Class 45

45001 Llandevenny 21 October 1985

45001 comes off the Bishton Flyover at Llandevenny on 21 October 1985 with the 6A44 09:05 Margam to Swindon Cocklebury Yard vacuum braked steel train. This service was one of the last revenue earning vacuum braked services operating in South Wales. 45001 was withdrawn almost exactly three months after this picture was taken, and after storage at various locations, was cut up at M.C. Metals at Glasgow in November 1988.

45002 Lower Wick 7 July 1984

45002 passes Lower Wick (between Gloucester and Bristol) with the 1V32 23:40 Edinburgh to Bristol Temple Meads sleeper on 7 July 1984, comprising two GUVs and a lengthy rake of Mk1 stock, including soon to be withdrawn Mk1 sleeper vehicles. Presumably the fact that is 06:45 explains why there is only one car visible on the M5 motorway in the background!

45002 Quedgley 18 August 1984

45002 passes Quedgeley on 18 August 1984 with a southbound test train from Derby. The second vehicle is the unique Leyland National Remanufactured Coach RDB 977091, a spin off from the Class 140 DMU project. It was basically a modified bus body on top of a reclaimed Mk1 coach underframe (ex M21234). This was supposed to be a cost effective life extension for the 1950s built coaches. Needless to say it was not a success. I am led to believe that this is one of the few pictures of it actually on the move on the national network. There will of course now be lots of other pictures coming to light to prove me wrong! Thanks to the many people who have provided corrections to my original caption. 45002 was withdrawn a month after this picture was taken, but as part of the general run down of the class, not as the result of fire damage, as reported elsewhere.

45007 & 45106 Nuneaton Abbey Junction 3 October 1987

45007 Taliesin & 45106 Vulcan round the curve from Abbey Junction at Nuneaton and traverse the normally freight only link to Midland Junction, which crosses over the West Coast Mainline, avoiding Nuneaton station. The train is the Pathfinder Tours Bristol Temple Meads to Scarborough '45 Finale' railtour on 3 October 1987. Despite the wreath by the headboard, the train's title was a little premature, as the class survived into the following year. Both locos were cut up during 1992, but 45106 enjoyed a brief moment of celebrity status after it was painted green and designated as a railtour locomotive to mark the end of the class. Unfortunately the gloomy weather persisted for the following day's Class 50 railtour.

45009 Chinley 19 June 1984

45009 approaches Chinley on 19 June 1984 with the 6H44 11:05 Oakleigh to Tunstead ICI stone empties. A day spent at Chinley in the 1980s was always very worthwhile, with a wonderful variety of traction and trains, unmanageable today. Unfortunately I only visited once in 1983, and once again in 1984. By the time I went back in 1997, traffic had dwindled considerably.

45010 Toton 16 October 1986

45010 stands at the head of a long line of withdrawn locomotives at Toton on 16 October 1986. Unfortunately nobody took any notice of the message on the faded yellow nose, and the loco was cut up at M.C.Metals, Glasgow in January 1989. It was however to spend another two years at this location after this photo was taken, in company with 25080, 46023, and numerous other stored locomotives, including a large number of other 'Peaks'.

45012 Baulking 22 October 1983

45012 was immediately identifiable from a distance in the mid 1980s by virtue of the huge dent in the front end. This can clearly be seen here as it heads west at Baulking (between Didcot and Swindon) on 22 October 1983 with an engineers train including both new and recovered track panels. 45012 was withdrawn in July 1988 and after languishing at Tinsley was finally moved to Glasgow in March 1992, where it was cut up by MC Metals. This location has become considerably more overgrown in recent years, although thankfully the situation is nowhere near as bad as the view in the other direction.

45013 Oxford North Junction 12 February 1985

45013's steam heating boiler is clearly working well, as it passes Oxford North Junction on 12 February 1985 with the 09:22 Birmingham to Reading crew training run. It's a pity I wasn't able to photograph this working more often, as it also brought a rare visit of a Class 40 to the Oxford area.

45013 Cossington 19 August 1985

Easily recognisable by its white window and grille embellishments, 45013 passes Cossington on 19 August 1985 with the 7O34 11:50 Tyne Yard to Ridham Dock MGR. Note the former Sileby Brickworks chimney on the extreme right.

