Class 60

60001 North Filton 23 July 1993

60001 Steadfast passes the disused North Filton Platform on 23 July 1993 with the 7C42 11:52 Merehead to Hallen Moor stone train. This was part of a short term contract in connection with the construction of the Second Severn Crossing. I don't often take going away shots, but this is the only picture I have of the first production Class 60 in its original livery, and with its Steadfast nameplate. It is also the only time that I saw anything other than a Class 59 on these stone trains. North Filton Platform closed in 1964, but the reason that it doesn't look massively overgrown after nearly two decades, is that it was used by unadvertised workman's trains until 1986.

60001 Challow 26 January 2000

60001 just catches the very last of the weak late afternoon sunshine on 26 January 2000, as it passes Challow with the Wednesdays only 6B24 15:33 Didcot Power Station to Cardiff Tidal empty oil tanks. I was just walking back to the car when I saw this coming, and luckily managed to find a large enough gap in the roadside bushes to get a reasonably unobstructed view. Not a technically very brilliant picture due to it being taken with the lens wide open on 35mm Fujichrome, but included because of the excellent lighting and the fact that 60001 is one of those locos that always seems to have eluded me.

60001 Maud's Bridge 13 November 2013

60001 passes the wind turbines at Maud's Bridge on 13 November 2013 as it heads eastwards with the 6D75 08:45 Scunthorpe to Doncaster Decoy continuously welded rails. As I was in position for the RHTT, and the conventional view from the opposite direction was somewhat restricted, I opted for this side view of the loco, with the roadside grass bank in the foreground.

60001 Baulking 6 March 2015

60001 passes Baulking on 6 March 2015 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The two large signal gantries obviously have a limited life, and will soon be replaced by the even more intrusive catenary for the seriously delayed electrification scheme, which is already nearly three times over budget!

60001 Castor 11 April 2015

One of the star attractions at the 2015 Nene Valley Railway's Diesel Gala was 60001, kindly supplied by DBS. It is seen here passing Castor on 11 April 2015 with a very unfamiliar load for the class, as it heads westwards with the 2M44 10:10 Peterborough to Wansford service.

60001 & 31271 Castor 11 April 2015

An unusual pairing at Castor on 11 April 2015, during the Nene Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. Visiting DBS 60001 & 31271 Stratford 1840 - 2001 work the 2E51 14:02 Wansford to Peterborough service. The signal does not indicate a conflicting movement, and did not move all day!

60001 & 31271 Castor 11 April 2015

60001 & 31271 Stratford 1840 - 2001 pass Castor on 11 April 2015 with the 2M51 14:50 Peterborough to Wansford service, during the Nene Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. This makes a fine picture, despite the incongruity of a present day liveried loco, leading a late 1980s Trainload Freight loco, which is hauling 1950s carmine and cream stock!

60001 Grove 11 November 2016

60001 passes the public footpath crossing near Grove on 11 November 2016 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. This was running 17 minutes early. 20 minutes early would have been better, as the sun was fast disappearing into high cloud. On the other hand, a few minutes later there was no sun at all! Note that the middle warning sign has been updated, but clearly the other two have been in situ for a very long time. I seem to remember that the earlier sign stated that "Trains pass this point at 125mph". Perhaps the new "In excess of 100mph" sign is an admission that HSTs are much less likely to travel at 125mph, compared to the days before OTMR black boxes and speed limiters.

60001 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 24 January 2017

60001 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 24 January 2017 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Network Rail's blistering work rate is demonstrated here by the minimal change that has taken place since I last photographed 6B33 here, nearly three months earlier!

60001 Standish Junction 13 January 2018

60001 passes Standish Junction on 13 January 2018 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 06:38 Banbury to Westerleigh Murco 'Severn Aggregator' railtour. 66230 is on the rear. From Westerleigh the tour would travel via the Severn Tunnel to visit Machen Quarry, and then run via Gloucester to visit Sharpness.

60001 Standish Junction 24 July 2018

60001 passes Standish Junction on 24 July 2018 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Coincidentally, the last time I saw this locomotive, it was also at this location, but on a much more unusual (for the class) train!

60001 Cam & Dursley 16 July 2019

60001 approaches Cam & Dursley station on 16 July 2019 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Although this was running virtually to time, as is nearly always the case, it had left Robeston early, in this case one hour early.

60002 South Elmsall 10 July 1994

60002 Capability Brown passes through South Elmsall station with the Pathfinder Tours 'Donny Deviator' railtour on 10 July 1994, at this point running as the 1F52 16:05 Doncaster to Doncaster (via Milford). The tour had started from Derby at 09:05 as the 1Z42 to Doncaster with 58034, this was followed by 37694 & 37698 working top'n'tail with 56077 on the 1F50 11:42 Doncaster to Doncaster (via Silverwood). The next trip was the 1F51 13:48 via Drax. After all this excitement the tour headed back to Derby behind 31271 & 31276 as the 1Z42 1800 ex Doncaster!

60002 Burton Salmon 12 March 1997

60002's exhaust has already blackened the roof, taking away the pristine look of the loco's recently applied EWS livery, as it passes Burton Salmon on 12 March 1997 with a loaded MGR train for Drax Power Station.

60002 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 16 December 2006

Oh no, where's the sun going! 60002 High Peak just manages to hang on the sunshine, as a very small cloud does its best ruin the photo of the 6B33 12:12 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties at Ashbury Crossing, Shrivenham, on 16 December 2006.

60002 Uffington 27 September 2008

60002 High Peak passes the site of Uffington loops with the 6B33 12:12 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties on 27 September 2008. The public footpath crossing here provides clear views in both directions, although a longer lens is now required for trains from this direction in order to clear a recently erected radio mast. Uffington station, the former junction for the Faringdon branch line, was situated just beyond the roadbridge in the background.

60002 Heyford 27 July 2015

60002 passes through Heyford station on 27 July 2015 with the 6M17 06:58 Margam to Washwood Heath covered steel wagons. I wanted to take this at an identifiable location, but normally the lighting on the Oxford to Banbury line would be hopelessly backlit for a midday shot. However, after both heavy rain and then sun, the weather finally settled down to the forecast dense cloud, so no problem with backlighting as the train passes through the well maintained canal side station.

60002 Bourton 8 August 2015

Running an hour early, and unfortunately just managing to catch the sun disappearing behind a cloud, 60002 passes Bourton on 8 August 2015 with the 6V62 11:20 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties. The track here was recently lowered to allow extra headroom for the forthcoming electrification, allowing the retention of the brick occupation bridge in the background, and the similar structure from which this picture was taken.

60002 Denchworth 22 August 2015

60002 passes Denchworth on 22 August 2015 with the 6V62 11:20 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties. Unfortunately this corresponded with a cloudy spell. Of course when 66034, which can be seen in the background, passed light engine moments before it was full sun!

60002 Thorne South 28 November 2016

Thorne's unusual water tower dominates this view, as 60002 approaches Thorne South on 28 November 2016 with the 6E32 08:55 Preston Docks to Lindsey Oil Refinery empty bitumen tanks. Nearly the end of November, and there is a still a wide range of colours showing on some of the trees.

60003 Clay Mills (Hargate) 25 April 1996

60003 Christopher Wren passes Clay Mills (Hargate) on 25 April 1996 with the 6E54 10:37 Kingsbury to Humber oil empties. There was very little interest in the Class 60s at this time, as they were the new traction that was replacing such vintage locos as the Class 20s. Two decades later the situation is slightly different!

60003 Hinksey 8 December 1992

A view of Hinksey Yard (near Oxford) during its moribund period, before being resurrected as a ballast stockpile. 60003 Christopher Wren catches the last rays of the setting sun, as it passes by the virtually deserted yard on 8 December 1992 with the 6E69 13:35 Langley to Immingham oil empties. Luckily, in view of the rapidly diminishing light, this was running slightly early.

60003 Manningford Bruce 17 February 2001

60003 Freight Transport Association passes Manningford Bruce on 17 February 2001 with the diverted 6C64 11:59 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth empty MGR. The train's normal route via Swindon being closed for engineering work. Ah, the good old days, with Class 60 haulage and four wheel HAA wagons!

60003 Worlaby Carrs 24 May 2001

60003 Freight Transport Association passes Worlaby Cars (on the Barnetby to Scunthorpe line) with the 6D73 16:49 Lindsey to Leeds oil tanks on 24 May 2001. This was formerly the site of Worlaby Siding Signal Box, which broke the long section between Elsham and Appleby boxes.

