpool to Euston service on 4 July 1987. Unfortunately this was one of the few occasions that I was experimenting with Agfa transparency film, as they did a ISO200 emulsion which was ideal for a Pentax 6x7. Even then the results proved to be poor and the slide has since aged very badly, turning a nasty purple colour. However, rather than scan the 35mm Kodachrome slide that I also took at the time, I have magically transformed Agfa's dodgy slide by clicking the 'restore colour' button on the scanner software, thereby saving me much tweaking in Photoshop!

86213 Shallowford 12 August 1989

Just before the heavens opened! 86213 Lancashire Witch catches the last of the sun ahead of the gathering clouds, as it races past Shallowford on 12 August 1989 with the 09:00 Blackpool North to Euston service, which it would have taken over at Preston.

86214 Dillicar 11 April 1992

86214 Sans Pareil speeds southwards through the Lune Gorge at Dillicar on 11 April 1992 with the 15:26 Edinburgh to Liverpool Lime Street service. 86214 is of course named after Timothy Hackworth's original steam locomotive Sans Pareil, which took part in the 1829 Rainhill Trials on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.

86214 Levenshulme 10 March 1997

86214 Sans Pareil passes Levenshulme on 10 March 1997 with the 1G55 10:17 Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street Virgin CrossCountry service. My reason for visiting this spot was to get a picture of  90002 Mission Impossible, which had just been outshopped in the then brand new Virgin livery, as they had just acquired the franchise for the West Coast Mainline.

86217 Margaretting 8 May 1985

86217 Comet passes Margaretting on 8 May 1985 with the 10:17 Norwich to Liverpool Street service. In 1989 this loco was one of a handful that were dedicated to freight work, and numbered in the 86/5 series (86504 in this case). This did not last long, and within a year 86217 had regained its old number.

86219 Old Linslade 14 January 1989

86219 Phoenix speeds past Old Linslade on 14 January 1989 with the 1M05 08:30 Glasgow Central to Euston InterCity service. After three decades of pounding up and down the West Coast Mainline, Phoenix was withdrawn in 1995, and after a period of storage at Glasgow, was cut up at Immingham in 2002.

86221 Great Yarmouth 29 Augus 1992

An electric loco well away fro the 25kV overhead. 86221 BBC Look East brings up the rear of the 1P31 14:10 Great Yarmouth to Liverpool Street service, as it leaves Great Yarmouth on 29 August 1992. 47462 Cambridge Traction & Rolling Stock Depot can be seen at the front of the train, running side by side with 31191 on empty stock heading for Norwich Crown Point.

86224 Gayton 15 November 1986

86224 Caledonian speeds through the Northamptonshire countryside near Gayton on 15 November 1986 with the 1H12 14:00 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly InterCity service. Just behind the railway is the Grand Union Canal, which parallels the line for a considerable distance.

86224 Long Buckby 27 August 1995

Diverted onto the Northampton loop due to Sunday engineering work on the mainline, 86224 Caledonian passes Long Buckby on 27 August 1995 with the 1G19 08:45 Euston to Wolverhampton InterCity service.

86229 Cathiron 20 October 1984

86229 Sir John Betjeman passes the well known photographic location of Cathiron on 20 October 1984 with the 1A40 10:19 Blackpool North to Euston service. Although they are obviously used to it, I wonder what annoys the occupants of the two cottages the most, the constant procession of trains, or the fact that photographers are often watching their every move!

86232 Soulbury 24 April 1984

86232 Harold Macmillan speeds past Soulbury on 24 April 1984 with the 10:15 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston service. This view has now changed completely, as the field in the foreground now forms part of the Leighton Buzzard by-pass, which parallels the railway for several miles en-route towards Milton Keynes.

86233 Penkridge 30 March 1991

86233 Laurence Olivier speeds past Penkridge on 30 March 1991 with the 08:30 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston service. This picture highlights the main problem with photographing under the wires, in that the return wire often gets in the way. I normally opt for a lower viewpoint, but have included this picture principally because of the Royal Mail van in the consist.

86238 Kelvedon 12 May 2001

86238 European Community speeds past Kelvedon on 12 May 2001 with the late running 1P55 17:00 Norwich to Liverpool Street Anglia Railways service. This is one of the few pictures that I have of a complete train in Anglia's turquoise livery.

86239 Hartshill 9 March 1985

86239 L. S. Lowry races past Hartshill (between Nuneaton and Atherstone) with the 1H09 11:50 Euston to Manchester Piccadully service on 9 March 1985. This loco was written off in a collision with some derailed wagons at Rickerscote on 8 March 1996, whilst working the Coventry to Glasgow TPO. In 1985 it was still possible, whilst not actually trespassing, to get some good shots from near track level prior the dreaded palisade fencing being erected at most such vantage points.

86240 Whitacre Junction 14 September 1997

86240 Bishop Eric Treacy brings up the rear of the diverted 1A43 12:19 Wolverhampton to Euston Virgin West Coast service at Whitacre Junction on 14 September 1997. 47792 Saint Cuthbert is providing the power at the front of the train. Eric Treacy was, of course, a well known railway photographer, in addition to being a clergyman, and latterly Bishop of Wakefield.

86241 Heamies 22 November 1997

86241 Glenfiddich passes Heamies (near Norton Bridge) on 22 November 1997 with the 1A49 12:45 Liverpool Lime Street to Euston Virgin West Coast service. Almost a colour match, despite the loco being in Res livery, and the stock in Virgin colours.

86242 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

86242 James Kennedy G.C. crosses from the down main to the down relief line at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985 with the 1P63 14:00 Euston to Carlisle InterCity service. All trains were being diverted over the avoiding lines, as Crewe station was closed for major modernisation. It looks like at least one other photographers was recording these unusual moves!

86245 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

Crewe station was completely rebuilt during the summer of 1985, with the result that numerous trains were diverted via the freight avoiding lines. 86245 Dudley Castle slowly weaves across the pointwork to regain the mainline at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985 with a southbound working. I'm not quite sure what train this is, as it is quite clearly a Pullman service, as the lead coach (11091) is branded 'InterCity Pullman'. However, it is unlikely to be the 16:00 Liverpool Lime Street to Euston 'Merseyside Pullman', as this picture was taken at 16:00!

86247 Watford Gap 17 March 1989

86247 Abraham Darby easily outpaces the traffic on the adjacent M1 motorway, as it speeds northwards near Watford Gap on 17 March 1989 with the 16:20 Euston to Liverpool Lime Street service. This was in the very last of the afternoon light, only a few minutes before sunset.