45013 Whitemoor 16 August 1988

The writing on the end says it all really! Withdrawn 45013 Wyvern stands at the head of line of classmates in Whitemoor Yard, March, on 16 August 1988. It had arrived at Whitemoor the previous year, and would spend several more years amid the weeds, getting progressively more vandalised, before being towed to MC Metals, Glasgow in early 1994.

45041 Cheltenham 21 August 1985

45041 heads south through Cheltenham on 21 August 1985 with a loaded scrap train. As this doesn't remotely match up with anything in the working timetable, I assume it is a special (6Zxx), presumably heading for Cardiff Tidal.

45044 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 23 August 1985

Strange goings on at Oxford on 23 August 1985. 45044 had worked the 6V19 06:32 Bescot to Didcot Speedlink freight and then just over an hour after it passed Oxford it returned with this freightliner, heading back from whence it came. Presumably it was deputising for a failed locomotive on the freightliner, which it must have picked up at either Oxford or Didcot. Any more information would be gratefully received.

45046 Croome 14 May 1984

Classic traction at Croome (no, not the Ford Fiesta!). 45046 heads south with the 1V85 09:22 Newcastle to Penzance service on 14 May 1984. Presumably the full rake of Mk 1 stock did not require the steam heating (if indeed it was still operable on 45046). This was one of those days when although the sun shines, everything looks flat and drab due to thin high cloud. 45046 was one of the last 45/0s to be withdrawn, surviving until 1988. It was scrapped at M.C. Metals, Glasgow in February 1992.

45052 Finedon 26 September 1987

45052 (unofficially named Satan!) approaches the site of Finedon station on 26 September 1987 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z39 07:43 St Pancras to Carlisle 'Thames - Eden' railtour. This was one of a number of tours arranged to celebrate the imminent withdrawal of the 'Peaks'. 45052 was replaced by 45007 Taliesin & 45128 Centaur at Leeds, and 45037 Eclipse was waiting at Leeds on the return, to take the train back to London. Four different locomotives, and all with Tinsley's unofficial painted names!

45056 South Marston 16 June 1984

45056 heads east past South Marston on the evening of 16 June 1984. Earlier in the day this loco had worked the 1V57 22:35 Newcastle to Paignton service between Bristol Temple Meads and Paignton, returning with the 1E33 09:10 Paignton to Newcastle, again as far as Bristol, but I've no idea what this working is, although I suspect an empty stock move.

45056 Chinley 19 June 1984

45056 passes through Chinley station on 19 June 1984 with the 6J32 11:46 Tunstead to Collyhurst Street stone hoppers. 45056 was withdrawn the following year, and then after a period of storage at Toton, and then Doncaster Works, it was moved to Goole Docks in August 1986. From there it moved to Vic Berry's at Leicester, where it was broken up in December 1986.

45058 Osney 29 May 1985

45058 arrives at a slightly misty Oxford on 29 May 1985 with what appears to be an additional Washwood Heath to Morris Cowley car train or a very early running 6V19 06:32 Bescot to Oxford South Speedlink (confirmation anyone?). The footbridge at Osney Lane, just to the south of Oxford station was an ideal vantage point for early morning photography in the 1980s, with a variety of angles possible. Unfortunately this was completely ruined when the tracks that the 'Peak' is negotiating were ripped up and the area turned into a car park. Note the blue van on the right with the words 'oxygen van' painted on the side. This was being used by the scrapyard which is just out of view to the right.

45058 Gloucester 6 July 1985

With the unmistakable tower of Gloucester Cathedral in the background, a grime encrusted 45058 rests on Horton Road depot in the company of Class 117 DMU B433 (51371, 59509 & 51413) on 6 July 1985. This loco managed to last almost to the end of Class 45 operations, being withdrawn in September 1987. Like many of its class it ended up dumped at March, before eventually being moved to Scotland, where it was finally cut up by MC Metals, Glasgow in 1994.

45060 Toton 16 October 1986

Numerous withdrawn locomotives were stored at Toton in the mid 1980s. Of the long lines of Peaks, most went for scrap. One that escaped was 45060 Sherwood Forester, already marked up for preservation in this 16 October 1986 view. 46023, another inmate of the scrap line at this time was not so lucky.

D100 Sterns 14 October 1989

D100 Sherwood Forester accelerates away from the severe speed restriction at Sterns on 14 October 1989, whilst en-route from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, during the Severn Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. The loco looks in much better condition than when I photographed in the scrap line at Toton almost exactly three years earlier.