60003 South Marston 20 June 2001

60003 Freight Transport Association passes the partially completed South Marston Junction on 20 June 2001 with the 6A68 16:56 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station MGR. Note that at this time the newly laid track into the nearby industrial estate only reached as far as the signal on the right.

60004 Lower Birchwood 9 April 1992

60004 Lochnagar passes Lower Birchwood (near Somercotes) with the 6M47 11:00 Lackenby to Corby steel coils on 9 April 1992. The wide trackbed here is a clue that this was formerly a junction for two colliery lines, both long since closed. The flat area on the left used to be the exchange sidings for Lower Birchwood Colliery, while on the right was the connection for Cotespark Colliery. This was also on the west side of the line, like Lower Birchwood. To cross the main line, the Cotespark line climbed a gradient, and then crossed over the mainline just above the entrance to Alfreton Tunnels (just out of sight in the background). This location is totally unrecognisable today, tree growth having blotted out virtually everything in this picture.

60004 Didcot Power Station 8 December 1992

Just as I arrived at Didcot Power Station on 8 December 1992, 60004 Lochnagar was leaving with the 6E11 10:15 MGR empties to Barrow Hill. Therefore, it was take a quick picture, and then back in the car to get to Didcot North Junction for a second picture.

60004 Didcot North Junction 8 December 1992

60004 Lochnagar passes Didcot North Junction on 8 December 1992 with the 6E11 10:15 Didcot Power Station to Barrow Hill MGR empties. I had photographed this just minutes earlier, leaving the power station. Note the foundations of the new industrial estate building being constructed on the right. This marked the end of this being a rural location.

60004 Crowle 31 May 1997

60004 runs alongside the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Crowle on 31 May 1997. It is working the 6E28 07:05 Wolverhampton to Scunthorpe steel empties. A perfect late spring day, with not a breath of wind to disturb the surface of the canal. No boats either!

60004 Marshfield 27 August 1998

The race is on at Marshfield on 27 August 1998! 60004 passes by with the 6V75 09:02 Dee Marsh to Margam steel empties, while 158843 is about to overtake it with the 1F12 09:24 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central service. Normally the foreground train would partially obscure a train on the fast line, but here the low empty wagons have allowed some extra space, and by sheer good luck at the critical moment the front of the Sprinter exactly corresponds with a clear gap in the wagon uprights.

60004 Melton Ross 26 July 2003

60004 passes Melton Ross on 26 July 2003 with the 7C76 12:20 Immingham to Scunthorpe coal, running slightly late. At this time the lengthy run of Class 56 haulage on these trains was coming to and end, in favour of Class 60s. However the following train was still in the still in the capable hands of the veteran class.

60004 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 8 August 2006

60004 accelerates away from a signal check at Shrivenham with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 8 August 2006. All down trains were being stopped at the signal pictured here due to a signaling fault a mile further up the line at Bourton. An excellent excuse to use a slow shutter speed of 1/250sec to gain extra depth of field on a 200mm lens! During my three hour visit, one HST actually ran wrong line using the up line. The Great Western main line has been signaled for bi-directional working for many years, as can be seen from the two signals on the gantry in the background. However, it gets very little use.

60005 Souldrop 27 September 1997

60005 Skiddaw passes the aptly named Railway Cottages at Souldrop on 27 September 1997 with the 6C31 08:37 Mountsorrel to Radlett Redland stone train. At the time this was the only booked southbound freight over the route on a Saturday.

60005 Little Haresfield 4 July 2008

60005 BP Gas Avonmouth passes Little Haresfield with the 6B47 16:10 Westerleigh to Robeston empty Murco oil tanks on 4 July 2008. It is slowing down on the approach to a red signal, just prior to being looped to allow a northbound Cross Country service to overtake it. Note the evidence of recent tree removal by Network Rail on the side of the cutting. Just visible in the background is the signal that controls Standish Junction, where the Swindon line diverges from the Bristol route.

60006 Tackley 27 March 1993

60006 Great Gable rounds the reverse curves at Tackley on 27 March 1993, en-route from Mountsorrel to Denchworth with a Redland stone train for use during the following day's engineering possession, in connection with the installation of new relief lines on the Great Western Mainline.

60006 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 28 March 1993

With engine switched off, and nobody around, 60006 Great Gable stands on the newly laid down relief at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 28 March 1993, after working down from Mountsorrel the previous day with a Redland stone train. Presumably later in the day it would drop ballast somewhere along the new line. It was extremely fortunate that it was parked exactly in the right place for a photo from the bridge!

60006 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 28 March 1993

After taking the more conventional picture from the bridge, I couldn't resist moving down into the field for this low level side view of 60006 Great Gable parked on the recently laid, but not yet commissioned down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on Sunday 28 March 1993. It seemed quite odd to see this loco and train parked in the middle of nowhere, with engine off and not a soul around!

60006 Kings Sutton 31 May 1994

60006 Great Gable passes Kings Sutton on 31 May 1994 with the 6E05 17:39 Didcot Power Station to Barrow Hill MGR empties. Just a slight dark patch on the bodyside gives away the location of the former Trainload sector markings.

60006 Wolvercote Junction 18 July 1994

Unbranded 60006 Great Gable approaches Wolvercote Junction on 18 July 1994 with the 6E81 18:55 Didcot to Worksop MGR empties. In the mid 1990s there was still a healthy volume of freight traffic through Oxford in the evening, and on this occasion I had also seen 47210, 47367 & 47310, all within 45 minutes.

60006 Swarkestone 16 December 2000

60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster became the first Class 60 the be scrapped, when it was cut up by Ron Hull of Rotherham at Toton in January 2020. It was noteworthy for carrying British Steel blue, and latterly Corus silver liveries. In both guises it seemed to avoid my camera! On the few occasions that I did see it in these colour schemes, it was usually running light engine. This very poor quality image shows it passing Swarkestone on 16 December 2000, still in ex-works condition, just days after being repainted from blue to silver.

60006 Eastleigh (Archers Road) 14 September 2002

Judging by the shadows in the foreground, I wasn't the only person on the Archers Road footbridge at Eastleigh on 14 September 2002 to witness the Pathfinder Tours 1Z96 17:10 Southampton Central to Derby 'Soton Vinegar' railtour pass through on its way back to the Midlands. The silver livery of 60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster glistens in the evening sunlight as the train round the curve from Eastleigh station.

60007 White Waltham 20 April 2002

60007 heads west past White Waltham on 20 April 2002 with a train of ballast empties. Slightly misty, and only very hazy weak sunshine, but you don't pass up the chance of photographing a Loadhaul Class 60 on a train of gunnells (former PGA stone hoppers).

60007 Engine Common 17 July 2002

60007 passes Engine Common (near Yate) with the 6V70 10:00 Cliffe Vale to St Blazey china clay empties on 17 July 2002. At the time I was still lamenting the loss of 37s on these trains, but a Loadhaul Class 60 is certainly a more than adequate substitute!

60007 Circourt 2 November 2006

60007 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 2 November 2006. The original Loadhaul livery has been defaced by the crude application of the EWS "three beasties" logo on top of the "Load" part of the Loadhaul branding. As the train was on the relief line, and was obviously going to be stopped just up the line at Challow to allow the passage of at least one HST, I decided to try for a second picture further along the line.

60007 Uffington 2 November 2006

After chasing it from Denchworth, and initially heading for the bridge at Baulking, which was unfortunately completely in the shade, I wasn't sure that I would make it in time to the footpath crossing at Uffington to see 60007 with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 2 November 2006. Leaving the car in the farmyard, and sprinting across the field, I was glad to see a HST coming from the east, which meant 60007 hadn't gone yet. A few minutes later after I was in position on the right side of the line, 60007 passed heading west in glorious autumnal light. This is the site of Uffington loops, lifted shortly after the installation of the Challow to Wantage Road relief lines.

60007 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 18 October 2011

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 18 October 2011. Considering the loaded train was heavily delayed before arriving at Theale, this has done well to regain time, and is in fact only a few minutes late at this point. This explains why it is running main line, having no need to wait in the loop to allow First Great Western HSTs to overtake.

60007 Uffington 22 October 2011

Perfect blue skies at Uffington on 22 October 2011, as 60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell heads westwards with the 6B33 12:12 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Running just a little late, the train had been looped between Wantage Road and Challow to allow a pair of First Great Western HSTs to overtake.

60007 Broken Cross 29 March 2012

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell trundles past Broken Cross (near Gloucester) on 29 March 2012 with the 6B13 05:05 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Although worth travelling over forty miles for this alone, the highlight of this particular visit was 50049 working a Cardiff to Kidderminster loco convoy.

