Class 66

66200 Baulking 28 March 2007

One of the few named EWS Class 66s, 66200 Railway Heritage Committee passes Baulking on 28 March 2007 with a rake of empty HTA coal wagons forming the 4D12 13:09 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth service. Although it was a sunny day, by the afternoon it had got so hazy that it hardly looks like the sun is shining at all. Note the very weak shadow to the left of the loco.

66200 Hinksey 2 May 2007

66200 Railway Heritage Committee passes under the A423 Oxford ring road and approaches Hinksey with the 6M58 14:10 Southampton Western Docks to Bescot Ford Transits on 2 May 2007. The line on the extreme right is the approach to Hinksey Yard, which is used by car trains from BMW's Cowley plant. Kennington Junction, the junction for the Cowley branch is a little distance the other side of the bridge.

66200 South Moreton 7 May 2013

66200 Railway Heritage Committee runs slowly along the down relief line at South Moreton on 7 May 2013 with the 6V27 13:28 Eastleigh to Hinksey departmental working. As can be seen from the amount of dead Cow Parsley stems in the foreground, this is not an ideal summer photographic location, as vegetation tends to get in the way. And yes, I am standing on a stepladder!

66200 Washwood Heath 9 July 2013

Completely dwarfed by the two disused gas holders at Washwood Heath, 66200 Railway Heritage Committee trundles along the relief line on 9 July 2013 with the 7G24 09:19 Washwood Heath to Bescot departmental working, conveying new concrete sleepers.

66200 Hinksey 7 February 2018

66200 passes Hinksey Yard on 7 February 2018 with the 4O21 09:15 Trafford Park to Southampton Western Docks intermodal. Coincidentally, 66100 had worked the 4O43 05:49 Wakefield Europort to Southampton Western Docks a couple of hours earlier.

66200 Manningford Bruce 15 February 2023

66200 passes Manningford Bruce on 15 February 2023 with the 6M78 07:07 Tytherington Quarry to Quainton Railhead, conveying another load of stone for the controversial, and already massively over budget, HS2 project.

66201 Battledown Flyover 30 March 2003

66201 passes Battledown Flyover on 30 March 2003 with the 6Z36 10:00 Feltham to Eastleigh departmental working, and is about to pass a typical Southern Railway PW hut, one of the many products of the Exmouth Junction concrete works.

66201 Shrivenham 15 November 2007

Palisade fencing in abundance at Shrivenham on 15 November 2007. 66201 passes the site of the former station with the 4D12 13:13 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth coal empties. Note the former signal sighting patch on the road overbridge in the background.

66201 Uffington 24 October 2013

66201 passes a field of maize near the site of Uffington station on 24 October 2013, as it heads eastwards with the 6Z26 09:06 Westbury to Stud Farm ballast empties. Being a track level shot, this might be one of the few good photographic locations left on the Vale of White Horse line when the wires go up, depending of course on mast positioning!

66202 Shrivenham 9 November 2006

66202 approaches the site of Shrivenham station on 9 November 2006 with the 4D12 13:09 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth coal empties. The footbridge in the background marks the site of Ashbury Level Crossing.

66202 Hatfield & Stainforth 15 March 2007

66202 approaches Hatfield & Stainforth station on 15 March 2007 with another load of imported coal from Immingham. This location sees a constant procession of such coal trains, but other than the fact that some are hauled by Freightliner's green 66s, there is no variety of traction. Such is progress!

66202 South Moreton (Didcot East) 24 May 2007

66202 pulls away from a signal check at South Moreton (Didcot East) on 24 May 2007, whilst working the 6C23 10:15 Hayes to East Usk stone empties. Unfortunately not the much more preferable Class 60 on this occasion!

66203 Hambleton West Junction 24 May 2001

66203 has just a single TTA tank wagon in tow as it passes Hambleton West Junction on 24 May 2001 with the 6D99 10:57 Selby to Knottingley TMD Enterprise service. In view of this comically short load, I decided to forgo the conventional viewpoint, and opt instead for this broadside view. This was part of a trip working that originated from Doncaster, and in addition to Knottingley, would call at Gascoigne Wood, before heading back to Doncaster.