D100 Northwood Lane 14 October 1989

Spot yourself hanging out of the coach window! D100 Sherwood Forester passes Northwood Lane, near Bewdley with a Bridgnorth to Kidderminster train during the Severn Valley Railway's Diesel Gala on 14 October 1989. Unfortunately the dark clouds that had been threatening all day have finally rolled in, with only a trace of sunlight for this picture.

D100 Darley Dale 17 October 1992

Early preservation days at Darley Dale. D100 Sherwood Forester pulls out of the station on 17 October 1992, during Peak Rail's first Diesel Gala. This view has now changed considerably, with trees now blocking out the view of the timber yard on the left. Class 25 7615 Harlech Castle waits in the background, next to the small yard, which is now the site of a modern shed housing the Andrew Briddon loco collection. The former Bamford signal box in the distance has now been removed to Rowsley.

45060 North Street 23 May 2004

45060 Sherwood Forester passes North Street on 23 May 2004 with the 12:25 Alresford to Alton service, during the Mid Hants Railway's Diesel Gala. A blue Peak and Southern Region green coaches is a not a combination that would have happened very often in BR days!

45062 Cossington 19 August 1985

45062 passes Cossington on 19 August 1985 with the 6M46 15:35 Fletton to Ratcliffe Power Station flyash empties. I was very unlucky with the sun here, but on the other hand, it was a 'Peak' rather than the increasingly common Class 58. Either now would be a welcome antidote to Class 66 boredom!

45066 Brockhampton 19 September 1982

My only picture of a split headcode Class 45 in BR service. 45066 heads north at Brockhampton (near Cheltenham) on 19 September 1982 with a rake of HBA domestic coal hoppers, presumably en-route to Washwood Heath. 45066's headcode was plated over at Crewe Works the following year. It was withdrawn in 1987, but after a short stay along with all the other withdrawn Peaks at March, it was reinstated as departmental 97413. It lasted less than a year in that role, and was scrapped at M.C. Metals, Springburn, in early 1992.

45066 Chinley 20 October 1983

45066 passes Chinley on 20 October 1983 with a short train of empty ICI hoppers. 45066 was new to Derby shed (as D114) in August 1961, and had a BR career of 27 years, the last year of which it ran with the departmental number 97413. This was one of my earliest long distance railway photographic trips, and I was impressed with the almost total difference in motive power to be seen (Class 47s excepted!), a far cry from today's bland uniformity.

45069 Bayston Hill 3 July 1985

45069 passes Bayston Hill on a very hazy 3 July 1985 with the 1M70 07:50 Swansea to Manchester Piccadilly service. This loco had only another year left in traffic, before joining many of its classmates which were stored at Toton pending cutting up. The end finally came for 45069 in 1988 at Vic Berry's yard, Leicester.

45070 Wolvercote 6 October 1979

45070 passes Wolvercote with an unidentified southbound working on 6 October 1979. All is not as it seems here, as the Peak is in fact dead and the whole train is being pushed by the following train, unfortunately out of sight around the corner. I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of the propelling loco (50037) and its train (sheer surprise probably), and as I have been unable to find details of either working I was beginning to think I imagined the whole thing! 45070 was observed later in the day dumped near the old goods shed at Oxford. The spectators on the right are waiting for 7808 & 5900 with a Great Western Society steam tour.

45070 Manea 4 November 1986

45070 passes Manea on 4 November 1986 with 9H86 12:14 Temple Mills to Whitemoor departmental working. This was running exactly to time, but wouldn't be for much longer, thanks to me! Although not visible here, there was smoke pouring off the wheels of one of the ballast wagons near the rear of the train, presumably either from a hot box or dragging brakes. Realising that the signalman probably couldn't see this from the other side of the train, I told him what I had seen. He had the train stopped at the next box for an examination.

45070 Whitemoor 16 August 1988

45070 Bank Top & 45127 stand at the end of a long line of withdrawn Peaks in Whitemoor Yard, March, on 16 August 1988. Most of the locos in the yard were still completely intact, but 45070 has had its bodyside grilles removed.

45072 Chinley 20 October 1983

45072 passes through Chinley station on 20 October 1983 with the 6J32 11:46 Tunstead to Collyhurst Street stone hoppers. The area had lost is semaphore signalling the previous year, which explains the derelict appearance of the signal box behind the train.