60007 Milton 13 September 2012

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell ambles along the down relief line at Milton on 13 September 2012 with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties, running almost exactly an hour late. Note the puff of smoke from Didcot Power Station's chimney, as it uses up some of its few remaining hours of generating time.

60007 Wantage Road 15 January 2013

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell runs alongside the farm track near Wantage Road on 15 January 2013 with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Having chosen this photogenic location, and managed to be clear of any annoying clouds, the whole thing was nearly ruined by a HST approaching at speed from the other direction. Luckily, despite being signaled onto the relief line at Wantage Road, 60007 was travelling at a reasonable speed, but it was a close run thing, with the HST just passing me as I pressed the shutter!

60007 Oaksey 15 September 2016

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes the site of Oaksey station in lovely soft evening light on 15 September 2016 with the diverted and late running 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. I thought the previous day's 45 minute late running train was bad enough, but this was 84 minutes late! On the plus side, the later the better as far as the lighting angle is concerned.

60007 Thorne Junction 18 December 2016

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes Thorne Junction on 18 December 2016 with the 6M57 11:04 Lindsey Oil Refinery to Kingsbury oil tanks. The Goole line, with its single lead junction, can be seen diverging off to the left underneath the M18 motorway bridge.

60007 Lowdham 31 March 2018

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes through Lowdham station in the pouring rain on 31 March 2018 with the 6E54 10:40 Kingsbury to Humber Oil Refinery empty oil tanks. Lowdham may have lost its goods handling facilities in the 1960s, but it does have a grounded ex BR ventilated van, now used for storage.

60007 Challow 11 July 2018

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes Challow on 11 July 2018 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston oil empties. The 'Switch on to Safety' logo was in connection with DB Schenker's safety campaign for their employees.

60007 Compton Beauchamp 25 July 2018

A welcome change of traction for the 6C48 17:11 Appleford to Whatley Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties. 60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes Compton Beauchamp on 25 July 2018. This was running a few minutes late, and so was the diverted 7A97 16:16 Merehead Quarry to Colnbrook stone train coming from the other direction. This could so easily have been a recipe for disaster, with 7A97 completely blocking the view. Luckily however it had just passed when 60007 came into view.

60007 Grove 27 July 2018

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes Grove on 27 July 2018 with the 6C48 17:11 Appleford to Whatley Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties. There is clearly a large mass of dark clouds to the east, but to the west the sun was starting to break through the thin clouds, which although usually welcome, was mixed blessing here, as the sun angle was still virtually head on.

60007 Uffington 27 July 2018

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell passes underneath the new footbridge at Uffington on 27 July 2018 with the 6C48 17:11 Appleford to Whatley Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties. Unfortunately, the sun, which against all the odds, had been avoiding the clouds for nearly an hour, had now finally disappeared.

60007 Didcot North Junction 2 August 2018

60007 The Spirit of Tom Kendell approaches Didcot North Junction on 2 August 2018 with the 7A15 03:54 Whatley Quarry to Appleford Mendip Rail stone train. This location used to be virtually shadow free at 7am, but lineside trees now make a long lens necessary at this time of the morning.

60008 Aynho Junction 22 July 1993

60008 Moel Fammau passes Aynho Junction on 22 July 1993 with the 6M23 15:54 Fawley to Bromford Bridge bitumen tanks. The sharply curved up Chiltern line can be seen climbing away in the background, while just visible amid the trees in the distance is the flyover which takes the down Chiltern line over the Oxford to Banbury route.

60025 Narborough 23 November 1996

The weak autumnal sun is trying to come out on 23 November 1996, as 60008 Gypsum Queen II passes Narborough with the 6E27 10:19 Bedworth to Humber Elf oil empties. The construction site in the background was for yet another housing estate, although at least the old goods shed on the right escaped the redevelopment.

60008 Clay Mills (Hargate) 23 May 1998

60008 Gypsum Queen II passes Clay Mills (Hargate) on 23 May 1998 with the 6E54 10:37 Kingsbury to Humber oil empties. It had just stopped raining (temporarily!), and although still very dull, a Loadhaul liveried loco was always worth taking - definitely the best colour scheme of the original three privatised freight operators. The old concrete supports for a former pipeline on the left immediately identify this well known photographic location.

60008 Coedkernew 3 September 1999

60008 Gypsum Queen II ambles along the down relief line at Coedkernew on 3 September 1999 with the 6B40 11:55 Llanwern to Port Talbot iron ore empties. Already obsolete even when this picture was taken, the black and orange Loadhaul livery was certainly the most stylish of the original privatised company's colours.

60008 Wormbridge 5 May 2003

60008 Gypsum Queen II passes Wormbridge on Bank Holiday Monday 5 May 2003 with the 6M84 08:00 Llanwern to Dee Marsh steel. Near this point the Abergavenny to Hereford railway crosses the course of the much earlier horse worked tramway, which linked these two towns from as early as 1829.

60008 Crosby Garrett 30 October 2003

60008 Gypsum Queen II approaches the site of Crosby Garrett station on the Settle to Carlisle line with the 6E13 13:00 Newbiggin to Knottingley empty gypsum containers on 30 October 2003. For once an appropriately named locomotive for the traffic carried! Even on a typical dull S&C day (note the clouds over the fells in the background) the autumn colours of the silver birch trees really stand out.

60009 Melton Ross 30 October 1998

60009 Carnedd Dafydd is just slightly overpowered for the featherweight 6J32 12:10 Immingham to Tinsley steel empties, pictured passing Melton Ross on 30 October 1998. The loco is named after a mountain in the Snowdonia National Park. 

60009 Hinksey 7 April 2001

With its Mainline branding now reading 'Mai lin', 60009 Carnedd Dafydd passes Hinksey Yard on 7 April 2001 with the 6V70 02:20 Lindsey to Langley aviation fuel tanks. Photo taken from Tuckwell's Crossing, which has since been closed to the public.

60009 Little Haresfield 27 March 2007

On a very gloomy 27 March 2007, 60009 passes Little Haresfield with the 6E41 11:22 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties. It's probably just as well that there is no sun here, as otherwise it would be exceedingly backlit, as unfortunately is the case for most locations on 6E41's route.

60009 Charfield 2 March 2010

Over four decades after it closed to passengers, Charfield station building still survives, although virtually all other traces of the station have disappeared. 60009 passes the site on 2 March 2010 with the 6E41 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties. In 2010 this train is virtually the only working left that brings a Class 60 to the south of England. The ridge of the Cotswold Hills can be seen in the background, with the 1846 built Somerset Monument at Hawkesbury Upton just visible against the skyline on the left.

60010 Llangewydd 15 April 1991

Not surprisingly still looking smart, as it was less than three months old at the time, 60010 Pumlumon / Plynlimon rounds the curve at Llangewydd with the 6V32 Albion to Waterston oil empties on 15 April 1991. The loco only worked off Cardiff for a further month before moving to Toton.

60010 Pilning 27 April 1991

60010 Pumlumon / Plynlimon slowly approaches a red signal on the down loop at Pilning on 27 April 1991, as it prepares to enter the Severn Tunnel with the 6B08 12:25 Langley to Waterston empty oil tanks. Normally I would have been pleased to get a picture of what was then a brand new locomotive, but unfortunately it was about to get in the way of something much more interesting coming from the other direction!

60010 & 60041 Atherstone 10 August 1991

On 10 August 1991, 60010 Pumlumon / Plynlimon & 60041 High Willhays pass through Atherstone station with the 1T60 16:54 Derby to Crewe (via Nuneaton) stock positioning move in connection with the following day's Trainload Coal Motive Power Day on the North Wales Coast. Unusually, this wasn't an empty stock working, so that those in the know could get some extra Class 60 mileage. Admittedly the weather was poor, bit if I remember correctly I was the only person on the platform to witness this. Of course if this happened today I wouldn't attempt to go to this location, as the platform would be heaving with photographers, all getting in each other's way, such would be the attraction of a pair of Class 60s on a passenger train.

60010 Tackley 13 November 1999

60010 manages to find a brief glimpse of weak autumnal sunshine as it approaches Tackley with the 6V70 02:20 Lindsey to Langley oil tanks on 13 November 1999. I was surprised to get any brightness at all here, as in addition to the thick cloud visible in the background, there were patches of fog drifting across from the nearby River Cherwell.