66205 & 66114 Culham 3 May 2024

66205 & 66114 pass the Brunel designed station building at Culham on 3 May 2024, as they head south with the Branch Line Society 1Z33 12:24 Hinksey Reception Lines to Gloucester 'Return Of The Shedi' railtour. 45 minutes earlier the train had headed north hauled by D6515 (33012) Lt Jenny Lewis RN, which can now be seen on the rear of the train. This picture was within a few seconds of being completely ruined by 802109 heading in the opposite direction with the 1W02 11:52 Paddington to Hereford GWR service.

66206 Acton Turville 18 July 2013

66206 passes Acton Turville on 18 July 2013 with the 6V47 10:13 Tilbury to Trostre empty steel carrying cargowagons. This picture is taken from a farm occupation bridge, which appears to be used solely by the occasional railway photographer. The approach to the bridge from both directions is completely overgrown, and has obviously not seen a tractor for many years. However, someone has made sure that this view of the track is kept clear!

66206 Cholsey 8 July 2014

With the chimney and cooling towers of the disused Didcot Power Station standing out clearly in the early morning light, 66206 passes Cholsey on 8 July 2014 with the 6O15 17:27 Mossend to Eastleigh Enterprise service. It looks like a conventional intermodal train at first, but notice the flat wagons, tanks and vans at the rear, which indicates that this is in fact a wagonload service.

66206 Park Drain 14 March 2015

The donkey is much too interested in his food to notice 66206 passing by on 14 March 2015 with the diverted 4E32 12:05 Dollands Moor to Scunthorpe steel empties. The location is Park Drain (between Gainsborough and Doncaster).

66206 Lower Basildon 30 March 2015

A track worker begins measuring the signal troughing at Lower Basildon on 30 March 2015, as 66206 passes by with the 6M48 10:34 Southampton Eastern Docks to Halewood empty car carriers. The march of progress is evident here, with the installation of the overhead electrification masts.

66206 Compton Beauchamp 12 October 2015

Already filthy after only a couple of weeks of work on the Rail Head Treatment Train, 66206 passes Compton Beauchamp on 12 October 2015 with the 3J43 02:53 Didcot Fuelling Point to Didcot Fuelling Point (via West Ealing) RHTT. 66075 is on the rear. The train had travelled via Chippenham and Newbury in both directions.

66206 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 14 November 2015

A fine show of autumn foliage at Goole on 14 November 2015 as 66206 approaches Potters Grange Junction with the UK Railtours 1Z25 07:14 Finsbury Park to Goole Docks 'Galloping Goolie' railtour. 66037 can be seen on the rear of the train.

66206 Goole Docks 14 November 2015

66206 slowly approaches the extreme end of the line in Goole Docks on 14 November 2015 with the UK Railtours 1Z25 07:14 Finsbury Park to Goole Docks 'Galloping Goolie' railtour. This was not quite the picture I had planned, but the unexpected speed with which the railtour reversed on each line caught me slightly by surprise. The picture does however show the unique spectacle of a passenger train at Lower Bridge Street, Goole. The line formerly crossed the road, and ran between Stanhope Street and Railway Dock, and then fed a network of sidings around Aldam and Ouse Docks. These sidings were once the home of Goole's resident Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 0-4-0ST 'Pugs', such as the locally famous 'Three Little Ducks' 51222.

66206 Saltmarshe 14 November 2015

66206 passes Saltmarshe station at speed on 14 November 2015 with the UK Railtours 1Z27 14:42 Goole to Finsbury Park (via Hull) 'Galloping Goolie' railtour. There was plenty of warning of the train's approach, as it could clearly be heard hooting when leaving Goole, nearly three miles away! The rain has certainly added to the atmosphere, by providing a reflection of the headlight on the platform. There is not a signal malfunction, but this particular frame has failed to register the green aspect for the approaching southbound DMU, obviously due to the pulsating LED lighting.

66206 Thorne Junction 18 December 2016

66206 approaches Thorne Junction on 18 December 2016 with the 4R50 12:43 Milford West Sidings to Immingham biomass empties. Behind the train is the Hatfield Colliery spoil heap, which in February 2013 spectacularly slipped onto the railway line, causing all four tracks to be destroyed over a considerable distance.