86253 OLd Linslade 14 January 1989

A slow shutter speed panning shot of 86253 The Manchester Guardian, as it speeds past Old Linslade on 14 January 1989 with the 11:40 Liverpool Lime Street to Euston service. Although this technique adds to the impression of speed, I was always wary of using it owing to the distinct possibility of messing it up!

86253 Soulbury 28 April 1990

Sheep stops train! "It's OK guv, the trespasser is back in her field and eating the grass." The driver of 86253 The Manchester Guardian phones the signalman after reports of sheep on the line at Soulbury on 28 April 1990. The train is the 11:40 Euston to Wolverhampton service, which had been brought to a stand after the driver of a preceding train had obviously reported the animal wandering on the tracks. The wooly trespasser seems to be standing her ground, having just crossed over to the right side of the fence before the train stopped!

86254 Gissing 16 April 1988

With pantograph at full stretch, as it approaches a level crossing, 86254 William Webb Ellis passes Gissing on 16 April 1988 with the 1P14 08:30 Liverpool Street to Norwich service. This loco was built (as E3142) in 1966, withdrawn in 2002, and scrapped in 2004.

86254 Slindon 15 May 1997

An impressive Cumulonimbus cloud formation rises above the line at Slindon on 15 May 1997, so this slightly unusual composition had to be used in order to include both the train and cloudscape. 86254 heads north with the 1S81 12:44 Plymouth to Glasgow Royal Mail vans. 86254 was just over 30 years old when this photo was taken. It would survive for another five years, and was scrapped in 2004 by C.F. Booth at Rotherham.

86254 Whitacre Junction 30 June 2002

86254 brings up the rear of the diverted 1A43 12:28 Wolverhampton to Euston Virgin West Coast service at Whitacre Junction on 30 June 2002. 47853 (D1733) Rail Express was dragging the train between Birmingham New Street and Nuneaton.

86255 Barby Nortoft 14 November 1988

The very last rays of the setting sun illuminate 86255 Penrith Beacon, as it passes Barby Nortoft on 14 November 1988 with the 14:50 Euston to Liverpool Lime Street service. Not technically the best picture (full aperture on Kodachrome 200), but I like the way that it appears that the only thing that is lit is the train. Much better than flat overhead middle of the day lighting.

86259 Margaretting 8 May 1985

Decades before it became famous for its return to the mainline as a preserved locomotive, 86259 Peter Pan is pictured here at Margaretting on 8 May 1985, working a Norwich to Liverpool Street TPO. Note the two virtually windowless POS (Post Office Sorting) vehicles in the train.

86259 Ansty 16 October 2013

86259 (E3137) Les Ross runs alongside the Oxford Canal near Ansty on 16 October 2013 with the Railway Touring Company 1Z86 06:26 Euston to Carlisle 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. As this was only just a little after sunrise on an extremely cloudy day, the light level was atrocious, requiring the camera to be set to ISO 3200. Normally I wouldn't have bothered with this in such awful light, but as I was passing the area anyway, en-route to Yorkshire, the only inconvenience was the long walk along the rather muddy canal towpath.

86312 Hartshill 9 March 1985

86312 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson passes underneath the roadbridge at Hartshill on 9 March 1985 with the 1H11 12:50 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly service. The loco is named after the first woman to qualify as a doctor in England.

86401 Basingstoke 27 September 1987

86401 was the only member of its class to receive the striking Network SouthEast livery. It is seen here at the Basingstoke Rail Show on 27 September 1987, parked in front of some slightly older electric traction in the form of Class 77 1502. This picture will probably appear on various other people's websites, as it was taken from a specially erected platform, which gave very little room to vary the viewpoint!

86411 Old Linslade 14 January 1989

A conveniently positioned oak tree makes a perfect frame for 86411 Airey Neave as it passes Old Linslade on 14 January 1989 with the 1A33 10:30 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston service. Over a decade after this picture was taken, this loco (by this time numbered 86611) was involved in accident near Shallowford, when, as the second loco of a pair it ran in to the rear of a stationary freightliner, whilst it was working the 4M53 21:54 Ipswich to Trafford Park freightliner. Both it an the lead loco (86631) sustained considerable damage and have since been cut up.

86426 Bugbrooke 28 November 1987

In 1987 86426 was repainted into 'Electric Blue' livery to mark 21 years of the InterCity name as applied to British Rail's premium passenger routes. The Class 86s (or AL6 as they were known as initially) were delivered in this lighter shade of blue, before being repainted into standard rail blue in the late 1960s. 86426 is pictured here passing Bugbrooke with the 10:20 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly service on 28 November 1987. It was a bitterly cold day, with the fog only just clearing. In fact some areas remained fogbound all day.

86426 Berkswell 21 March 1998

86426 Pride of the Nation passes Berkswell on 21 March 1998 with the Past Time Rail Euston to Chester 'Chester Chuffer' railtour. As the name suggests, the railtour was steam hauled later in the day, when GWR 43xx 2-6-0 7325 worked the train between Wolverhampton and Chester, and back to Bescot. Note the similarity between 86426's EWS livery, and the carmine and cream coaches.

86428 Berkswell 15 August 1988

86428 Aldaniti passes Berkswell on 15 August 1988 with the 1J28 16:40 Euston to Shrewsbury InterCity service The electric loco would work the train as far as Wolverhampton. The track in the foreground is a short siding on the course of the old line to Kenilworth.

86430 Winwick 25 March 1993

86430 passes the rather hackneyed location of Winwick with the 14:45 Preston to Euston service on 25 March 1993. This location can virtually be guaranteed to always have at least one photographer in attendance, and there is usually a long line of parked cars on the roadside. Directly above the locomotive can be seen the Newton-le-Willows Vulcan Works of English Electric Ltd (latterly Ruston Diesels), where numerous classic diesel classes were constructed. The buildings were demolished in 2007.

86605 & 86637 Lowgill 29 March 1997

86605 & 86637 pass Lowgill on 29 March 1997 with the 4O32 10:45 Coatbridge to Southampton freightliner. I was fortunate on this occasion to have the loaded part of the train at the front, and in sun. It was a day with variable cloud, as can be seen from the background.

86607 & 86610 Brock 6 May 2008

86607 & 86610 pass Brock with the 4M74 13:00 Coatbridge to Crewe freightliner on 6 May 2008. It always seems a little strange seeing a pair of 4040 hp electric locos hauling freightliners, while on other routes a single 3200 hp Class 66 handles a similar length train. Although this looks like a pleasant rural location, it is in fact incredibly noisy, as the M6 motorway is just behind the trees on the right, paralleling the railway for some miles north of Preston.