60010 Natton 3 November 2006

With Ashchurch station just visible in the background, 60010 powers past Natton with the 6V07 13:21 Round Oak to Margam steel empties on 3 November 2006. Admittedly emphasised by the long lens, but the appalling state of the track is clearly visible here. Considering this is a main line carrying passenger trains at high speed the switch-back nature of the track would not have been tolerated years ago. Hopefully the engineering work scheduled for the following day will see some improvement in track standards here.

60010 Lower Wick 12 October 2009

Hardly the ideal photographic lighting conditions, with the sun virtually behind the train, but it does show off the recently cleared cutting at Lower Wick to advantage. 60010 heads north with the 6E41 10:42 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties on 12 October 2009. Note the change of gradient under the footbridge in the background.

60010 Broken Cross 3 September 2010

The hills in the background are still shrouded in low cloud and fog, but 60010 manages to find a small patch of sunshine as it passes Broken Cross (between Lydney and Gloucester) with the 6B13 05:05 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 3 September 2010. Although at this time there is a still pool of the class active for such trains as this, that are beyond the capabilities of a 66, worryingly, September 2010 marks the first batch of 60s put up for sale by DBS - a whopping 20% of the fleet.

60010 Hinksey 12 April 2013

60010 passes Hinksey on 12 April 2013 with the 6E55 13:00 Theale to Lindsey Murco oil empties. The loco is just crossing over a branch of the Hinksey Stream, which is very susceptible to flooding, and which has been a constant source of problems for the railway since broad gauge days. The bridge In the background carries the A423 Oxford southern by-pass.

60011 Finedon 1 August 1992

60011 Cader Idris passes Finedon with the 6C31 08:37 Mountsorrel to Radlett Redland stone train on 1 August 1992. This is the site of Finedon station, which surprisingly closed to passengers as early as 1940, although it remained opened for freight until 1964. The spacious track formation here indicates the site of the former relief lines. 

60011 Bourton 17 July 1996

Not long before sunset on 16 July 1996, 60011 passes Bourton with the 6O42 Hallen Marsh to Eastleigh Yard LPG empties. I was surprised to see this, as its booked time here was after the sun had set, and in fact it passed me five minutes before its official departure time of 20:26.

60011 Foxhall Junction 29 May 1997

After running round its train near Didcot Parkway station, Mainline blue liveried 60011 passes Foxhall Junction on 29 May 1997 with the late running 6C66 16:09 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth MGR empties. It will take the bi-directional line as far as Steventon.

60011 & 60068 Up Hatherley 6 April 2009

60011 passes Up Hatherley with 60068 Charles Darwin dead in tow on 6 April 2009 with the 6E41 11:18 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties. 60068 had run into problems two days previously whilst working the 6V98 Lindsey to Westerleigh tanks and due to loss of power arrived very late. Because of this the tatty patch painted Mainline blue liveried 60011 was sent to assist with the return empties. In view of the very small number of Class 60s left in traffic, getting a picture of two locomotives on one train, neither of which is in EWS livery was not to missed. To emphasize the point I chose to go to Up Hatherley where I had seen 60068 on the same train a few weeks before. Unfortunately by the time the train came the lighting was very poor.

60011 Uffington 13 October 2009

60011 passes Uffington on 13 October 2009 with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Although obviously any Class 60 is infinitely preferable to a 'shed', the tatty patch painted former Mainline blue livery of 60011 contrasts especially well with the red tanks and makes a much more pleasing picture.

66011 Grange Court 14 January 2011

On its second day in traffic on the heavy Welsh oil trains after arriving from its repaint at Toton, 60011 rounds the curve at Grange Court with the 6B13 05:05 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 14 January 2011. I was unable to get out for its first run on this service the day before, but was keen to get a picture of this (at the moment) unique DB Schenker liveried Class 60 while it was still clean, and while the buffers were still silver. Although unlike the previous day it wasn't actually raining, the weather was still grim, but this livery stands out in any conditions!

60011 Little Haresfield 19 January 2011

With the sanders creating a haze around the locomotive's wheels, 60011 applies all of it considerable power to get the lengthy 6B13 05:05 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks moving past Little Haresfield on 19 January 2011. It is pulling out of Haresfield loop, which is just beyond the bridge in the background. The loco is already showing signs of use and is not quite as pristine as it was during the previous week's initial workings. However, the change from gloomy weather to full sun meant that another picture just had to be taken!

60011 Compton Beauchamp 17 April 2011

Although the sun is weak and hazy, 60011 is coming straight out of it at Compton Beauchamp on 17 April 2011, resulting in this poor picture. However, the combination of the unique liveried (at the time) 60, slightly unusual (for a Class 60) working and abundant blackthorn blossom, is some compensation. It is working the 6W31 14:00 Barnwood Junction to Hinksey spent ballast.

60011 Shrivenham 10 July 2014

60011 passes through the extremely overgrown remains of Shrivenham station on 10 July 2014 with the diverted 6A11 22:49 Robeston to Theale Murco oil tanks. I had hoped for a sunny shot here, but a bank of cloud in the east prevented that. However, judging by the amount of vegetation on the old platform, at only 40 minutes after sunrise, I think it might have been a little shadowy!

60011 Ley Court 2 November 2018

60011 passes Ley Court (between Grange Court and Oakle Street) with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh oil tanks on 2 November 2018. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing. The bridge at Grange Court can just be seen in the background.

60011 Ley Court 18 September 2019

60011 passes Ley Court (between Grange Court and Oakle Street) on 18 September 2019 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh oil tanks. Luckily Network Rail haven't spoilt this location with their usual palisade fencing, but have merely added some inconspicuous green mesh to the old post and wire fence.

60011 Ham Mill 19 May 2020

With a fanfare on the horn, the driver of 60011 applies the power at Ham Mill on 19 May 2020, as he pulls away from a short stop at the signal in the background, with the 6M53 16:16 Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. This was running 25 minutes early, and I correctly guessed that it would not wait in Haresfield Loop for the booked hour, so I decided not to try for a second picture to the north of Cheltenham. A good decision, as it went straight past Haresfield, and was therefore 86 minutes early passing Cheltenham. The buttercups in the foreground of this view, and the houses of Brimscombe in the background, help to break up the overall green which unfortunately dominates landscape views at this time of year.

60011 Eckington 21 May 2020

Running 145 minutes early, 60011 approaches Eckington on 21 May 2020 with the 6M53 16:16 (in theory) Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. At the booked departure time it had already traversed the entire 'Golden Valley line, and had passed Standish Junction!

60011 Purton Common 28 May 2020

60011 passes Purton Common on 28 May 2020 with the 6M53 16:16 Swindon Stores to Toton Up Sidings steel empties. The private road approaching Hills Waste Solution's pit can be seen on the left, and the row of waste containers in the background marks the site of the former Purton brickworks, which closed in 1977.

60012 Sileby 18 August 1992

60012 Glyder Fawr passes Sileby on 18 August 1992 with the 6M74 12:23 Temple Mills to Mountsorrel stone empties. This is Redland's innovative self-discharge train, allowing stone to be unloaded at any convenient location.

60012 Compton Beauchamp 25 June 1996

60012 Glyder Fawr heads eastwards light engine at Compton Beauchamp on 25 June 1996. I don't normally take pictures of light engines, but couldn't resist this, as the loco is relatively clean, and the lighting is spot on. Glyder Fawr is a mountain in Snowdonia, the name apparently meaning 'Heap of stones'!

60012 Ashchurch 25 June 1999

60012 passes through Ashchurch station with the 6V24 13:45 Saltley to Cardiff Tidal scrap train on a cloudless 25 June 1999. Note the weed covered lines leading into the Army depot on the right, largely disused at the time, but now with much more buoyant traffic levels.

60012 Crowle 28 October 2002

60012 passes underneath the A161 road bridge at Crowle on 28 October 2002 with the 6D93 08:08 Selby to Immingham empty Cargowagons. It is just about to pass the boarded up signal box. This was demolished a few years later.

60012 South Marston 11 December 2007

It's not just the loco and the bogie tank wagons that are red in this picture. The low late afternoon winter sun is tingeing everything red, as the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties passes South Marston, led by 60012.

60013 Elford 25 May 2001

60013 Robert Boyle passes Elford on 25 May 2001 with the 6M03 08:48 Lackenby to Wolverhampton steel. 60013 is one of the few Class 60s that managed to avoid being painted into EWS red, and in fact was withdrawn in its original grey livery, albeit with the addition of the EWS 'Three Beasties' logo in place of the former Trainload branding.