66206 Heyford 9 March 2017

66206 sweeps through Heyford station on 9 March 2017 with the 6O42 11:31 Halewood to Southampton Eastern Docks car train. A Class 66, canal narrowboats, and several hundred Range Rovers (hidden in the wagons), all in one picture!

66206 Uffington 1 February 2020

66206 passes Uffington on 1 February 2020 with the 4V96 12:38 Banbury Reservoir to Bristol East stone empties. Soot on the roof, and diesel spillage on the fuel tank, add to the loco's general grubby appearance.

66206 Heck Ings 15 March 2022

Having just joined the Goole to Knottingley line at Hensall (Drax Branch) Junction, 66206 passes Heck Ings on 15 March 2022 with the 4R50 10:31 Drax Power Station to Immingham biomass empties. The Drax 'Renewable Pioneers' wagons certainly make a statement!

66207 Tackley 21 May 2009

66207 approaches Tackley with the 6M58 14:10 Southampton Western Docks to Bescot Ford car train on 21 May 2009. The removal of a large number of lineside bushes has recently opened up the view along this stretch of line.

66207 Little Haresfield 19 January 2011

The sun is getting decidedly head on, as 66207 passes Little Haresfield on 19 January 2011 with the 6V99 Worcester to St Blazey china clay empties. 6V99 normally runs overnight from Bescot to St Blazey, but on this occasion was recessed at Worcester, allowing for this unusual daylight picture. The lighting was much better and the traction much brighter an hour and a half before, when 60011 passed by!

66207 South Moreton (Didcot East) 8 March 2011

With a single mismatched ex RMC hopper at the head of the train, 66207 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) on 8 March 2011 with the 6Z52 11:09 Appleford to Bow Olympic spoil empties. The loaded train conveys waste material from the construction of the London 2012 Olympic venue.

66207 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 13 July 2013

66207 passes Oxford (Walton Well Road) on 13 July 2013 with the 6M44 05:18 Southampton Eastern Docks to Halewood empty car carriers. Oxford's down carriage sidings in the background are plating host to a pair of First Great Western Turbo units.

66207 Islip (Brookfurlong Farm) 12 December 2013

The morning sun has just disappeared into an advancing cloud front on 12 December 2013, as 66207 approaches Brookfurlong Farm crossing, near Islip, with the 6A49 12:10 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores. The vintage bullhead track had just months left, with the line's upgrading seeing total route modernisation.

66207 Oxford North Junction 12 July 2014

66207 approaches Oxford North Junction on 12 July 2014 with the 7A14 05:27 Westbury to Oxford Banbury Road stone train. This will shortly be weaving across all the tracks seen here, in order to gain the single track branch to the stone terminal. At this time the line is closed for passenger trains between Oxford and Bicester.

66207 Culham 11 June 2015

With the evening sun rapidly fading out into high cloud, 66207 approaches Culham on 11 June 2015 with the 4V39 17:36 Southampton Eastern Docks to Morris Cowley empty car carriers. This is an obvious choice of location for this train, as the recent vegetation clearance has opened a lengthy clear stretch of embankment, ideal for such a long train.

66207 Woodborough 11 October 2016

66207 passes Woodborough loops on 11 October 2016 with the 6M20 08:30 Whatley Quarry to Churchyard Sidings Mendip Rail stone train. Note the point levers next to the signal on the right. These control the exit from Woodborough's two remaining sidings. The buffers stops can be seen above the middle of the train.

66207 Wolfhall 17 January 2019

66207 passes Wolfhall on 17 January 2019 with the 6M20 10:37 Whatley Quarry to St Pancras (Churchyard Sidings) stone train. The trees on the right mark the course of the former Midland & South Western Junction Railway.

66207 Uffington 17 May 2022

66207 passes Uffington on 17 May 2022 with the 6C03 09:33 Northolt Sidings to Severnside Sita Binliner. The 'tramlines' in the wheat crop mark the approximate course of the Wilts & Berks Canal, which closed in 1914.