86613 & 86627 Great Brington 2 April 1994

In an extremely lucky and very brief patch of sunshine with a superb background of menacing black clouds, 86613 County of Lancashire & 86627 The Industrial Society pass Great Brington with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z46 06:15 Bristol Temple Meads to London via just about everywhere 'Sector Swansong' railtour on 2 April 1994. Representing the demise of the British Rail sectors at the dawn of privatisation, this section of the tour obviously represents Railfreight Distribution. I think what makes this particular picture so striking is the stark contrast between the dark clouds and the light stone of the recently constructed rail access road in the foreground.

86614, 86637 & 70017 Milton Malsor 22 March 2012

I don't normally go in for this type of ultra close up view of moving trains, but on this occasion the unusual formation was worth a picture. 86614 & 86637 have 70017 dead in tow as they pass Milton Malsor on 22 March 2012 with the 4M54 10:09 Tilbury to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner.

86620 & 86604 Barby Nortoft 23 November 1998

86620 Philip G Walton & 86604 pass Barby Nortoft on 23 November 1998 with the 4S87 08:03 Felixstowe to Coatbridge freightliner. Not the best picture, but one of the few that I have of a pair of Class 86s, each in a different Freightliner livery.

86632 & 86607 Crick Tunnel 31 July 2020

86632 & 86607 emerge from Crick Tunnel on 31 July 2020 with the 4M87 11:13 Felixstowe North to Trafford Park freightliner. This was running 33 minutes late, after first of all getting delayed in the Wembley area, and then getting stuck behind a failed train at Northampton. Although it would have been sunny at the booked time, the sun had disappeared into thick cloud long before it was now due, and I thought this was just going to be a dull record shot. Then amazingly, just as it was approaching, the sun came out again weakly, and although not full brightness, was a hell of a lot better than it was just a minute earlier, and a minute afterwards!

86638 & 86613 Long Buckby 23 April 2010

86638 & 86613 pass Long Buckby with the 4L92 14:03 Ditton to Felixstowe freightliner on 23 April 2010. Although a lengthy train, I can't help thinking that 7200 hp that is booked for this service is a little excessive! Note the slight variation in the position of the Freightliner branding on the sides of these two locos.

87002 Slade Heath 10 March 1984

87002 Royal Sovereign emerges from the mist at Slade Heath on 10 March 1984, as it heads north with the 1S61 06:45 Paddington to Glasgow Central service, which it had taken over at Birmingham New Street. A poor quality image, but one of the few pictures that I have of a Class 87 in blue livery.

87006 Heamies 22 November 1997

87006 City of Glasgow passes Heamies (near Norton Bridge) on 22 November 1997 with the 1S75 12:25 Euston to Glasgow Virgin Trains service. Unfortunately I only took a few pictures of Virgin red liveried electric locos, as during the late 1990s there was much more interesting traction to photograph.

87008 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

Crewe station was completely closed for extensive remodeling during the summer of 1985, with all trains being diverted via the freight avoiding lines. 87008 City of Liverpool weaves across from the main to the relief line at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985 with the 1S83 14:45 Euston to Glasgow Central service, as it takes the avoiding route. Normally this train's first stop would have been Crewe, but the revised timetable saw it stopping at Stafford, with onwards bus connections available for Crewe passengers.

87009 Watford Gap 17 March 1989

87009 City of Birmingham gives the motorists on the M1 a run for their money as it heads south near Watford Gap with the 11:54 Lancaster to Euston service on 17 March 1989. The motorway services sign refers to Watford Gap and Leicester Forest East, although obviously the mention of Blue Boar and Trusthouse Forte certainly dates the picture!

87010 Berkswell 25 April 1996

87010 King Arthur speeds past Berkswell on 25 April 1996 with the 15:15 Euston to Birmingham New Street service. The complete train is in the stylish InterCity livery, once commonplace, now like many earlier more restrained colour schemes, sadly missed.

87011 & 82104 Docker Viaduct 29 March 1997

Under a menacing sky, 87011 The Black Prince leads DVT 82104 across Docker Viaduct with the 09:50 Glasgow to Euston Virgin Trains 'Royal Scot' on 29 March 1997. Obviously with the old bath being used as a drinking trough and the 'Horse Watch' notice by the gate, the field normally has some equine inhabitants. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen. A pity, as a couple of horses peering over the gate would have completed a perfect picture!

87012 Old Linslade 14 January 1989

87012 The Royal Bank of Scotland passes Old Linslade on 14 January 1989 with the 1M24 07:20 Glasgow Central to Euston service. The powers that be must have had a premonition when they reinstated the original Coeur de Lion nameplates in 2001. This was long before the disgraced bank's name became mud and therefore unsuitable to put on anything!

87021 Lamington 9 April 2004

87021 Robert The Bruce passes Lamington on 9 April 2004 with the 10:30 Euston to Glasgow Central Virgin West Coast service. Note that Douglashill Plantation in the background has recently been partly felled.

87022 & 37038 Hinksey 2 January 2008

I don't normally bother with light engine moves, and certainly not with going away shots, but this working is just so unusual that it had to be recorded. I presume 25kV electric locos have been dragged through Oxford before, but other than en-route to various open days, I can't recall when. 37038 tows 87022 Cock o' the North as the 0Z87 11:46 Oxley to Wembley on 2 January 2008, seen here passing Hinksey Yard. The wording on the wreath reads: '87 WCML 87 gone but not forgotten'.

87024 Cathiron 20 August 1984

87024 Lord of the Isles speeds past Cathiron (near Rugby) with the 1A38 09:31 Carlisle to Euston service on 20 October 1984. Note the mix of Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3 stock, and also the the original style of headlight that was still fitted to the loco at this time. It later acquired the standard design fitted in a square box attached to the front end, rather than flush fitted, as here. 87024 was withdrawn from service in October 2004 and cut up by JT Landscapes at MoD Caerwent in November 2005.

87024 Basford Hall Junction 3 July 1985

87024 Lord of the Isles slowly moves across from the down main to the down relief line at Basford Hall Junction on 3 July 1985. Due to the total shutdown of Crewe station, all traffic was being routed via the avoiding lines. My main reason for visiting the area was to get some pictures of the Class 40s that had been temporarily reprieved for use during the work. This was only partially successful, with just a single picture of 97407 (40012) running light engine. However, in retrospect a picture of a Rail Blue Class 87 on a rake of blue and grey Mk3s (and single InterCity BG!) was certainly worth recording. The train is the 1S45 13:45 Euston to Ayr.