60013 Whisker Hill Junction 22 June 2002

60013 Robert Boyle passes Whisker Hill Junction (near Retford) on 22 June 2002 with the Past Time Rail 1Z56 14:59 York to Finsbury Park 'Spinnin' State III' railtour. The Class 60 worked the tour between Sheffield and Retford.

60013 Husborne Crawley 5 November 2005

60013 Robert Boyle passes Husborne Crawley (on the Bletchley to Bedford line) with the 6H55 10:44 Bletchley to Peak Forest RMC stone empties on 5 November 2005. A very dull day, but at least the sun came out (much to my surprise!) for 40145, which was the main reason for visiting this location.

60013 Great Heck 14 March 2008

In crisp early morning light, 60013 Robert Boyle approaches Heck with the 6N81 06:10 Scunthorpe to Redcar coke empties on 14 March 2008. The train is approaching the site of the horrific accident of 2001, which is now commemorated by a memorial garden at the foot of the embankment on which I was standing to take this picture.

60013 Denchworth 8 July 2010

Welcome back to some proper traction on the Theale oil tanks! 60013 Robert Boyle passes Denchworth with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 8 July 2010. After many months of double headed Class 66s, at last a return to something worth photographing, but for how long! Although it was sunny when I left home, it soon clouded up (and of course brightened up again once I got back home!), but at least the dull conditions enabled this shot to be taken from the north side, which allows a wider angle for trains on the relief line at this location.

60013 Baulking 8 July 2010

Well you would do wouldn't you! After seeing 60013 Robert Boyle pass Denchworth with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 8 July 2010, a quick dash was made to Baulking for a second shot, while it sat in the loop at Challow waiting for a couple of HSTs to go pass. After months of Class 66 haulage, this marks a return to proper traction for this long running train, and in on this occasion a loco in a decent livery as well, rather than drab EWS red!

60013 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 31 August 2010

60013 Robert Boyle passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 31 August 2010. After several months of pairs of 66s on this service, summer 2010 has seen a return of the proper type of locomotive to this weight of train, at least temporarily. A bit of proper maintenance wouldn't go amiss for the 60s, rather than just starting one up from the line of stored locos and then using it until it fails!

60013 Baulking 25 November 2010

Well it was sunny when I left home! 60013 Robert Boyle passes Baulking on 25 November 2010 with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The cloud just filled in and got darker and by the time the train appeared it was really grim, but as I had trudged across a field to get to this spot, I thought I might as well take the picture. Note the two oak trees in the background, which even near the end of November are still largely covered in golden leaves.

60013 Uffington 7 April 2011

The oilseed rape is just coming out into flower at Uffington on 7 April 2011 as 60013 Robert Boyle passes by with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Note the cloud building up from the north. If this train had been just one minute later a large lump of that cloud would have ruined the picture. I'm glad that didn't happen, as I would then really think that this loco / location combination was jinxed. Last year I was just getting out of the car when 60013 went by in full sun running mega early!

60013 Baulking 19 April 2011

Plenty of fresh spring greenery at Baulking on 19 April 2011, as 60013 Robert Boyle heads west with the 6B33 13:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties, running very early and without the usual lengthy sojourn in Challow loop. Although a sunny day, the settled high pressure conditions have resulted in a very hazy background, which is partly why I chose this location, as there isn't a lot of background in the picture!

60014 Vigo 8 April 2000

The closure of the Severn Tunnel at weekends during the spring of 2000 resulted in the 6M68 08:45 Burngullow to Warrington Arpley china clay tanks being diverted via the Lickey Incline. Due the load being in excess of the Class 66's meagre haulage capacity, a banker was provided. On 8 April 2000, 60014 Alexander Fleming is pictured half way up the formidable gradient at Vigo, giving the train a hefty push from the rear. In this case the train loco was 66053. There are not many vantage points on the incline to photograph the rear end of a train going up the bank in the evening, but this seems to work quite well, and I deliberately included a large area of sky in the picture to show off the interesting cloud formation.

60014 Llangewydd 1 July 2000

60014 Alexander Fleming rounds the curve at Llangewydd on 1 July 2000 with the 6V75 09:12 Dee Marsh to Margam steel empties. Although I have visited the more well location near the farm in the background many times, this was the only occasion that I visited this spot.

60014 Raskelf 26 November 2001

The shadows are lengthening at Raskelf on 26 November 2001, as 60014 Alexander Fleming heads towards York with the 6V25 12:33 Hartlepool to Margam steel empties. Although latterly the petroleum sector decals seem here were replaced by the EWS 'three beasties' logo, this loco was one of the numerous Class 60s to be stored still wearing its original Trainload grey livery.

60015 Dinas Powys 2 June 1996

Engineering work resulted in trains being diverted over the Vale of Glamorgan line on Sunday 2 June 1996. One such was the 6B71 10:28 Margam to Ebbw Vale steel coils, seen here passing through Dinas Powys station hauled by 60015 Bow Fell. Note the Buxton depot plaque below the secondman's window.

60015 Helpringham 21 April 2001

60015 Bow Fell passes Helpringham on 21 April 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 05:35 Preston to Orton Mere 'Nene Navigator' railtour. The Class 60 was used between Toton and the Nene Valley Railway. Helpringham goods shed can be seen in the background. The station closed in 1955.

60015 Crofton 21 July 2006

Running several hours late, and therefore affording an unexpected daytime picture on the Berks & Hants line, 60015 Bow Fell passes Crofton with the 6A11 21:33 Robeston to Theale oil train on 21 July 2006. note that the original triple grey livery has been adapted yet again, this time with the EWS "three beasties" logo on a yellow patch. 

60015 Up Hatherley 14 March 2011

Always a good bet for a Class 60 (although not guaranteed), 6E41, the 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties passes Up Hatherley on 14 Mach 2011 behind 60015 Bow Fell. I had, of course made sure to check that a grey 60 was working the train the night before. No point in going out for the train if its a 'Shed'.

60015 Croome 25 March 2011

Almost a regular loco on the 6E41 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties in the early part of 2011. 60015 Bow Fell passes Croome on 25 March 2011, with Bredon Hill looming out of the haze in the background. It seems like someone has had a very half hearted attempt at washing the front end recently!

60015 Claypole (Balderton Crossing) 30 May 2012

A very unusual load for a Class 60! 60015 passes Balderton Crossing, near Claypole on 30 May 2012 with the 6Z30 08:47 Dollands Moor to York National Railway Museum, conveying 395019 for display at Railfest 2012. Unfortunately the large number of barrier vehicles at the front of the train has slightly reduced the impact of the picture. It would have looked much more impressive if the Javelin EMU was nearer the front of the consist!

60015 Barrow upon Trent 17 March 2015

60015 passes a slightly misty Barrow upon Trent with the 6E54 10:39 Kingsbury to Humber Oil Refinery empty oil tanks on 17 March 2015. A narrowboat on the nearby Trent and Mersey Canal can just be seen on the extreme right.

60015 Haresfield 5 June 2018

60015 slowly approaches Haresfield on 5 June 2018 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Its ten minute layover in the loop just to the south of here easily allowed for another picture as it departed the loop.

60015 Little Haresfield 5 June 2018

60015 very slowly pulls out of the loop at Little Haresfield on 5 June 2018 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. I had already photographed it a mile further north, just before it entered the loop.

60015 South Marston 26 September 2018

60015 passes South Marston on 26 September 2018 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Photo taken from a footbridge that replaces both the previous footpath crossing, and another one situated by the bushes in the background.

60015 Highnam 26 February 2019

60015 passes Highnam on 26 February 2019 with the 6B41 11:35 Westerleigh to Robeston empty oil tanks. Although taken in perfect winter sunshine, the picture is still lacking something - the Cotswold Hills, which, because of the haze caused by the settled high pressure conditions, have virtually disappeared from the background of this view. Some scenic locations require a lot of effort to get to, but this one merely requires standing on the footpath next to the A48 Gloucester to Chepstow road!

60015 Ley Court 18 September 2019

60015 passes Ley Court (between Oake Street and Grange Court) on 18 September 2019 with the 6B41 11:15 Westerleigh to Robeston empty oil tanks. Unfortunately this was running half an hour early, which meant the sun wasn't as far round as I would have liked.

60016 Magor 14 March 1997

Wearing inappropriate Trainload Construction livery, 60016 Langdale Pikes passes Magor on 14 March 1997 with the 6B25 13:15 Westerleigh to Robeston oil empties. Thankfully it was running on the main line. as it is fairly obvious from this view that there isn't much of a shot for anything on the relief line!