66210 Cample 8 June 2007

A balmy evening at Cample, on the Glasgow & South Western Line on 8 June 2007. 66210 heads south with the 6E92 15:00 Greenburn to Drax Power Station coal train. This kind of train basically accounts for the skewed figures that show that railfreight has increased over recent years. Instead of Drax's coal coming from just around the corner at Gascoigne Wood, here it is coming all the way from Scotland!

66211 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 20 July 2006

A long lens view of 66211, as it approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 20 July 2006 with the 6D13 11:12 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station imported coal. Foreign loco, foreign railfreight operator, foreign coal!

66213 Over 29 March 2008

66213 passes the site of Over Junction, near Gloucester with the 6M60 23:41 Tavistock Junction to Bescot china clay train on 29 March 2008. The line to Gloucester Docks diverged to the left behind the bushes on the left. Just visible on the right is Thomas Telford's magnificent bridge over the River Severn. Now no longer used by road traffic, this flat arched bridge has a very worrying slight dip in the middle which occurred when the temporary framework used in the construction was removed in 1829. Telford left the bridge for a couple of years before opening it to see if the dip increased, which thankfully it didn't!

66213 Natton 6 March 2012

Neatly framed by an conveniently positioned overhanging tree, 66213 passes Natton on 6 March 2012 with the 6V05 09:10 Round Oak to Margam steel empties. Just visible in the background amid the trees is the main road bridge at Ashchurch.

66217 Culham 21 June 2001

66217 passes Culham in the last of the evening light on 21 June 2001 with the 6M73 19:04 Swindon to Liverpool Alexandra Dock scrap train. This was once one of my favourite locations for an evening's photography, but this is just about the last time I ventured there in the evening, as the bushes have now taken over.

66218 Radley 9 May 2000

Even though the 6O72 12:49 Wolverhampton to Hoo Junction steel empties was usually Class 58 hauled right up to that class's withdrawal in late 2002, it was my misfortune to find a Class 66 working the train on one of the few occasions that I photographed it. 66218 passes through Radley station on 9 May 2000. The fact that this was running nearly three hours late might explain what happened to the 58!

66219 & 37714 Elford 25 May 2001

In atrocious light on 25 May 2001, 66219 passes Elford with the 18:42 Toton to Bescot departmental working with 37714 dead in tow (as L031 for export to Spain), after failing to run as the booked 6P37 working earlier in the day. Just my luck, as not only was the weather awful but there was a 'Shed' was on the front, rather than a 37 which worked the train a few days previusly.

66220 Old Denaby 10 May 2007 Damn, this wasn't the type of loco I was expecting! In lieu of the expected Class 60, 66220 rounds the corner at Old Denaby on 10 May 2007 with the 6M55 09:50 Lindsey to Rectory Junction oil tanks. Never mind, harsh lighting and sun not on the front!
66221 Maud's Bridge 13 March 2008

What a rubbish train! A grubby 66221 leads the 6M07 10:33 Roxby to Pendleton empty GMC Binliner past Maud's Bridge on 13 March 2008, in a lucky patch of sun (almost). The Stainforth & Keadby Canal runs parallel with the railway, just to the right of this picture.

66221 Minsterworth 6 April 2011

With the blackthorn hedges in full bloom and Churcham church visible in the background, 66221 passes Minsterworth on 6 April 2011 with the 4E66 08:55 Margam to Redcar coal empties. Luckily the farmer has kept the nearest hedge well clipped, enabling a clear view of the line.

66221 Bishops Itchington 26 March 2012

66221 heads north past Bishops Itchington on 26 March 2012 with the 6M50 07:36 Westbury to Bescot ballast. I'm not quite sure why somebody has bothered to clean the paintwork around the EWS 'three beasties' logo on the cabside!

66221 Denchworth 8 July 2013

66221 runs along the up relief line at Denchworth on 8 July 2013 with the 6X50 07:36 Westbury to Bescot departmental working, prior to a long wait at Wantage Road to allow several HSTs to go past. This train is always worth photographing, due its interesting and varied consist, which on this occasion includes a number of point carrier wagons.