87024 Brockhall 24 August 1991

87024 Lord of the Isles passes Brockhall on 24 August 1991 with the 08:15 Euston to Glasgow Central service. For several miles, along this section of the West Coast Mainline north of Weedon, the railway closely follows the course of the A5 road and the Grand Union Canal.

87032 Heamies 22 November 1997

The driver of 87032 Kenilworth has a cup of tea, as his loco catches the last of the afternoon light, whilst rounding the curve at Heamies on 22 November 1997 with the 1F17 12:55 Euston to Liverpool Lime Street Virgin Trains service.

87033 Old Linslade 14 January 1989

87033 Thane of Fife speeds past Old Linslade on 14 January 1989 with the 1A33 10:30 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston service. At this time InterCity locos were being painted into this version of the InterCity / Mainline livery, and initially they received very small numbers, making it very difficult to identify an individual loco on the move, certainly when traveling at 100 mph as here! Luckily the nameplate is easily readable on the original Kodachrome slide. The tiny number is barely visible near the driver's door at the wrong end of the loco!

87034 & 82105 Soulbury 28 April 1990

87034 William Shakespeare passes Soulbury on 28 April 1990 with the 10:00 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston InterCity service. DVT 82105 is directly behind the locomotive. Apart from the passing trains, this used to be a quiet rural location, but now the A4146 dual carriageway parallels the line at this point.

87101 Roade 20 May 1991

The unique thyristor controlled Class 87/1 87101 Stephenson passes Roade on 20 May 1991 with the 6A28 08:01 Bescot to Willesden Speedlink service. This non-standard locomotive was the first of its class to be painted into Railfreight colours, being at this time allocated to the FGHC (Railfreight Distribution Crewe Class 85 & 87/1) pool. Owing to its one off nature it frequently spent long periods out of use (the whole of 1989 for example!). Its landmark design did not ensure preservation upon withdrawal, and it was cut up in 2002.

89001 Abbots Ripton 16 August 1988

The unique Class 89 89001 entered service in July 1988 and was put to work on the ECML initially working the 07:00 Peterborough to Kings Cross and 17:36 InterCity return workings. It proved outstandingly reliable, but its non-standard design caused problems in later years due to shortage of spare parts. After withdrawal in 1992 it was bought for preservation, only to re-enter service a few years later with GNER, until more problems with sourcing components led to its withdrawal again. The 'Flying Badger' is pictured here passing Abbots Ripton at the full line speed of 125 mph with the 07:00 Peterborough to Kings Cross service on 16 August 1988. Directly behind the loco is converted HST driving trailer 43013.

89001 Conington Fen 16 August 1988

89001 passes Conington Fen on 16 August 1988 with the 17:36 Kings Cross to Peterborough InterCity service. The loco had entered passenger service the previous month, and was initially used on just one morning and one evening commuter train. Note the Mk1 coach at the head of the formation, acting as a barrier between the loco and the Mk3 HST coaches.

89001 Colton Junction 27 May 1990

89001 Avocet approaches Colton Junction on 27 May 1990 with the Hertfordshire Railways Kings Cross to York 'Modern Railways 500' railtour. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get many pictures of this unique and stylish locomotive, but at least I saw it in all three of its liveries. Prior to this InterCity 'Swallow' colour scheme, it ran in the original InterCity Executive livery, and then when it saw service on the mainline for a second time after a period in preservation, it ran in GNER blue.

89001 Fitzwilliam 9 March 1997

After being withdrawn from traffic in 1992, the unique Class 89 89001 looked set for a life in preservation. However, GNER acquired the loco in 1996 in order to strengthen its East Coast Mainline fleet. Sadly it was not to remain in service for very long, with its non-standard nature being a constant maintenance problem. After repainting into GNER colours and before entering passenger service, it is pictured passing through Fitzwilliam station at the rear of a Leeds to London test run on 9 March 1997.

90001 Winwick 25 March 1993

Over five years after its entry into traffic, the pioneer Class 90, 90001 still looks smart in the stylish InterCity livery as it passes Winwick on 25 March 1993 with the 1S83 14:25 Euston to Glasgow Central. The post and wire fence in this view has long since been replaced by vandal prove palisade fencing.

90001 Swainsthorpe 12 May 2008

With the locomotive and the complete train wearing the obsolete One Railways livery, debranded and with a subtle National Express East Anglia logo added to the white stripe, 90001 passes Swainsthorpe with the 18:30 Norwich to Liverpool Street National Express East Anglia service on 12 May 2008.

90002 Dillicar 11 April 1992

I visited the Lune Gorge on 11 April 1992 specifically to see D400 & 50007 heading back south with a railtour from Carlisle. As I had walked for over a mile to get to this location at Dillicar, it would have been churlish not to photograph what passed by while I was waiting for the 50s, despite the poor light. First up was 90002 with the 14:40 Edinburgh to Euston 'Clansman'. At least the Class 90's original livery shows up well in these poor conditions. There is an interesting range of coaching stock in this train, from the blue & grey Mk1 BG at the head of the train, through to the three GUV vans at the rear of the Mk3 set.

90002 Levenshulme 10 March 1997

90002 Mission Impossible brings up the rear of the 08:00 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly 'Manchester Pullman' as it passes through Levenshulme on its inaugural run on 10 March 1997. I don't normally bother with going away shots, but in this instance it was the only possible way to get a picture of the locomotive in its then brand new livery. Virgin West Coast had taken over the franchise for the route the previous day.

90002 Banbury Lane 27 February 2022

Locomotive Service Ltd's immaculate 90002 Wolf of Badenoch passes Banbury Lane on 27 February 2022 with the 1Z86 09:50 Liverpool Lime Street to Wembley Central football special. D1924 (47810) Crewe Diesel Depot is bringing up the rear. This was originally meant to have a green 47 on either end, but D1944 (47501) Craftsman was declared a failure, so 90002 was a last minute substitution. If the Liverpool fans weren't impressed by the classic traction, at least they could celebrate their win by a penalty shoot out in the EFL Cup Final!

90002 Cathiron 2 September 2022

90002 Wolf of Badenoch pushes the InterCity 1Z40 14:29 Crewe to Euston 'Friday Charter' special past Cathiron on 2 September 2022. DVT 82139 is leading. This image has had to be cropped considerably, as the 1H29 14:20 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly Pendolino got in the way at the critical moment.