600016 Miskin 1 July 2000

60016 Rail Magazine comes out of the darkness, and into the sunshine as it crosses over the River Ely at Miskin on 1 July 2000. The train doesn't seem to match up with anything in the working timetable, so is presumably the late running 7B52 10:41 Port Talbot to Llanwern iron ore.

60017 Hampton Gay 4 May 1995

The isolated church of St. Giles at Hampton Gay (between Oxford and Banbury) stands next to the railway line, with a derelict manor house nearby. Otherwise the area is quite deserted, as no trace of the village survives, and as there is no road access a walk across the fields is required to get to the location. This was the site of a terrible railway accident on Christmas Eve 1874, when a crowded express derailed and ended up in the nearby Oxford Canal. 60017 Arenig Fawr passes the site with the 6M23 14:12 Fawley to Longport LPG tanks on 4 May 1995.

60017 Old Denaby 16 May 2002

The horses turn their backs on 60017 Shotton Works Centenary Year 1996, as it rounds the curve at Old Denaby on 16 May 2002 with the 6M55 09:52 Lindsey to Rectory Junction oil tanks. The next time I photographed this train here, the reduced load meant that it was unfortunately within the capabilities of a Class 66!

60017 Castle Donington 29 November 2012

Hardly a taxing train for a Class 60! 60017 passes Castle Donington on 29 November 2012 with the 6D44 11:09 Bescot to Toton engineer's working. An interesting selection of wagons and a welcome change from the ubiquitous 'Shed'. The River Trent meanders through the bushes in the background.

60017 Knighton 20 April 2013

The seed heads from last year's teasels line the field in the foreground, as 60017 passes Knighton on 20 April 2013 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Unfortunately a small cloud decided to get in the way of the sun at the critical moment, which was made more annoying by the fact that for the rest of the day it was virtually 100% sunshine! At least the foreground, loco and part of the train is lit, so not a complete loss.

60017 Bromsgrove 9 July 2013

Very backlit, but a Class 60 in the sun is always worth a picture. 60017 approaches Bromsgrove on 9 July 2013 with the early running 6E41 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey Murco oil empties. The London Midland Class 170 just manages to get out of the way in time!

60017 Llanhilleth 25 August 2013

60017 passes Llanhilleth, on the climb to Ebbw Vale, with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z58 09:33 Bristol Temple Meads to Machen 'Taffy Tug' railtour on 25 August 2013. Note the distinctive Edwardian  grade II listed Llanhilleth Miners' Institute building in the background.

60017 Bedlinog 25 August 2013

60017 rounds the sharp curve at Bedlinog on 25 August 2013, as it heads towards Cwmbargoed with the Pathfinder Tours 'Taffy Tug' railtour, at this point running as the 1Z59 13:04 Machen to Cwmbargoed. Out of sight around the corner is 60063.

60017 Chipping Sodbury 31 August 2013

60017 passes the site of Chipping Sodbury station on 31 August 2013 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam empty Murco oil tanks. Unfortunately, after standing around in sunshine for ages, just at the critical moment the sun decided to find some high cloud.

60017 Cholsey 15 November 2013

60017 passes Cholsey on 15 November 2013 with the 6E55 13:00 Theale to Lindsey oil empties, with a short load of just eight tanks. The rear tank was making a considerable amount of noise and hunting violently from side to side. I remember seeing this decidedly unsafe phenomenon years ago in the days of short wheelbase wagons, but have never seen it to this extent with bogie tank wagons. A quick check later did reveal that the train made it to its destination without a derailment!

60017 Clay Mills 25 June 2014

With the preserved Victorian Clay Mills Pumping Station in the background, 60017 heads north on 25 June 2014 with the 6E41 11:41 Westerleigh to Lindsey oil empties. This picture is taken from a footbridge which leads from Clay Mills to virtually nowhere!

60017 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 23 February 2016

60017 approaches Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 23 February 2016 with the 6B41 11:18 Westerleigh to Robeston Murco oil empties. The long lens that was needed here to clear foreground shadows, has foreshortened the perspective, making the bridge near Fiddington in the background appear much closer than it really is.

60018 Thingley 25 June 1993

My only decent picture of a Class 60 working the Avon Binliner. 60018 Moel Siabod rounds the curve at Thingley on 25 June 1993 with the 6C13 11:22 Calvert to Bath empties. Starting off with Class 47s in 1985, there has been quite a variety of traction on this working, including 37s, 58s & 66s, but 60s only worked the train regularly for a short period. Obviously I will have to make do with this single picture, because the train stopped running in April 2011.

60018 Triley Mill 25 February 2006

60018 rolls downhill past Triley Mill, near Abergavenny with the 6V75 09:29 Dee Marsh to Margam steel empties on 25 February 2006. A bright but very cold day, fortunately this position was sheltered from the biting wind, but note the snow on the Black Mountains in the background above the locomotive.

60018 Shrivenham 15 November 2007

Although somewhat ruined by that modern scourge of the railway photographer - palisade fencing, this is a location I had not previously visited. Over the years I have taken numerous pictures from the roadbridge near the site of Shrivenham station, seen in the background here, but had never ventured to this spot. 60018 passes the site of the long closed station with the 6B33 13:30 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 15 November 2007.

60019 Spetchley 16 June 2004

It is just after 21:00 on a mid-summer evening and the sun is just approaching the horizon as 60019 Pathfinder Tours 30 Years of Railtouring 1973-2003 passes Spetchley with the 6V37 12:59 Lackenby to Llanwern steel train. The date is 16 June 2004, only a few days away from the longest day, which is why it was just possible to take the picture, even though only the side of the loco and the tops of the trees are actually getting any sun. Spetchley is the ideal location for late evening pictures such as this, as nothing at all shades the line.

60019 Compton Beauchamp 18 August 2009

Definitely running at its top speed of 60 mph, 60019 Pathfinder Tours 30 Years of Railtouring 1973-2003 passes Compton Beauchamp on 18 August 2009 with the 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Surprisingly there hasn't been a great increase in the lineside vegetation at this location in the last thirty years. This most noticeable difference since 1979 is the plantation of trees surrounding Galleyherns Farm in the background.

60019 Walden Stubbs 22 June 2013

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Walden Stubbs in monsoon conditions on 22 June 2013 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z81 09:56 Sheffield to Leeds 'Loopy Doughnut' railtour. The train had originated from Bristol. Luckily the torrential rain only lasted a few minutes, but at least I suppose it does make the picture look atmospheric!

60019 Pontefract East Junction 22 June 2013

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham slowly negotiates Pontefract East Junction on 22 June 2013 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z81 09:56 Sheffield to Leeds 'Loopy Doughnut' railtour. I particularly wanted to photograph the train here, as it shows it coming off the short single track chord from Ferrybridge North Junction. This links the York to Sheffield line with the Knottingley to Wakefield route. The M62 motorway crosses in the background, which seems surprisingly free of traffic at this particular moment. Also surprising, and very welcome, was the brief burst of sunshine on an otherwise generally cloudy day.

60019 Great Heck 22 June 2013

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Great Heck on 22 June 2013 with the 1Z82 15:45 Leeds to Bristol Temple Meads 'Loopy Doughnut' railtour. Note the green signal on the left. After being double amber for the entire time I was stood waiting, at the critical moment the signal changed, and a Class 91 hauled East Coast service was fast approaching from the rear. Just seconds after I took this picture the view was completely blocked!

60019 Damery 7 September 2013

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Damery on 7 September 2013 with the 6B13 05:04 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Very head on lighting, and only just about acceptable, but as I was already at this location to photograph D1015, I thought I might as well wait for this. Luckily it was running half an hour early. Had it been right time, not only would the light have obviously been even worse, but more likely, judging by the clouds, there wouldn't have been any!

60019 Bourton 17 June 2014

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham just manages to stay ahead of the advancing clouds, as it passes Bourton on 17 June 2014 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The farmer's dog in the field on the right is distinctly unimpressed!

60019 Uffington 12 July 2014

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes a field of ripening wheat near Uffington on 12 July 2014, as it heads back to South Wales with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. The 'tramlines' in the crop provided a convenient path from the road behind the trees in the far distance, ensuring I didn't damage the crop.

60019 Broken Cross 15 February 2016

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Broken Cross on 15 February 2016 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. This was running a few minutes early, although it actually left Robeston two hours early!

60019 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 18 February 2016

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 18 February 2016 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. After a sunny afternoon, a large mass of cloud arrived from the west half an hour before this was due, and it seemed certain that the shot would be lost. Surprisingly just as it came into view the sun found a hole in the cloud, and although by the time it approached the bridge the sun was starting to fade, it still makes a passable picture.

