45133 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 1 July 1986

45133 passes Claydon (near Ashchurch) with the 6V93 08:10 Mossend to Stoke Gifford Speedlink on 1 July 1986, still a little way to go on its all day journey across the country. The time is 21:05 and the very last rays of the setting sun just catch the wagons and side of the loco, but already virtually the entire field on the right is in shade, such is the sun's low angle. Apologies for the poor technical quality of this picture, but as it was taken in very little light with the lens wide open, it is surprising it's this good. Unfortunately Kodachrome 200 had yet to be introduced, so this is on Kodachrome 64, the only viable film for decent quality 35mm images at the time.