90003 Watford Gap 17 March 1989

90003 runs alongside the M1 motorway, just to the south of Watford Gap services, on 17 March 1989 with the 13:00 Manchester Piccadilly to Euston InterCity service. At this time production was approximately half way through the Class 90 fleet, with 90001 entering service in October 1987, and 90050 completing the class in September 1990.

90004 Hemel Hempstead 2 September 1990

90004 speeds through Hemel Hempstead station on 2 September 1990 with the 13:00 Euston to Glasgow Central InterCity service. This station was opened in 1837, named after the adjacent village of Boxmoor, as the town of Hemel Hempstead was over a mile away. Over the years as the town grew, the name was changed to Boxmoor and Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead and Boxmoor, and finally in 1963, Hemel Hempstead.

90004 Swainsthorpe 14 May 2019

90004 City of Chelmsford passes Swainsthorpe on 14 May 2019 with the 1P61 18:30 Norwich to Liverpool Street Greater Anglia service. What does the future hold for this 31 year old loco, once the new EMUs take over these East Anglian services?

90008 Watford Gap 17 March 1989

90008 approaches Watford Gap on 17 March 1989 with the 1S69 14:30 Euston to Glasgow Central InterCity service. I certainly wouldn't take a picture like this nowadays, with a post bisecting the loco, but I have included it here as it shows a Class 90 in its original and best livery, in good lighting, and with the M1 motorway in the background.

90009 Shallowford 12 August 1989

90009 passes Shallowford on 12 August 1989 with the 07:20 Glasgow Central to Euston service. This was one of those very fortunate days when there was masses of dark clouds around, and yet all the trains managed to pass in sunshine.

90011 Slindon 15 May 1997

90011 The Chartered Institute of Transport passes Slindon on 15 May 1997 with the 1F20 16:05 Euston to Liverpool Lime Street service. Virgin West Coast had taken over the franchise a couple of months earlier, but apart from the few locos and coaches painted in the new red livery for the launch day, it was business as usual for most of the fleet, with the stylish InterCity livery still very much in evidence.

90011 Dunston 14 May 2019

90011 East Anglian Daily Times - Suffolk & Proud passes Dunston on 14 May 2019 with the 1P55 17:00 Norwich to Liverpool Street Greater Anglia service. Just visible in the background on the left are some buildings in the southern edge of Norwich, while on the extreme right of the picture, a corner of the earthworks of the Roman town of Venta Icenorum can just be seen. This was built by the Romans after the revolt by Queen Boudica of the local Iceni tribe in AD 60.

90012 Soulbury 14 January 1989

A reminder of how smart the Class 90s looked when first introduced, at least when clean! 90012 had been in traffic for less than two months when this picture was taken. It is pictured passing Soulbury on 14 January 1989 with the 09:40 Liverpool Lime Street to Euston InterCity service. Note the smoking chimneys of Bletchley Brickworks in the background. They would not be smoking for much longer, as the site closed the following year.

90012 Swainsthorpe 14 May 2019

90012 Royal Anglian Regiment passes a field of oilseed rape near Swainsthorpe on 14 May 2019, as it heads south with the 1P59 18:00 Norwich to Liverpool Street Greater Anglia service. These loco hauled trains are soon to be replaced by new Class 745 EMUs.

90015 Dunston 14 May 2019

90015 Colchester Castle speeds past Dunston on 14 May 2019 with the 1P57 17:30 Norwich to Liverpool Street Greater Anglia service. Unlike the company's DMUs, Greater Anglia seem to keep their white liveried locos reasonably clean.

90016 Milton Malsor 22 March 2012

90016 passes Milton Malsor on 22 March 2012 with the 4M88 09:20 Felixstowe to Crewe freightliner. This is just north of where the Northampton line diverges from the main West Coast route at Roade. Most freight travels via this route.

90021 & 31425 Brockhall 24 August 1991

An unusual locomotive combination at Brockhall (near Weedon) on the morning of 24 August 1991. 90021 heads north with 31425 in tow. At this point the railway, Grand Union Canal and M1 motorway run in close proximity, although you wouldn't know it from this tranquil rural view.

90024 Lowgill 26 July 1997

90024 passes Lowgill on 26 July 1997 with the 4M72 10:20 Mossend to Wembley freightliner. Believe it or not, this is high summer around midday! If the weather looks bad here, its nothing compared to what it was like half an hour later when 37609 & 37610 passed by with the short-lived 'Milkliner'.

90025 Normanton 30 April 2000

Well away from the overhead wires, 90025 brings up the rear of the diverted 1D38 14:10 Kings Cross to Leeds GNER service at Normanton on 30 April 2000. 47786 is at the front of the train. A very colourful train, with a red loco at the front, dark blue coaches, and a Trainload Distribution grey electric at the back!

90028 Swainsthorpe 12 May 2008

The EWS livery of 90028 contrasts markedly with the debranded former One Railways livery of the stock, as the 19:00 Norwich to Liverpool Street National Express East Anglia service approaches Swainsthorpe at speed on 12 May 2008.

90030 & 82106 Winwick 12 March 1990

90030 speeds past Winwick on 12 March 1990 with the 09:40 Glasgow to Euston 'Royal Scot'. The first batch of Class 90s (90001-90025) entered traffic in the InterCity swallow livery, while the second batch (90026-90036) received this unbranded so called Mainline livery, complete with black roof. 90030 shows this latter style, and contrasts with the ex-works DVT (82106) coupled directly behind it. The loco was less than a year old when this picture was taken.

90035 Grove 14 November 2019

With the sprawling housing estates of Grove visible in the background, 90035 is pictured engaged in high speed pantograph tests on 14 November 2019. The train is the 5Q96 14:49 Didcot Parkway to Swindon Transfer overhead line test train, being hauled by 67028. Apologies for the poor quality, but in order to use the very high shutter speed required for this broadside shot, an ISO of 6400 had to be used in the late afternoon gloom.

90036 Church Lawford 20 April 2009

Unbelievably what would have been an excellent shot of 82101 leading the 09:30 Birmingham New Street to Euston Virgin West Coast service at Church Lawford on 20 April 2009 was completely blocked out by a Pendolino going the other way! Considering the speed they travel at the chances of that happening must be pretty remote. In view of that disaster I decided to wait for the return working, the 1G18 11:43 from Euston, with 90036 leading. As the location at Church Lawford is not as good for west bound trains, I decided to go for a more artistic picture, by framing the train with a convenient tree.