66221 Denchworth 14 December 2013

66221 passes Denchworth on 14 December 2013 with the 6V13 08:12 Dollands Moor to Margam steel empties. No way would I normally consider taking a picture of an EWS liveried 66 in such poor light, but on this occasion I wanted a record of the first stage of the forthcoming Great Western Mainline electrification. Note the recently marked position for the overhead catenary mast in the lower left corner of the picture.

66221 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 18 January 2018

66221 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 18 January 2018 with the 4B35 10:33 Acton to Moreton-on-Lugg stone empties. Always worth a picture with its mixture of red and ex National Power blue wagons, but nothing like as interesting as another empty stone train that followed 40 minutes later, when the diverted 6V42 08:13 Wellingborough to Whatley Quarry train passed in even better lighting conditions.

66221 Challow 1 December 2020

66221 slowly comes to a halt in the down loop at Challow on 1 December 2020 with the 6C03 09:33 Northolt Sidings to Severnside Sita Binliner. This waited here for a few minutes in order to allow a GWR Class 800 unit to overtake.

66221 Challow 1 December 2020

An arty picture of 66221 at Challow on 1 December 2020, as it waits in the down loop with the 6C03 09:33 Northolt Sidings to Severnside Sita Binliner. After taking a conventional picture from the field, of the train arriving, there wasn't enough time to get to another location before the train moved off again. There is also now no chance of an unobstructed view from the road bridge, but despite the fact that the loco is almost entirely hidden by the bush, the inclusion of the Challow Station sign makes the picture. The sign must confuse some people, as there is no station anymore, but the few houses next to the railway are now known as Challow Station!

66223 Hinksey 21 April 2007

On 21 April 2007, 66223 arrives at Hinksey Yard, near Oxford with the 4L44 17:09 Cowley to Purfleet car train, conveying Minis from the BMW plant. This train uses the yard to run round, there being no direct connection for southbound trains from the Cowley branch.  Note the rakes of ballast wagons in the foreground. Hinksey is now a dedicated ballast loading point, much to the annoyance of local residents who are suddenly surprised that it can be noisy living near a railway!

66226 Compton Beauchamp 29 May 2003

66226 heads west along the Great Western Mainline and passes Compton Beauchamp on 29 May 2003 with the 4D22 17:52 Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth coal empties. The wide formation on the left indicates that originally there was an up relief line at this point.

66226 Old Denaby 17 April 2006

66226 passes Old Denaby on 17 April 2006 with the eastbound steel empties. The silver birch trees now effectively hide the view of the River Don and the Mexborough New Cut Canal, and also the town of Mexborough.

66226 Bourton 7 October 2006

The Swindon Honda factory dominates the background, as 66226 heads east past Bourton with the 6D09 06:49 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station imported coal on 7 October 2006. Note the crossovers, which have proved very useful for wrong line working on occasions.

66227 Defford 17 July 2000

66227 passes Defford on 17 July 2000 with the 7M12 18:28 Newport Alexandra Dock Junction to Bescot departmental working. In the background, a hot air balloon takes advantage of the cooler evening temperature to gain some extra lift.

66228 Didcot North Junction 22 July 2002

66228 is just a few yards into its journey, as it passes Didcot North Junction on 22 July 2002 with the 6M19 07:16 Didcot to Kineton MoD stores. Like most of the former EWS locos in the 662xx series, this loco is now at work in France.

66230 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 8 May 2007

66230 pulls slowly away from Goole, passing Potters Grange Junction, with the late running 6H93 17:04 Goole to Peterborough Yard sand empties on 8 May 2007. The train had earlier emerged from the line on the extreme left which connects with the new 97m Guardian float glass factory.

66230 Holywood 8 June 2007

66230 approaches Holywood with 6E68 New Cumnock to Carlisle Yard coal train on 8 June 2007. The former Glasgow & South Western Railway line is busy with coal traffic from the Ayr district, and still has semaphore signals and many items of traditional railway infrastructure.

66230 Harrowden Junction 11 January 2014

Shortly after sunrise on 11 January 2014, 66230 runs along the bi-directional relief line at Harrowden Junction with the 6C31 07:27 Mountsorrel to Radlett Redland stone train. Furnace Cottages, Finedon form the distinctive backdrop.

