66186 Moreton-in-Marsh 15 August 2009

66186 passes through Moreton-in-Marsh station with the 6W88 Hinksey to Chipping Campden ballast on 15 August 2009. Unfortunately I had to take this picture from the 'wrong' or shady side as there is no other option nowadays, especially as I wanted to picture it about to pass the semaphore signal still at danger (it was just about to enter the engineering possession). In the 1980s I would have been able to take this from the proper angle, but that was before Budgens was built (on the extreme right of this view). The supermarket and several fast growing trees have completely obliterated the view. Alternatively the view from the bridge in the background was also clear years ago, but not so now. Note the flock of pigeons wheeling across the sky in the background.