90036 Wootton Green 20 April 2009

90036 passes Wootton Green on 20 April 2009 with the 1G30 15:43 Euston to Birmingham New Street Virgin West Coast service. The substitution of this 'proper train' is the result of two Pendolino units being out of service due to minor accident damage sustained whilst on depot. I'm sure the passengers (sorry, customers) appreciated the added comfort of the Mk 3 coaches!

90039 Blisworth 27 February 2022

'I am the backbone of the economy' liveried 90039 The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approaches Blisworth on 27 February 2022 with the 1Z22 11:01 Liverpool South Parkway to Wembley Central football special. This was in connection with the EFL Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea.

90044 Watford 21 September 2006

90044 speeds past Watford (on the Northampton loop line) on 21 September 2006 with the 4M87 11:41 Felixstowe to Trafford Park freightliner. This location is in the fields between the villages of Watford and Long Buckby, and formerly there was a farm occupation bridge crossing the line at this point.

90044 Barby Nortoft 21 April 2010

90044 on what seems to be its favourite train! Over three years after I saw it at Watford with the 4M87 11:41 Felixstowe to Trafford Park freightliner, it is pictured yet again on 4M87, this time passing Barby Nortoft on 21 April 2010. Note the preparatory works in the field for the extension to the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal.

90044 Church Brampton 22 September 2010

90044 passes Church Brampton on 22 September 2010 with the 4M88 08:49 Felixstowe to Crewe freightliner. Coincidentally, almost exactly four years previously I had seen this same loco on the following freightliner service, just a little further up the line at Watford.

90047 Chelmscote 27 March 2012

90047 passes Chelmscote on 27 March 2012 with the 4M87 11:14 Felixstowe to Trafford Park freightliner. Note the green door on the rear cab, obviously purloined from one of Freightliner's other Class 90s that has received the corporate green colour scheme.

90136 Stableford 30 May 1997

90136 dodges the lengthening evening shadows at Stableford on 30 May 1997 as it heads north with the 6S48 13:14 Dagenham to Mossend Ford vans train. For some reason the Railfreight Distribution liveried Class 90s always seemed to have a tatty and faded yellow front end - or at least the ones I came across!

90144 Winwick 28 July 1992

After the Speedlink wagonload network closed in July 1991, Tiger Freightways set up a limited replacement service, which unsurprisingly collapsed after a few months. Railfreight Distribution carried on working a few of Tiger's routes for a while, including the 6V92 05:23 Mossend to St Blazey, seen here passing Winwick behind 90144 on 28 July 1992.

90149 & 47769 Castlethorpe 26 February 1995

90149 & 47769 Resolve pass Castlethorpe on 26 February 1995 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z60 09:40 Wolverhampton to Cambridge (via London) 'Capital Spinner' railtour. In addition to these two locos, 56070, 90020, 37055, 47565, 58031, 60027, 31317 & 31164 all saw use on this tour - those were the days! This location has changed since this photograph was taken, with the removal of the footbridge that I used to access the west side of the line.

90150 Slindon 15 May 1997

90150 passes Slindon on 15 May 1997 with the 4M54 12:35 Tilbury to Crewe freightliner. Although it doesn't actually get in the way, palisade fencing has now been erected in the foreground here. This obviously is a lot more intrusive than the vintage post and wire fence seen here.

91012 Peascliffe Tunnel 18 August 1992

91012 approaches Peascliffe Tunnel on 18 August 1992 with the 16:25 Kings Cross to Leeds InterCity service. This is one of those locations (along with many others on the East Coast Mainline) that I regret not visiting prior to electfrication. Oh, for a time machine!

91026 Claypole 24 August 1991

Taking pictures of Class 91 electrics is hampered by the fact that they are normally on the north end of the train on the East Coast Mainline, with the DVT at the south end, therefore most of the time they are coming out of the light. 91026 speeds past Claypole (between Grantham and Newark) with the 12:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh service on 24 August 1991.

91101 Burn 17 October 2013

Flying Scotsman liveried 91101 speeds past Burn on 17 October 2013 with the 1N21 14:30 Kings Cross to Newcastle East Coast service. After a largely cloudy afternoon, the sun finally came out in time for this. A slightly inappropriate choice of traction, given that the train is only going as far as Geordieland!

91102, 91126, 91113, 91129 & 57305 Uffington 10 May 2021

91102 City of York brings up the rear of the late running 0Q76 07:45 Belmont Down Yard to Newport Docks (Sims Group) at Uffington on 10 May 2021. The other locos on a one way trip to the scrapyard are: 91126 Darlington Hippodrome, 91113 & 91129. The whole sad ensemble is being led by 57305. This is my first picture of a Class 91 on the Great Western Mainline, but not unfortunately one making use of the overhead wires!

91103 Botany Bay 10 March 2009

Under a threatening sky, 91103 speeds past Botany Bay (near Retford) with the 12:35 Kings Cross to Leeds National Express East Coast service on 10 March 2009. A day of intermittent sunshine and cloud, in this case with just enough sunshine for the first half of the train!

91106 Hougham 13 September 2019

91106 passes Hougham on 13 September 2019 with the 1S26 17:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER service. Although a more or less cloudless evening, you can see that one errant cloud has put the wind turbine in the background in the shade.

91109 Burnmouth 16 September 2019

The late afternoon sun provides a perfect low raking light for the straw in the foreground, as 91109 approaches Burnmouth on 16 September 2019 with the 1S19 13:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER service. The blue sea in the background also provides a perfect colour contrast.

91110 Joan Croft Junction 26 November 2016

91110 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight emerges from the fog at Joan Croft Junction on 26 November 2016 with the 1S10 09:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh Virgin East Coast service, running 28 minutes late. The loco features a unique 'Lest We Forget' livery, features outlines of the iconic Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster aircraft.

91110 Cromwell Moor 29 June 2019

91110 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight speeds past Cromwell Moor on 29 June 2019 with the 1S24 16:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER service. The graphics at the front of the loco represent the Memorial Flight's Avro Lancaster, Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane.

91110 Burnmouth 16 September 2019

My shadow proves just how low the late afternoon lighting is, as 91110 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight brings up the rear of the 1E24 17:00 Edinburgh to Kings Cross LNER service at Burnmouth on 16 September 2019. I thought it worth recording this view, and was particularly pleased when the 'Lest We Forget' liveried Class 91 appeared in the viewfinder as the back of the train sped by. A shutter speed of 1/4000sec was used as the train was travelling directly across the frame.