66230 Cossington 31 March 2016

66230 passes Cossington on 31 March 2016 with the 6M82 05:19 Drax Power Station to Hotchley Hill (East Leake) gypsum. It's getting hard to tell that the containers are painted blue, such is the amount of encrusted grime.

66230 Challow 26 November 2017 66230 stands on the down main line at Challow on 26 November 2017 during a Sunday engineering possession. What is not apparent from this picture, is that just a few feet in front of it is another lengthy ballast train led by 66076. They were each waiting to return to Westbury. Both trains had just moved up a few yards, after the departure of the third train in the group, but there was no sign of this moving, therefore there was plenty of time to wait for the sun to come out for this perfectly lit picture.
66230 Standish Junction 13 January 2018

66230 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 06:38 Banbury to Westerleigh Murco 'Severn Aggregator' railtour at Standish Junction on 13 January 2018. 60001 is the lead loco. I wouldn't normally bother to risk dashing across the busy main road just to photograph a 'Shed', but as this is one of the bright red ones, I relented.

66231 Hinksey 6 June 2000

Just one week after being unloaded from the MV Stellaprima heavy cargo ship at Newport Docks, 66231 passes Hinksey Yard on 6 June 2000 with the early running 6M56 Didcot Power Station to Toton MGR empties.

66232 Pilning 27 April 2010

66232 climbs out of the Severn Tunnel and passes Pilning on 27 April 2010 with the 6L97 12:35 Newport Grange Sidings to Lea Interchange, conveying furnace slag for use as hardcore in the construction of the London 2012 Olympic site. Just the right length train to fit in the available gap before the bushes start!

66233 Culham 21 June 2001

66233 passes Culham on 21 June 2001 with the 6S65 15:19 Eastleigh to Mossend Enterprise mixed freight service, which on this occasion, apart from the single LPG tank at the rear, is composed entirely of containerised MoD stores.

66234 Wolvercote Junction 13 August 2003

66234 slowly approaches Wolvercote Junction on 13 August 2003 with a loaded ballast train for the Cotswold Line. This was fairly unusual in itself, but what was more noteworthy was that just a few yards further on the train stopped, and then spent 15 minutes with the rear of the train completely blocking the junction! This was because it was following the Cotswold Line's evening 'all stations' DMU, which had to get to Ascott-under-Wychwood before this train could proceed. This was annoying, as the 6M28 18:23 Didcot to Bescot departmental working was waiting one signal behind, and by the time that had a clear road, the light had gone!

66236 Cample 8 June 2007

66236 passes Cample on 8 June 2007 with the  6E68 15:30 New Cumnock to Drax Power Station loaded coal hoppers. An hour later another coal train passed by, but this time with the more traditional four wheel HAA wagons.

66238 Worlaby Carrs 24 May 2001

66238 passes through the flat Lincolnshire landscape at Worlaby Carrs on 24 May 2001 with the lightly loaded 6D66 15:20 Immingham to Doncaster Enterprise. This service was an early convert to 'Shed' haulage, unlike the same day's Hull trip.

66238 Baulking 14 January 2010

Whiteout conditions at Baulking on 14 January 2010. With the drab grey sky and the completely snow covered field in the foreground just leaving a strip of colour in the middle of the picture, 66238 heads west with a reduced load 6B33 13:33 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties. Despite it being a miserably dull day and nearly 15:00 on a winter's afternoon, the mass of snow in the foreground acting like a giant reflector resulted in surprisingly high light readings of 1/500sec f4.5 at ISO 200, even allowing for the 1 stops compensation required for the snow.

66238 Tredington 3 June 2010

66238 hurries past Tredington on 3 June 2010 with the 6V92 10:10 Corby to Margam steel empties on 3 June 2010. The bridge in the background carries a little used footpath from Fiddington to Gotherington, as well as providing field access for the local farmer.

66239 Colnbrook 12 March 2005

In a very brief burst of sunshine, 66239 shunts flyash wagons at Colnbrook on 12 March 2005. The flyash arrives from west Burton Power Station and on this day the shunting operations at Colnbrook had to be suspended for a while as a Class 37 hauled railtour came down the line on the left, and stopped with the train fouling the point that 66239 is seen approaching here.