45072 Chinley 20 October 1983

A view of the well known footbridge just to the west of Chinley station, which has served as a vantage point for generations of railway photographers. This 20 October 1983 view clearly shows that the elegant latticework structure is in the middle of a repaint, but that didn't stop it being subsequently replaced by a much plainer structure. 45072 passes underneath with the 6H36 14:59 Collyhurst Street to Tunstead stone empties.

45102 Stoke Orchard 21 July 1984

The 1V90 07:30 Aberdeen to Penzance InterCity service was booked for a Class 50 south of Birmingham in 1984. I was therefore quite surprised on 21 July when 45102 turned up. The train is pictured passing Stoke Orchard. This is the site of the Midland Railway's Cleeve station, which closed to passengers in 1950, and freight in 1960. The Great Western's Bishop Cleeve station, on the Cheltenham to Stratford-upon-Avon line, was much more conveniently situated for the village.

45104 Barton-under-Needwood 2 November 1985

45104 passes Barton-under-Needwood on 2 November 1985 with the 1O19 08:00 Newcastle to Poole InterCity service. This is the site of Barton & Walton station (closed in 1958). The old Midland Railway goods shed can be seen above the second coach.

45104 Badgeworth 29 July 1986

45104 The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers passes Badgeworth on 29 July 1986 with the 9V01 12:15 Bescot to Gloucester New Yard vacuum braked freight. As well as the usual departmental open wagons, this train also includes various other types, which are unfortunately mostly hidden by the large bush. A couple of tarpaulin covered steel carriers can be seen.

45105 Souldrop 4 May 1987

45105 climbs Sharnbrook Bank near Souldrop on 4 May 1987 with the 1D54 16:35 St Pancras to Nottingham service. This could be one of the very last pictures taken of this locomotive on the mainline, as it suffered a bogie fire three days later between Derby and Leicester, and was withdrawn as a result. It was then moved to join the line of its classmates stored at March. It very nearly went the way of the majority of the class, being sold for scrap to MC Metals at Springburn. However, the sale was cancelled, and eventually the loco was rescued for preservation.

45106 Great Hale 11 August 1984

45106 accelerates away from a signal check at Great Hale on 11 August 1984 with the 1E28 09:32 Derby to Skegness. For some reason which I can no longer recall, all westbound trains were being stopped at this signal. There was certainly plenty of loco variety to be seen, including 20144 & 20128, 31315 & 40091.

45106 Little Haresfield 22 August 1987

45106 (unofficially named Vulcan) is pictured at Little Haresfield (near Gloucester) with the 1V67 10:10 Scarborough to Paignton service on 22 August 1987. The Peak worked this train as far as Bristol and then returned north with the 1M79 16:28 Newquay to Wolverhampton. Withdrawn due to fire damage, 45106 was eventually cut up at Booth Roe Metals, Rotherham in 1992.

45106 Oxford 5 November 1988

45106 passes through the centre road of Oxford station on 5 November 1988 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 06:00 Manchester Piccadilly to Weymouth 'Wessex Adventurer' railtour. Although it is very difficult to tell in these miserable weather conditions, 45106 had recently been repainted into green livery, to mark the rundown of the class. Unfortunately, it suffered severe fire damage a few months after this picture was taken, and was withdrawn. This is therefore the only occasion on which I saw it in green, other than whilst it was dumped at Tinsley. Consequently this very poor Kodachrome 200 image will have to serve as a record.

45107 Ampthill (Millbrook) 8 June 1985

45107 passes Ampthill (Millbrook) on 8 June 1985 with the 3C66 04:20 Nottingham to Cricklewood empty newspaper vans. The Stewartby Brickworks are in full production in the background. Although the brickworks lasted longer than 45107, they too are also now history.

45108 March 16 August 1988

45108 still looks to be in excellent condition, despite having been withdrawn over a year earlier, when pictured here at March depot on 16 August 1988. Behind it is 45133, and in the background on the left are 47103 & 03112.

D120 Kidderminster 7 May 1993

D120 leaves Kidderminster for Bridgnorth on 7 May 1993, during the Severn Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. The loco had just arrived at the railway, after taking part in the nearby Worcester Open Day. Before it entered preservation, the loco (as 45108) was one of the many Peaks that were stored at March.

D120 & 61 Nuttall 18 June 1995

D120 (45108) & 61 (45112) pass Nuttall on 18 June 1995 with the 14:10 Rawtenstall to Bury Bolton Street service, during the East Lancashire Railway's Diesel Gala. D120 is in mid 1960s condition, while 61 shows what the class looked like for a few years in the early 1970s, with the D removed from the number, but before the advent of TOPS renumbering.