60019 Uffington 24 February 2016

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Uffington on 24 February 2016 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Always worth a picture, and possibly more timely now if the rumour actually turns out to be true that DBS will soon store all its Class 60s due to the downturn in the freight business.

60019 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 2 November 2016

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham runs along the down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 2 November 2016 with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Luckily the omission of the catenary post nearest to the bridge has meant that there has been a slight photographic reprieve at this location during 2016.

60019 Little Haresfield 7 June 2017

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham pulls out of Haresfield loop with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 7 June 2017. The rapid growth of the ash trees on the right requires a much more head on viewpoint than previously, and if they don't get pruned soon, this well known photographic location will be a lot less appealing!

60019 Purton 17 June 2017

This is certainly not the picture I was anticipating, although it does have a certain novelty value, as getting a picture of a pair of freight trains passing each other along the Chepstow to Gloucester line takes some doing, given the distinct lack of trains. 60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Purton on 17 June 2017 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks, while the considerably shorter 6V05 09:20 Round Oak to Margam steel empties heads in the opposite direction, hauled by 66143. Unfortunately, unlike the previous Saturday, where 6B13 was 45 minutes early, today it was 36 minutes late, which made all the difference to the lighting angle, and of course allowed 6V05 to get in the way!

60020 Banbury 20 July 2000

60020 stands at Banbury stone terminal on 20 July 2000, while the built in conveyor of the Redland self discharge stone train shoots the contents of the wagons into the storage bins. The train would have arrived as the 6G32 00:12 Mountsorrel to Banbury, and would leave later as the 6M31 11:12 Banbury to Mountsorrel empties.

60020 Aplleby Carrs 4 May 2002

60020 catches one of the few brief glimpses of sunshine that I saw at Appleby Carrs (near Scunthorpe) on 4 May 2002. It is working the 6T25 13:30 Immingham to Santon iron ore. Just behind the train is the site of the 12th century Thornholme Priory, of which virtually nothing now remains except the partly infilled fishponds.

60020 Wickwar Tunnel 9 August 2007

A very grubby 60020 emerges from Wickwar Tunnel with the 6B13 05:10 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 9 August 2007. I only just got this one in sun, as can be seen from shadows in the background! The bridge in the distance is a combined footpath and aqueduct.

60020 Wickwar 30 January 2008

60020 approaches Wickwar on 30 January 2008 with the 6B13 05:10 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. I wasn't too impressed with this choice of traction, as it was on the train the last time I photographed this working just over a mile south of this spot! The long lens has compressed the perspective here, bringing up the houses at Charfield and the Cotswold Hills in the distance.

60020 Steventon 19 February 2013

60020 passes Steventon with the 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 19 February 2013. This was running 38 minutes late due to earlier problems with Causeway Level Crossing, which is situated just past the trees near the barn in the background. This is 60020's first appearance on the Theale tanks since its repaint into DBS 'dayglo' red.

60020 Wolvercote 9 June 2013

60020 passes Wolvercote in glorious evening light on 9 June 2013 with the late running 6E38 17:03 Colnbrook to Lindsey Oil Refinery aviation fuel empties. It is passing the work site for the soon to be reinstated down relief line (which no doubt in future years it would make use of). At this point there is a considerable distance between the lines, with a ditch in between. Unfortunately construction site cranes seem to outnumber Oxford's 'dreaming spires' in the background! However, the Radcliffe Camera, and St Mary's Church, can just be seen on the extreme right.

60020 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 15 March 2014

60020 passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, at Shrivenham on 15 March 2014 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. As is quite common on a Saturday, this was running early, catching out a number of photographers! The rustic fence, which has been a feature of this location for at least four decades, succumbed later in the year.

60020 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 30 August 2014

Running an hour early, 60020 passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, at Shrivenham on 30 August 2014 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Note the brand new fence, erected just three days previously. That and the change of the seasons, makes an interesting comparison with the same train, hauled by the same locomotive, pictured five months earlier.

60020 Bourton 8 August 2015

60020 passes over the recently lowered track at Bourton on 8 August 2015 with the 6B33 11:25 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. The track was lowered by 150mm in order to accommodate the forthcoming overhead electrification wires. Close inspection of the high-res version of this picture reveals a cat about to pounce on some unsuspecting prey in the field on the right!

60020 Moreton-in-Marsh 2 January 2016

60020 passes through Moreton-in-Marsh station at speed on 2 January 2016 with the Pathfinder Tours 'Min Tug' railtour. The train, which had started from Bristol Parkway, was at this point running as the 1Z61 09:55 Round Oak to Oxford. I wasn't going to miss the chance of getting a picture of a Class 60 on the Cotswold Line, despite the dire weather, and this location has the bonus of a couple of semaphore signals.

60020 Hinksey 2 January 2016

60020 runs onto the Kennington up goods loop at the southern end of Hinksey Yard on 2 January 2016, as it prepares to traverse the freight only line to Morris Cowley with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z62 14:23 Oxford to Birmingham New Street 'Mini Tug' railtour. Needless to say, I was the only photographer stood in the drizzle on the A423 Oxford bypass bridge to witness this unusual working.

60020 Hemington 26 March 2016

60020 The Willows passes Hemington on 26 March 2016 with the 6M57 07:15 Lindsey to Kingsbury oil tanks. With bushes growing so close to the line on both sides of the track, this is clearly a location that would not be of any use on a sunny day!

60020 Challow 20 January 2017

60020 The Willows approaches Challow at approximately 60mph on 20 January 2017 with the late running 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties, while the 1L67 14:36 Cheltenham Spa to Paddington GWR HST heads in the other direction at around twice that speed. 60020 had left 110 minutes late, and had it kept to this level of lateness, then it would have passed here just after sunset. Luckily it did regain some time (the train often leaves late, and usually recovers some time), and was only just over an hour late when it passed in the very last of the afternoon light.

60020 Lowdham 4 October 2017

Running exactly to time, 60020 The Willows passes through Lowdham station on 4 October 2017 with the 6E54 10:34 Kingsbury to Humber Oil Refinery empty oil tanks. Note the new platform 'shelter'. It is obviously designed to be vandal proof, but I'm not sure how much use it is to protect passengers from the elements!

60021 Compton Beauchamp 22 May 2000

60021 passes Compton Beauchamp on 22 May 2000 with the well loaded 6M17 16:48 Newport Alexandra Dock to Wembley Enterprise. By this date there were very few mixed freight trains on the national network, so this was worth photographing, even though when it got to my area it was always heavily backlit.

60021 Ninian Park 7 February 2004

60021 passes through Ninian Park station with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z42 13:50 Margam to Crewe 'Valley Vostock' railtour returning from a reversal at Radyr on 7 February 2004. Eventually the sun decides to shine at the critical moment, after a day of largely cloudy skies. 

60021 Circourt 2 November 2006

60021 Pen-y-Ghent approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth with the 6C23 10:29 Hayes to East Usk empty hoppers on 2 November 2006. The train is traveling on the down relief line, which means it will stop at Challow to allow a passenger to overtake. The fenced area on the right is a road access constructed a few years ago to field used for keeping horses. Luckily the original crushed stone surface as now become overgrown, once more blending into the scene.

60021 Challow 1 November 2014

60021 passes Challow on 1 November 2014 with the 6V62 11:20 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties, unfortunately just after the sun had disappeared into a bank of cloud in the west. Naturally this was nowhere to be seen when I left the house!

60021 Shrivenham 5 November 2014

With the late afternoon shadows lengthening across the track, 60021 passes Shrivenham on 5 November 2014 with the 6V62 11:22 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties. At the present time this is virtually the only working for Colas's small Class 60 fleet, 60021 having taken over from 60087 to be become the regular loco.

60021 Milton 13 December 2014

The shadows are lengthening at Milton on 13 December 2014, as 60021 heads westwards with the 6V62 11:20 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties. This makes an interesting comparison with the same train photographed here nine months earlier (albeit on that occasion on the relief line). Some rather prominent structures have disappeared from the background!

60022 Loughborough 11 August 1990

60022 Ingleborough in a almost complete state at Brush's works at Loughborough on 11 August 1990.  Note that although the loco has already been named, it does not yet carry any bodyside numbers or sector branding on the triple grey livery. It was finally handed over to BR at the beginning of the following year. It is seen here in the company of 60026 William Caxton.