66239 South Moreton (Didcot East) 24 May 2007

On 24 May 2007, 66239 approaches the site of Moreton Sidings, to the east of Didcot with the 6Z48 12:31 Appleford to Ardingly special working conveying recycled ballast destined for the Bluebell Railway. Note the use of vintage VTG 4 wheel PGA hoppers. If the train had been just a little earlier the picture would have been ruined by two other trains obstructing the foreground. You can just see the HST on the down fast and Voyager on the down relief line receding into the distance.

66240 Steventon 25 September 2004

66240 passes Steventon on 25 September 2004 with the 6D13 06:43 Avonmouth to Didcot Power Station imported coal. At this time Didcot was still receiving large tonnages of coal, with three booked workings even on a Saturday (as here), plus an additional 'as required' path. Note the good crop of apples on the lineside tree on the left.

66242 Elsham 31 December 2001

66242 passes Elsham on 31 December 2001 with the 6C75 13:38 Scunthorpe to Immingham MGR empties. This was one of the locos that was exported to France when EWS started losing traffic to both the recession and its competitors.

66244 Pencoed 15 July 2002

As a minibus crosses the A473 roadbridge at Pencoed, 66244 passes underneath on 15 July 2002 with the 6B03 09:18 Swansea Burrows to Newport Alexandra Dock Junction Enterprise, which was effectively a latter day Speedlink working.

66245 Fenwick 13 September 2003

66245 passes Fenwick on 13 September 2003 with the 6H86 15:15 Heck to Peterborough Yard Plasmor breeze blocks. At this point the train is barely up to speed, being only a couple of miles into its journey. 66245 along with many Class 66s in the 662xx number range was later exported to France, although in this case it has now made it back to the UK.

66245 Castle Donington 29 November 2012

66245 leads the 3J88 Toton to Toton Rail Head Treatment Train past Castle Donington on 29 November 2012. 66072 is on the rear. A typically dirty RHTT pair, although 66245 has had a partial clean. The new siding and run round loop on the left serves a large Marks & Spencer distribution centre, constructed on the site of Castle Donington Power Station.

66246 Metal Bridge 17 May 2002

66246 passes Metal Bridge on 17 May 2002 with the 6S14 10:21 Warrington to Ayr MGR empties. This loco was exported to France in 2007. Although this is in the sparsely populated flat landscape between Carlisle and the River Esk, there was formerly a station next to the level crossing that can just be seen in the distance. Floriston station was opened by the Caledonian Railway in 1847, and surprisingly, considering the lack of any sizeable habitation nearby, managed to survive for over a century, until 1950.

66248 Golant 19 March 2005

66248 passes Golant Harbour on 19 March 2005 as it returns the Pathfinder Tours 'Western Lizard' railtour from Fowey. D1015 Western Champion was of course the highlight of the tour, and had lead the train down the branch. I suppose in 40 years time a Class 66 would be the highlight of such a tour!

66250 Defford 10 April 2007

The highest numbered EWS Class 66, 66250 passes Defford with the 4V09 13:36 Washwood Heath to Portbury Dock coal empties on 10 April 2007 in a brief patch of sun. Luckily the train was traveling faster than the advancing cloud, which is already affecting the background. I chose this location from the minor road in the village rather than the more popular main road bridge, to show off the fresh green foliage as well as depicting a less well used location.

66250 Cample 8 June 2007

66250 passes Cample on 8 June 2007 with the 6M18 17:56 New Cumnock to Earles Sidings MGR. It is interesting to note that whilst most power station traffic had gone over to larger capacity wagons, this train destined for the Hope cement works was sill using four wheel HAA wagons.

66250 Fenwick 16 June 2010

66250 passes Fenwick on 16 June 2010 with the 6D11 14:25 Lackenby to Scunthorpe steel empties. AS you can see, it is still a good location from the level crossing, but the bushes on the left has obstructed the once excellent view from the field on the left.

