4473 Blackpool Pleasure Beach 5 September 1999

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach Express Railway's 4-6-4T steam outline diesel loco 4473 Carol Jean starts out on another circuit of the line on 5 September 1999. This and 4-6-2 4472 Mary Louise were the railway's original locomotives, both built in 1933. In the background is the line's other steam outline locomotive, 4-6-2 6200 Princess Royal. Leaning out of the cab is the line's regular driver (since retired), Teddy Askey MBE, whose diminutive stature was ideally suited to the confined space within the 21 inch gauge loco's cabs. The floral display on the left looks conventional, but I'm not sure about the cabbages and onions on the right! I don't normally take pictures of locos with faces on the front, but bearing in mind this line's location, it does seem appropriate!