165109 Wolvercote Junction 17 August 1993

165109 has just passed Wolvercote Junction on 17 August 1993, and is about to pass underneath the A34 Oxford bypass with the 2C65 18:38 Banbury to Oxford Network SouthEast service. In the background is 47579 James Nightall GC, having come to a stand whilst hauling withdrawn Class 413 4-CAP EMUs 3311, 3302 & 3322 from Eastleigh to MC Metals at St Rollox. There was a problem with one of the units (probably a hot box or dragging brakes), and a fitter can just be seen inspecting the wheels. The train had already been there for half an hour, and it would be another half an hour before the cavalcade moved off at walking speed, ultimately being terminated just up the line at Banbury.