45110 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 5 September 1987

45110 (unofficially named Medusa) passes Claydon on 5 September 1987 with the 1V67 10:10 Scarborough to Paignton service, which it worked as far as Bristol Temple Meads. The loco survived in traffic for a little less than a year, and after a period of storage at Tinsley and Carlisle, was moved to MC Metals, Glasgow in early 1990 and cut up shortly afterwards.

45111 Hinksey 28 July 1983

45111 Grenadier Guardsman passes the completely empty Hinksey Yard on 28 July 1983 with the 1M14 13:07 Paddington to Liverpool InterCity service. Peaks were not that common in the Oxford area during the 1980s, although this train regularly produced a 45/1 during the summer of 1983. Passenger workings were mainly worked by Class 47s or 50s, although at this time freight services were worked by Classes 20, 25, 31, 33, 37, 45, 47, 50 & 56. No wonder modern day photographers think of it as a golden (or should it be rail blue) age!

45112 Standish Junction 21 July 2001

45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps passes Standish Junction on 21 July 2001 with the Fragonset Charters 1Z45 04:30 Lancaster to Penzance 'Penzance Pirate' railtour. Out of sight on the rear of the train is 31459 Cerberus, which came in very useful on the return working, when 45112 failed with a blown turbocharger when leaving Bristol.

45112 Pilning 6 December 2003

The photographers on the end of the platform at Pilning station get their pictures and video on 6 December 2003, as 45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps speeds through with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z29 12:16 Cardiff Central to Minehead 'Dunster by Candlelight' railtour.

45112 Up Hatherley 22 April 2006

45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps passes Up Hatherley on 22 April 2006 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z55 06:48 Derby to Kingswear 'Devonian' railtour. The train is still accelerating away from its last pickup point at Cheltenham station, which is a short distance around the corner.

45112 Fladbury 31 January 2007

If asked what would be one of the most unusual workings to see in on the national network in 2007, a 'Peak' with a freight on the Cotswold Line would be very high on the list, yet on 31 January 2007 just such an event did happen. 45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps worked the 4Z47 07:45 Chaddesden to Long Marston, conveying twelve KAA wagons, and is seen here approaching Fladbury. Four days previously the loco had worked a farewell railtour as the fact that it is not fitted with OTMR equipment means it will shortly be banned from the mainline.

45112 Broad Marston 31 January 2007

After working the 4Z47 07:45 Chaddesden to Long Marston with twelve KAA wagons on 31 January 2007, 45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps returned from whence it came light engine, after a very brief stop at Long Marston. It is seen here on the freight only branch line at Broad Marston. As the loco does not have OTMR equipment and is shortly to be retired from the national network, this means this will probably be the only 'Peak' I will see in this area, as there is no other mainline registered 'Peak'.

45113 Abbotswood 6 July 1985

45113 approaches Abbotswood on 6 July 1985 with the 1M44 11:32 Penzance to Manchester Piccadilly service. 45113 was one of the final 'Peaks' to be withdrawn, being put into store at Tinsley in August 1988. It was finally cut up at M C Metal Processing at Springburn in March 1990. Bredon Hill can seen in the background, dominating the otherwise flat Vale of Evesham.

45113 Croome 24 October 1985

45113 approaches Croome on 24 October 1985 with the 1E79 13:55 Cardiff Central to Hull service. A sunny autumn day, but very misty, with the Cotswold Hills in the background barely visible through the murk. The inclusion of an InterCity liveried catering vehicle in an otherwise blue and grey rake was a common feature of this train at the time.

45115 Heyford 17 September 1983

45115 approaches Heyford on 17 September 1983 with the 1M50 08:47 Brighton to Manchester Piccadilly service. Rousham church can be seen in the background. Three decades later nothing at all can be seen in the background, except a lot of trees!

45117 Cossington 19 August 1985

By the mid 1980s, most Midland Mainline services had been taken over by HSTs, with the route's classic traction (Class 45s) generally restricted to Nottingham trains. 45117 passes Cossington in superb evening light on 19 August 1985 with the 1D54 16:35 St Pancras to Nottingham service.

45120 Chinley 20 October 1983

45120 passes through Chinley station on 20 October 1983 with the 6F41 09:36 Tunstead to Oakleigh stone hoppers. At the tome I was disappointed that this wasn't a Class 40. Note the fence under construction in the foreground. It had been completed by the mid afternoon, when a Class 40 did turn up.

