66206 Goole Docks 14 November 2015

66206 slowly approaches the extreme end of the line in Goole Docks on 14 November 2015 with the UK Railtours 1Z25 07:14 Finsbury Park to Goole Docks 'Galloping Goolie' railtour. This was not quite the picture I had planned, but the unexpected speed with which the railtour reversed on each line caught me slightly by surprise. The picture does however show the unique spectacle of a passenger train at Lower Bridge Street, Goole. The line formerly crossed the road, and ran between Stanhope Street and Railway Dock, and then fed a network of sidings around Aldam and Ouse Docks. These sidings were once the home of Goole's resident Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 0-4-0ST 'Pugs', such as the locally famous 'Three Little Ducks' 51222.