60019 Purton 17 June 2017

This is certainly not the picture I was anticipating, although it does have a certain novelty value, as getting a picture of a pair of freight trains passing each other along the Chepstow to Gloucester line takes some doing, given the distinct lack of trains. 60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes Purton on 17 June 2017 with the 6B13 05:00 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil tanks, while the considerably shorter 6V05 09:20 Round Oak to Margam steel empties heads in the opposite direction, hauled by 66143. Unfortunately, unlike the previous Saturday, where 6B13 was 45 minutes early, today it was 36 minutes late, which made all the difference to the lighting angle, and of course allowed 6V05 to get in the way!