45122 Whitemoor 16 August 1988

45122 keeps company with 45148, in the line of withdrawn Peaks in Whitemoor Yard, March, on 16 August 1988. The familiar story of withdrawal in 1987, and scrapping in 1994, that applied to so many of the Whitemoor stored locos, applies to 45122, but 45148 had a stint being used as a Derby Research test track dead load, before also being scrapped.

D123 Woodthorpe 12 September 2009

D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry passes Woodthorpe on 12 September 2009 with the 2A41 17:00 Loughborough to Leicester service, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. Although some Class 45s were named in the early days, this wasn't one of them and so would never have appeared in this condition in its BR career. The name actually comes from long scrapped 46026, the only member of that particular class to carry a name.

D123 Leicester North 3 September 2022

Peak and Pelargoniums. D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry prepares to run round at Leicester North station on 3 September 2022, after arriving with the 2A12 11:30 train from Loughborough Central, during the Great Central Railway's Autumn Diesel Running Weekend.

D123 Rothley 3 September 2022

D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry arrives at Rothley station on 3 September 2022 with the 2A26 13:45 Loughborough Central to Leicester North service, during the Great Central Railway's Autumn Diesel Running Weekend.

D123 Rothley 3 September 2022

D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry arrives at Rothley station on 3 September 2022 with the 2B26 14:30 Leicester North to Loughborough Central service, during the Great Central Railway's Autumn Diesel Running Weekend.

45129 Badgeworth 16 February 1985

45129 passes Badgeworth with the 1V74 08:29 Leeds to Cardiff Central service on 16 February 1985. It had snowed several days before and luckily there was still some snow on the ground at the weekend and the sun decided to shine as well! The snow is particularly apparent on the Cotswold Hills in the background. Note that this picture was taken before the new road bridge was constructed just beyond the signal in the background. Also in recent years vegetation has started to spread up the embankment on the south side of the line.

45130 Kingsbury Junction 9 March 1985

45130 approaches Kingsbury Junction on 9 March 1985 with the 1V74 08:29 Leeds to Cardiff Central service. Withdrawn two years later, it was stored at various locations, including: Immingham, Woodhouse Junction, Stanton Gate, and Toton, before being moved via Tinsley and Carlisle to M.C. Metals at Glasgow, where it was cut up in June 1992.

45131 Bourton 28 December 1985

45131 passes Bourton with the F&W Railtours Plymouth to London 'Christmas Hamper' railtour on 28 December 1985. The superb winter lighting is a strange mix of a low angled sun giving a warm glow to the frost covered grass and the train, and a purple / blue haze to the background caused by the remnants of early morning fog. Although having taken many pictures in these conditions, I have never subsequently encountered lighting quite like this. 45131 had only a further nine months left in traffic before eventually meeting its fate in Vic Berry's yard at Leicester.

45132 North Weald 24 September 2017

45132 receives some attention at North Weald on 24 September 2017. It's only contribution to the Epping Ongar Railway's Diesel Gala, was as a source of 5 cab visits. In the background is visiting locomotive 33202 Dennis G. Robinson.

45133 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 1 July 1986

45133 passes Claydon (near Ashchurch) with the 6V93 08:10 Mossend to Stoke Gifford Speedlink on 1 July 1986, still a little way to go on its all day journey across the country. The time is 21:05 and the very last rays of the setting sun just catch the wagons and side of the loco, but already virtually the entire field on the right is in shade, such is the sun's low angle. Apologies for the poor technical quality of this picture, but as it was taken in very little light with the lens wide open, it is surprising it's this good. Unfortunately Kodachrome 200 had yet to be introduced, so this is on Kodachrome 64, the only viable film for decent quality 35mm images at the time.

45133 Kidderminster 4 October 2012

One of the visitors to the Severn Valley Railway's Autumn Diesel Gala was 45133. The immaculate 'Peak' is seen here departing Kidderminster on 4 October 2012 with the delayed 10:35 service to Bridgnorth. It certainly looks a lot smarter than when I photographed it on a freight at Claydon over a quarter of a century earlier!

45133 Wymondham (Chapel Lane) 2 April 2016

45133 approaches Chapel Lane, Wymondham, on 2 April 2016 with the 08:20 Dereham to Wymondham service, during the Mid Norfolk Railway's Diesel Gala. This was the first train of the day, and the sun was just beginning to weakly appear from behind the blanket of early morning cloud.