91111 Frinkley Lane 25 July 2009

91111 was the only Class 91 to receive a repaint into National Express East Coast colours. As the company has ceased trading and effectively been renationalised, I thought I ought to take a picture of this unique machine when it passed Frinkley Lane (near Grantham) on 25 July 2009, because there aren't going to be any more repaints now! It is working the 15:00 Kings Cross to Glasgow Central train.

91111 Claypole (Barnby Lane) 22 July 2010

91111 For the Fallen passes Claypole on 22 July 2019 with the 1S18 13:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER service. This makes an interesting comparison with the picture I took of one its classmates, at this spot, 28 years earlier.

91112, 91115, 91125 & 37510 Minsterworth 3 February 2023

91112 brings up the rear of the early running 7Q78 08:40 Doncaster Belmont Down Yard to Newport Docks (Sims Group), as it passes Minsterworth on 3 February 2023, hauled by 37510 Orion. The other two unlucky locos heading for the scrapman are 91115 Blaydon Races & 91125. 33 years may be a good lifespan for a diesel loco, but you would think an electric loco should have a longer career, but I suppose with most UK trains going over to multiple unit operation, there is no demand for them.

91114 Claypole (Balderton Crossing) 22 July 2019

91114 Durham Cathedral brings up the rear of the 1E16 13:00 Edinburgh to Kings Cross LNER service at Balderton Crossing, Claypole, on 22 July 2019. In addition to the nameplate, the loco features bodyside graphics, and underneath the side window, the wording 'The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham 2003-2015'. The dean named the loco in September 2015, upon his retirement. Very nice, I didn't even get a watch!

91115 Little Heck 7 April 2015

Over a month after the takeover of the franchise by Virgin East Coast Trains, 91115 Blaydon Races clings to its former operator's colour scheme, as it speeds past Little Hick with the 1N80 07:08 Kings Cross to York service on 7 April 2015. The minor road in the foreground is now only used by farm traffic, after the closure of the nearby Heck Ings level crossing to vehicles, and the blocking up of the lane's junction with the A645 Knottingley to Snaith road.

91117 Burn 13 March 2016

91117 West Riding Limited passes Burn on 13 March 2016 with the 1S17 12:20 Kings Cross to Edinburgh Virgin East Coast service. This was one of those days when high pressure resulted in a sunny afternoon, but with increasingly hazy conditions, with the sun eventually fading out into the thin cloud.

91118 Cromwell Moor 18 April 2014

91118 was the last Class 91 to retain the former GNER dark blue livery, still carrying the obsolete colour scheme into 2014. It is seen here speeding past Cromwell Moor on 18 April 2014 with the 1F08 08:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh East Coast service.

91118 Little Heck 7 April 2015

91118 speeds past Little Heck on 7 April 2015 with the 1S05 07:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh Virgin East Coast Trains service, although despite being well into the second month of the new franchise, shows no visual indication whatsoever of the new operator. There was no problem with road traffic interfering with the taking of this picture, as this minor road has now been severed at the southern end, effectively making it only of any use to farm vehicles.

91119 Joan Croft Junction 20 April 2019

91119 Bounds Green InterCity Depot 1977-2017 brings up the rear of the late running 1E19 14:30 Edinburgh to Kings Cross LNER service at Joan Croft Junction on 20 April 2019. This loco is following the well established tradition of one member of a particular class being painted in its original livery, just before being withdrawn from service.

91119 Frinkley Lane 13 September 2019

91119 Bounds Green InterCity Depot 1977-2017 brings up the rear of the 1A31 13:15 Leeds to Kings Cross LNER service at Frinkley Lane (near Grantham) on 13 September 2019. The train is being led by DVT 82225.

91119 Hougham 13 September 2019

Retro InterCity liveried 91119 Bounds Green InterCity Depot 1977-2017 passes Hougham on 13 September 2019 with the 1D22 16:33 Kings Cross to Leeds LNER service. Although it looks like there isn't much warning of a train's approach here, they can actually be seen several miles away to the right of this picture, before disappearing again behind the hill and trees.

91121, 91116, 91118 & 37510 Ley Court 20 February 2023

91121 brings up the rear of the 7Q76 04:40 Doncaster Belmont Down Yard to Newport Docks (Sims Group) at Ley Court on 20 February 2023. 37510 Orion is leading the train, which also includes 91116 & 91118 The Fusiliers. Not a very good location, and very backlit, but worth a picture, as electric locos are rare in Gloucestershire!

91124 Tempsford 5 April 2014

91124 speeds past Tempsford on 5 April 2014 with the 1D05 08:03 Kings Cross to Leeds East Coast service. Photo taken from a very quiet level crossing, leading only to nearby farms. Note the cameras on the post on the left.

91125 Burn 11 March 2010

91125 finds a very brief patch of weak sunshine as it speeds past Burn on 11 March 2010 with the 1S13 11:00 Kings Cross to Glasgow Central East Coast Trains service. The entire train is in the former GNER colour scheme, which has now been rebranded twice!

91126 Cromwell Moor 29 June 2019

Running a staggering 97 minutes late due to problems in the Huntingdon area, 91126 Darlington Hippodrome passes Cromwell Moor on 29 June 2019 with the 1S26 17:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh LNER service. The delay got even worse, and it arrived at Edinburgh 148 minutes behind time! The train that left London an hour later, the 1S28 18:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh, was just 2 minutes 18 seconds behind this. The 1E23 16:30 Edinburgh to Kings Cross service can just be seen disappearing into the distance.

91127 Houndwood 3 May 2008

91127 sweeps round the curve at Houndwood on 3 May 2008 with the 07:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh National Express East Coast service. The river on the left is the oddly named Eye Water, while the small village of Houndwood on the A1 trunk road can be seen in the background.

91128 Little Heck 7 April 2015

Livery transition time at Little Heck on 7 April 2015. Wearing the temporary Virgin East Coast Trains vinyl wrap, adopted prior to the application of their new colour scheme, 91128 heads northwards with the 1N04 06:15 Kings Cross to Newcastle service. The coaches are still in the East Coast Trains livery, whilst the DVT bringing up the rear is 'Flying Scotsman' liveried 82205.

91129 Frinkley Lane 13 September 2019

91129 passes Frankley Lane (near Grantham) on 13 September 2019, running as the 0Z11 14:55 Doncaster West Yard to Bounds Green. It may only be a light engine, but this is the first time that I have see a Class 91 running blunt end first.

