60011 Ham Mill 19 May 2020

With a fanfare on the horn, the driver of 60011 applies the power at Ham Mill on 19 May 2020, as he pulls away from a short stop at the signal in the background, with the 6M53 16:16 Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. This was running 25 minutes early, and I correctly guessed that it would not wait in Haresfield Loop for the booked hour, so I decided not to try for a second picture to the north of Cheltenham. A good decision, as it went straight past Haresfield, and was therefore 86 minutes early passing Cheltenham. The buttercups in the foreground of this view, and the houses of Brimscombe in the background, help to break up the overall green which unfortunately dominates landscape views at this time of year.