60022 Dragonby 8 November 2003

In near darkness on 8 November 2003, 60022 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:26 Bristol Temple Meads to Roxby Gullet 'Roxby Renegade' railtour, as it slowly negotiates the Roxby line at Dragonby led by 37893 & 37890. I had to settle for this going away shot, as despite the fact that it would soon be returning, the length of time taken for the crew to change ends and the fact that it was travelling at walking speed, meant that it would have been virtually completely dark!

60023 Elsham 11 March 1997

60023 passes the distinctive signal with sighting board at Elsham on 11 March 1997, as it works the 6D73 14:56 Lindsey to Leeds oil tanks. In the background a coach waits for the signalman to open the level crossing gates on the Wrawby to Elsham road.

60023 Woofferton 6 November 1999

60023 passes Woofferton on 6 November 1999 with the 6V75 09:02 Dee Marsh to Llanwern steel empties. An ideal photographic vantage point on a sweeping curve with a background of trees and semaphore signals. Although I haven't been there for a few years, I would imagine the silver birches in the foreground are probably no longer just bushes and are blocking out the view, rather than just being a welcome bit of foreground colour!

60023 Appleby Carrs 4 May 2002

New steel sleepers await installation at Appleby Carrs on 4 May 2002, as 60023 passes by with the 7C77 13:35 Immingham to Santon MGR, just fifteen minutes behind 60020 on 6T25, but in noticeably worse light!

60024 Winchester 28 June 1991

60024 Elizabeth Fry passes through Winchester station on 28 June 1991 with the 6V13 12:18 Furzebrook to Hallen Marsh LPG tanks. As is the case with a lot of stations, the car park was formerly sidings, but in this case the main part of the goods yard was off to the right of this picture, at almost 90 degrees to the main line.

60024 Cholsey 16 August 1991

Viewed from the lofty farm occupation bridge that spans Cholsey Cutting, 60024 Elizabeth Fry heads westwards along the Great Western Mainline with the 6V13 12:18 Furzebrook to Hallen Marsh LPG tanks on 16 August 1991. Consecutively numbered 60025 Joseph Lister had passed this way just 25 minutes earlier.

60024 Baulking 21 April 1992

60024 Elizabeth Fry passes Baulking on a very dull 21 April 1992 with the 6V13 12:18 Furzebrook to Hallen Marsh LPG tanks. This wide open view, with unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside (and Didcot Power Station in the distance!) has long since been replaced by the usual mass of uncontrolled lineside vegetation.

60024 SWindon 28 October 1992

60024 Elizabeth Fry approaches Swindon station on 28 October 1992 with the 6A15 Waterston to Colnbrook aviation fuel tanks. Extensive renovation work is taking place in the background to one of the Great Western Railway's famous Swindon Works buildings. The tracks curving away to the right is the route to Cheltenham, via Kemble and the 'Golden Valley'.

60024 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

60024 was one of the first Class 60s to acquire EWS livery. It is seen here in ex-works condition at Melton Ross on 18 July 1996 with the 6D96 13:00 Welton to Immingham oil tanks. I am convinced that the early EWS repaints used either a slightly different colour or a higher gloss finish, as all later locos seem to look very drab by comparison.

60024 New Barnetby 26 July 1996

60024 passes New Barnetby on 26 July 1996 with the 6D86 13:30 Roxby to Grimsby Tioxide gypsum waste empties. A very dull day, but at least the ex-works loco brightens up the scene. Unfortunately I have got very few pictures of this train, although I did photograph the very last one!

60024 South Moreton 9 October 2003

A ridiculously easy load for 60024 at South Moreton on 9 October 2003. Two empty and two full wagons constitutes the entire load for the 7V27 14:51 Eastleigh to Didcot departmental working. Not much chance of a picture of anything on the fast lines at this time of year!

60024 Wantage Road 6 December 2014

60024 Clitheroe Castle approaches Wantage Road on 6 December 2014 with the 6B33 11:27 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties. Despite the long walk, I particularly wanted to photograph this train at this location, as the farm track running parallel with the line makes an excellent foreground. Also, it is one of the few locations in the Vale of White Horse that is not affected by the lengthening shadows of a winter afternoon.

60024 Appleford 15 August 2019

60024 Clitheroe Castle approaches Appleford on 15 August 2019 with the 6C58 11:45 Oxford Banbury Road to Whatley Quarry stone empties. This was running exactly to time, which was very fortunate, as this corresponded with one of the few lengthy sunny spells. The use of Class 60s on these trains in the dying days of DB Cargo operation, is due to two of the more usual Class 59/2s being sent to Toton for inspection by potential purchasers.

60024 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 5 October 2019

Viewed from the footbridge on the site of Ashbury Crossing, 60024 Clitheroe Castle passes Shrivenham on the dull afternoon of 5 October 2019 with the 6B33 11:50 Theale to Margam Murco oil empties, running exactly on time.

60025 Loughborough 11 August 1990

One tenth of the Class 60 fleet can be seen in various stages of construction in this view of the Brush Works at Loughborough taken on 11 August 1990. In the foreground, 60025 Joseph Lister is nearing completion, with 60033 Anthony Ashley Cooper & 60030 Cir Mhor behind. On the extreme right, with roof hatches open is 60026 William Caxton. The others are unfortunately unidentified.

60025 Cholsey 16 August 1991

60025 Joseph Lister passes through the chalk cutting at Cholsey on 16 August 1991 with the 6B23 13:12 Colnbrook to Waterston oil empties. Just 25 minutes later 60024 Elizabeth Fry would follow it with the 6V13 12:18 Furzebrook to Hallen Marsh LPG tanks.

60025 Culham 17 June 1992

60025 Joseph Lister approaches Culham on 17 June 1992 with the 6M23 15:54 Fawley to Longport LPG and bitumen tanks. Often 50/50 LPG and bitumen, but on this occasion the grubby four wheel bitumen tanks (destined for Bromford Bridge) completely dominate the train.

60025 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

60025 passes Melton Ross on 18 July 1996 with the 6E54 10:37 Kingsbury to Humber empty oil tanks. The worst possible lighting conditions - backlit, around the middle of the day, and in high summer. However, it was always worth photographing any loco in the distinctive Loadhaul colour scheme.

60025 Elton & Orston 13 June 1998

60025 passes through Elton & Orston station on 13 June 1998 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z55 01:47 (yes, really!) Watford Junction to Warrington 'Birthday Bash' railtour. This was run to celebrate 25 years of Pathfinder Tours (originally F&W Railtours). 60025 worked the train between Leicester and Grantham. Pathfinder must like this particular Loadhaul 60, as it also appeared on one of their tours the following year

60025 Linlithgow 24 May 1999

60025 approaches Linlithgow on 24 May 1999 with the early running Mondays only 6N71 17:05 Linkswood to Mossend oil empties. This service provides aviation fuel for RAF Leuchars. Note the two Forth bridges on the horizon. Although this looks like a pleasant spring day, there was in fact a terrific gale blowing and it was all I go do to keep the camera steady and pointing in the right direction. Also the shadow just behind the train was traveling up the line faster than the 60, so I was lucky to get this in the sun!

60025 Goole 19 June 1999

60025 slowly weaves across from the down platform at Goole station, over the level crossing and into the up goods loop with the Pathfinder Tours 'Spinning Spectre' railtour on 19 June 1999. The train had arrived a few minutes earlier as the 1Z90 05:49 Bristol Temple Meads to Goole, led by 47315, which had taken over the train at Doncaster. 37516 & 37679 had worked between Bristol and Toton, 56098 & 58001 between Toton and Worksop, and 66005 between Worksop and Doncaster. After a 90 minute break at Goole the tour headed back as the 1Z91 15:50 Goole to Bristol Temple Meads, with 60025 being replaced by 37516 & 37679 at Sheffield.

60025 Maud's Bridge 26 April 2003

An interesting mixed load for 60025 Caledonian Paper on 26 April 2003, as it passes Maud's Bridge with the 6D65 10:01 Doncaster to Immingham Enterprise service. Unfortunately this was running very early, which resulted in the lighting being much more head than I would have liked. This minuscule load hardly warrants the use of a Class 60, but by 2003 EWS was rapidly disposing of its Class 37 fleet, which would be more appropriate traction for this job.

60025 Broken Cross 18 February 2008

60025 Caledonian Paper passes Broken Cross (between Lydney and Gloucester) with the 6B13 05:10 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks on 18 February 2008. Note the crude patch painting of the yellow front end, which certainly needs some attention. Luckily the sun is still just glancing across the front end, but the lighting is not as good as when 60071 passed a little earlier, especially as the frost has now disappeared from the ballast.