92001 Lenham 14 February 1998

On 14 February 1998, 92001 Victor Hugo passes through Lenham station (between Maidstone and Ashford) with the 6O58 09:10 Wembley to Dollands Moor Connectrail service, which later forms the 4408 13:09 Dollands Moor to Lille international service via the Channel Tunnel. Lenham station seems to have survived reasonably intact from the days of steam, with all its original buildings including in the former goods yard on the left.

92008 Westenhanger 11 May 2002

92008 passes Westenhanger station on 11 May 2002 with the 6B37 12:20 Wembley to Dollands Moor Enterprise. Very poor weather, but an interesting picture, as it shows the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) under construction next to the old line. It looks like the disused South Eastern Railway station building was on the point of demolition, but in fact it is now in much better condition, as the headquarters of Westenhanger Auctions.

92013 Crawford 23 October 1998

92013 Puccini passes Crawford in abysmal light on 23 October 1998 with the very early running 6M27 15:15 Mossend to Bescot Enterprise. This is my only picture of a Class 92 north of the border, and was a lucky bonus, taken whilst waiting for the Pathfinder Tours / Regency Rail 1Z59 05:22 Cardiff Central to Spean Bridge 'West Highlander' railtour, which was coming from the opposite direction.

92019 Chelmscote 27 March 2012

Running over two hours late, 92019 Wagner passes Chelmscote on 27 March 2012 with the 6B41 11:43 Wembley to Daventry 'water train'. The late running is a definite bonus, as the sun is now just glancing across the nose, rather than being hopelessly backlit.

92020 Swanley 30 May 1998

92020 Milton passes Swanley on 30 May 1998 with the 7O56 09:18 Wembley to Dollands Moor Ford Transfesa car components 'Blue Train'. This will later form the 4254 14:09 Dollands Moor to Silla train via the Channel Tunnel. Note the extremley photographer unfriendly footbridge in the background, which when this picture was taken had just been encased in a mesh screen in effort to deter the local vandals. Luckily there are still several alternative vantage points in the area.

92023 Ledburn 19 April 2017

92023 passes Ledburn on 19 April 2017 with the 1M16 20:44 Inverness to Euston 'Caledonian Sleeper'. This 16 coach train is made up of three portions, with the 1B01 19:50 departure from Fort William, and the 1B16 21:43 departure from Aberdeen, being added to the main train at Edinburgh. The livery of the coaches is striking, but I'm not too sure about the so called 'Midnight Teal' livery of the loco, which could do with something other than the stag logo to break up the large bodyside area.

92030 & 37688 Westwell Leacon 12 July 1997

With horns blaring, 92030 Ashford & 37688 pass Westwell Leacon (near Ashford) with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z92 10:14 Finsbury Park to Dungeness 'Dungeness Pebbledasher' railtour on 12 July 1997. This was the first booked use of a Class 92 on a passenger train, and EWS are to be commended on the immaculate condition of the locomotive.

92031 Althorp 11 January 2014

92031 passes Althorp (the last resting place of Diana, Princess of Wales) on 11 January 2014 with the 6B20 11:19 Wembley to Daventry vans. The weather forecast had promised a completely sunny day, so I was surprised when all this cloud started to bubble up. As can be seen from the shadows racing across the field, it was touch and go as to whether this would be lit. Thankfully the sun just managed to hold on at the critical moment, and at least the clouds add interest to the picture, which is why I have included lots of sky, rather than boring grass!  As the weather was rapidly deteriorating, I decided to head for home, which of course was the signal for the clouds to start dispersing!

92034 & 59201 Long Buckby 23 April 2010

92034 Kipling passes Long Buckby on 23 April 2010 with the 6O63 Warrington Arpley to Dollands Moor Enterprise service. 59201 Vale of York is hitching a ride back to Wembley after its recent use of Fiddlers Ferry coal traffic. An unusual traction combination, a good location and perfect weather, so it was a surprise that I was the only photographer there to record the scene!

92038 & 37402 Paddock Wood 12 July 1997

92038 Voltaire & 37402 Bont Y Bermo pass through Paddock Wood station with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z93 15:10 Dungeness to Finsbury Park 'Dungeness Pebbledasher' railtour on 12 July 1997. Note the lines of Railfreight wagons on the left, and the Maidstone line curving away to the left behind the first coach.

92041 Sevington 14 February 1998

On the slightly misty evening of 14 February 1998, 92041 Vaughan Williams passes Sevington with the 4M47 Dollands Moor to Wembley intermodal train in the last rays of the setting sun. Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872 - 1958) was one of Britain's greatest classical composers, who in addition to nine symphonies wrote many works in what has come to be known as the 'English pastoral' tradition. Examples include: Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis, The Lark Ascending, & In The Fen Country.

12 Wraysbury 10 December 1989

Metropolitan Railway Bo-Bo No.12 Sarah Siddons passes through Wraysbury station whilst working the 12:13 Staines to Windsor & Eton Riverside special during the Network SouthEast Windsor & Eton Gala Day on 10 December 1989. Built by Metropolitan Vickers at Barrow-in-Furness in 1922, Sarah Siddons survived in London Transport departmental use and outlived the other members of the twenty strong class. Part of the rebuilding work carried out on the locomotive in 1982 allowed it to work on the Southern Region's 750V DC third rail system in addition to the London Transport lines. The Windsor & Eton Gala was an ideal opportunity to photograph this fascinating loco on the main line, but unfortunately as can be seen here the weather was abysmal!

12 Amersham 14 September 2008

Metropolitan Railway Bo-Bo No.12 Sarah Siddons arrives at Amersham with the 14:28 special service from Watford on 14 September 2008. This was part of the London Transport Museum's Heritage Day, which also saw the use of classic London buses from Amersham station, including the iconic Routemasters. Obviously there are more relaxed rules with regard to cab rides on the underground network, as both of Sarah Siddons cabs are occupied by children enjoying a day out on the rails.

12 Chorleywood 14 September 2008

Metropolitan Railway Bo-Bo No.12 Sarah Siddons was used on a number of trains to Amersham during the London Transport Museum's Heritage Day on 14 September 2008. Unfortunately due to the locomotive being at the north end of the stock, and with the very restricted vantage points on the line, it was very difficult to photograph. I decided the best way to get an uninterrupted view of the loco was to take a 'going away' picture as 20189 headed the final service (the 16:30 Amersham to Harrow) through Chorleywood station. So here we see Sarah Siddons bringing up the rear and passing the boarded up signal box. Unfortunately the sun had just started to fade out into high cloud by this stage in the afternoon.