45133 Crownthorpe 2 April 2016

45133 passes Crownthorpe on 2 April 2016 with the 09:35 Wymondham to Dereham service, during the Mid Norfolk Railway's Diesel Gala. It seems that the local council has a low priority for repairing signposts, as the arms were broken off this one when I visited two years earlier!

45133 Kimberley Park 2 April 2016

With a sunny day forecast for East Anglia on 2 April 2016, the Mid Norfolk Railway's Diesel Gala was the obvious choice of location to visit. 45133 is pictured approaching Kimberley Park with the 14:20 Dereham to Wymondham service.

45135 Stoke Orchard 13 March 1982

45135 3rd Carabinier passes Stoke Orchard on 13 March 1982 with the 1E95 11:45 Cardiff Central to Newcastle service. This is the site of Cleeve station (closed in 1960). The corner of the former station master's house can be seen on the left. 45135 is one of the 12 Class 45s (out of a fleet of 127) to survive in preservation.

45136 Standish Junction 7 July 1984

45136 passes Standish Junction on 7 July 1984 with the 1V64 07:17 Derby to Penzance service. The loco shows the prominent oil stains down the side of No.1 end, which seemed to be a common feature of Peaks in the mid 1980s.

45136 Egginton Junction 11 September 1990

A very dilapidated 45136 stands with five withdrawn classmates at Egginton Junction on 11 September 1990. The other locos are (in order): 45146, 45125, 45111, 45126, & 45148. The only one of this lot to escape the cutters torch is the third one down the line, 45125, which is happily now preserved at the Great Central Railway. 45136, still largely intact here, except for its centre windscreen met its end at MC Metals at Glasgow in April 1992. This line of locos was left at this remote location between June 1990 and March 1992. Presumably the threat of vandalism was less at a rural location.

45137 March 16 August 1988

Withdrawn 45137 waits its fate at March depot on 16 August 1988. Delivered new to Cricklewood depot in 1962 as D56, it received the name The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (T.A.) shortly afterwards. The position of the nameplate can be clearly seen on the bodyside. The loco was withdrawn in June 1987, at a time when the last remaining Peaks were quickly being removed from service. It became progressively more derelict whilst in store at March, until eventually being moved by road to M.C. Metals at Glasgow, where it was cut up in March 1994.

45140 Hinksey 12 May 1984

45140 passes Hinksey Yard on 12 May 1984 with the 1M03 11:50 Portsmouth Harbour to Liverpool Lime Street service. Like the majority of the surviving Class 45s, this loco was withdrawn in 1988, and after a period in store, was cut up at MC Metals, Glasgow, in 1994.

45142 Whitemoor 16 August 1988

45142 stands in the grass covered sidings at Whitemoor Yard, March, on 16 August 1988. There seems little evidence of the fire that caused its withdrawal the previous year. Like most of the Peaks that were dumped at Whitemoor, it left the yard for scrapping in 1994.

45143 Toton 16 October 1986

45143 ambles past the track workers at Toton on 16 October 1986. The lack of a train gives an uninterrupted view of the old wagon shops. Note also the lines of vacuum braked hoppers in the background. 45143 was withdrawn, along with most of the rest of the class, the following year.

45144 Moreton-in-Marsh 18 October 1986

The signalman at Moreton-in-Marsh walks along the platform with the single line token, while the driver of 45144 has his hand out of the window ready to pick it up. The 'Peak' is working the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z26 07:53 St. Pancras to Glascoed 'Worcester Sorcerer' railtour on 18 October 1986. The tour visited two military installations, Long Marston (assisted by 37306) and Glascoed (assisted by 37149).

45144 Long Marston 18 October 1986

45144 leaves the Army Depot at Long Marston on 18 October 1986 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z26 07:53 St. Pancras to Glascoed 'Worcester Sorcerer' railtour. A seemingly minor derailment in Malago Vale Carriage Sidings, Bristol the following year was enough to see this loco withdrawn from traffic. It was cut up at Vic Berry's, Leicester in 1988.

45145 Abbotswood 6 July 1985

45145 approaches Abbotswood on 6 July 1985 with the 1M28 15:04 Paignton to Nottingham service. This was just one of a procession of Peak hauled trains seen on this day, as in those days summer Saturdays saw an intensive service for holidaymakers.

45149 Dixton 26 July 2013

45149 made its preservation debut on 26 July 2013, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala, albeit still painted in undercoat. Unfortunately it failed on its first run, but was soon fixed, and is pictured here passing Dixton on its second trip, the 2C71 14:44 Laverton to Cheltenham Racecourse service. I was really surprised that I managed to get this picture in the sun, as there was just a small hole in a large bank of clouds, and given the loco's slow speed, I really didn't think the sun would hold out as it came slowly into view. All over turquoise is certainly an unusual livery!

45149 Greet Tunnel 26 July 2013

Looking startlingly different in its turquoise undercoat, 45149 approaches Greet Tunnel on 26 July 2013 with the 2L74 16:50 Cheltenham Racecourse to Toddington service. After a lengthy restoration, the loco was making its passenger debut during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

45149 Hailes 26 July 2013

45149 passes Hailes on 26 July 2013 with the 2L74 16:50 Cheltenham Racecourse to Toddington service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. I never did see this particular locomotive on the main line, but will now probably accumulate more pictures of it than any other Peak, although not necessarily in this 'livery'!

45149 Hailes 28 July 2013

45149 passes the Rosebay Willowherb at Hailes on 28 July 2013 with the 2C53 09:20 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Apart from failing on its first run two days previously, with a fault that was quickly fixed, the Peak performed well. Next stop the paint shop!

45149 Southam 28 July 2013

45149 passes Southam on 28 July 2013 with the 2L54 10:10 Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Unfortunately, like so many occasions over the weekend, the train corresponded with one of the lengthy cloudy spells. At least the loco's light blue undercoat helps brighten up the picture!

45149 Hailes 25 July 2014

With the paint barely dry, superbly restored 45149 passes the Rosebay Willowherb at Hailes on 25 July 2014, as it works the 2C65 12:45 Laverton to Cheltenham, Racecourse service, as part of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

45149 & L425 Hailes 25 July 2014

An unusual pairing! 45149 hauls Class 117 set L425 (51363, 59515 & 51405) past Hailes on 25 July 2014, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. This is the 2C77 16:43 Laverton to Cheltenham Racecourse service. Presumably a Class 45 has hauled a three car DMU at some point in history, but it would have been highly unlikely to have been a Pressed Steel 117 set. Unless of course anyone knows differently!

45149 Southam 27 July 2014

With the Cotswold Hills in the background, 45149 passes Southam on 27 July 2014 with the 2C55 10:00 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

45149 Cheltenham Racecourse 27 July 2014

45149 slowly pulls away from Cheltenham Racecourse Station on 27 July 2014 with the 2L64 11:30 Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The Peak made its debut on the line at the previous year's gala, albeit in undercoat. This year it is gleaming in freshly applied BR blue.

45149 Southam 25 July 2015

45149 passes Southam on 25 July 2015 with the 2L56 10:50 Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. This Saturday was a day of mixed sun and cloud, but the gala's other two days were spoiled by near continuous rain.

45149 Winchcombe 25 July 2015

Looking superb in the afternoon sunshine, 45149 pulls slowly away from Winchcombe station on 25 July 2015 with the 2C73 15:25 Laverton to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

45149 Winchcombe 27 July 2018

45149 arrives at Winchcombe station on 27 July 2018 with the 2C63 12:45 Broadway to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Note the rather light shade of BR blue, accurately portraying how some locos looked in the 1970s, after the sun had got to work on the paint.

45149 Stanton 28 July 2019

45149 passes Stanton on 28 July 2019 with the 2B62 13:25 Cheltenham Racecourse to Broadway service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Recent vegetation clearance has opened up this viewpoint, but already the Buddleia has started to grow up in the foreground.

45149 Stanway Viaduct 21 May 2023

45149 slowly crosses Stanway Viaduct on 21 May 2023 with the 09:55 Broadway to Cheltenham Racecourse service. The 15 arch viaduct is the most impressive structure on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, and is currently the subject of a 1.5 million pound appeal for essential maintenance. There was a flock of sheep in the foreground field when I arrived, but most of those that weren't taking advantage of the shade from the tree, had now wandered off to the right.

45149 Stanton 21 May 2023

Flowering hawthorn bushes dominate the sides of the shallow cutting at Stanton, as 45149 heads south on 21 May 2023 with the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 12:35 Broadway to Cheltenham Racecourse service.