66250 Compton Beauchamp 14 March 2013

The last of the original batch of 250 Class 66/0s, 66250 passes Compton Beauchamp on 14 March 2013 with the 6M50 07:36 Westbury to Bescot ballast. It was followed five minutes later by 66107 working the 08:01 Westbury to Stud Farm.

66250 Denchworth 23 July 2014

66250 passes Denchworth on 23 July 2014 with the early running 6C48 13:30 Appleford to Whatley Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties, while the 1A17 12:30 Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington First Great Western HST passes by in the background.

66301 Challow 20 September 2008

On 20 September 2008 Fastline Freight ran their first Avonmouth to Ratcliffe Power Station coal train, after several weeks of crew training using Class 56s running light. The first train of empties was booked to run via Oxford rather than the normal route via Cheltenham. However, 40145 was also running a railtour at the same time, and as I couldn't do both obviously the Class 40 took priority over a 'shed', even if it is in a different livery! I did go out in the evening for the first ever loading working, and 66301 is pictured here passing the site of Challow station as it weaves onto the up relief line with the 6M90 14:31 Avonmouth (Bennett's Terminal) to Ratcliffe Power Station, running nine minutes late. Heavily backlit, but a historic picture nonetheless.

66301 Abbotswood 20 March 2009

66301 pulls slowly out of the loop at Abbotswood with the 4V09 10:46 Chaddesden to Portbury coal empties on 20 March 2009. The train was only held in the loop for a few minutes to allow the 07:35 Dundee to Plymouth Cross County service to overtake it. It was fortunate that it was looped, as I was only half way across the field when I saw it entering the loop!

66301 Croome 12 February 2018

66301 Kingmoor TMD passes Croome on 12 February 2018 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. The former Fastline loco had received its Kingmoor TMD name at the Carlisle Open Day in July 2017.

66302 Fiddington 16 March 2012

Former Fastline liveried 66302 passes Fiddington on 16 March 2012 with the 4V38 08:22 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Now part of the DRS fleet, and painted in that company's 'Compass' colour scheme, I never did see this particular machine in the attractive grey livery of its former operator.

66302 Bromsgrove 9 July 2013

Running a staggering three hours late, 66302 passes Bromsgrove on 9 July 2013 with the 4V38 08:23 (in theory!) Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. At least this late running meant that I was able to get the picture, and with a good light angle.

66302 Yarnton 23 January 2023

66302 passes the partially flooded field at Yarnton on 23 January 2023, whilst running as the 0M90 13:14 Hatton to Eastleigh East Yard route learner. Note the position of the former Endeavour nameplate, which was removed when the loco was acquired from DRS.

66302, 66761, 66755 & 66125 Kemble Wick 17 April 2023

66302, 66761 Wensleydale Railway Association 25 Years 1990-2015, 66755 Tony Berkeley OBE RFG Chairman 1997-2018 & 66125 pass Kemble Wick on 17 April 2023 with the diverted 6X01 10:18 Scunthorpe Trent Traffic Centre to Eastleigh East Yard engineer's train. I wouldn't normally go out specially on a dull day for a Class 66 hauled train, but four locos on a diverted working via the Cheltenham to Swindon line was definitely worth recording.

66303 Hinksey 9 January 2010

Making a welcome change from the usual red or green 'sheds', Fastline 66303 passes Hinksey on 9 January 2010 with the 6Z37 09:23 Daw Mill to Didcot Power Station coal. This also marks a return to the days when coal regularly traveled from the Midlands to Didcot, but of course in the good old days the traction would have been Class 56s or 58s, or even back in the days when I was just starting railway photography, Class 47s!

66303 Up Hatherley 18 September 2019

66303 passes Up Hatherley in perfect light on 18 September 2019 with the 4V44 10:44 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. The all blue train contrasts nicely with the first signs of autumn in the lineside foliage.

66303 Eckington 8 June 2023

66303 passes Eckington on 8 June 2023 with the 6O01 10:18 Scunthorpe Trent Traffic Centre to Eastleigh East Yard concrete sleepers. The low train gives an unobstructed view of the church and houses of Eckington village.

66304 South Marston 28 July 2023

66304 passes South Marston on 28 July 2023 with the 6V32 10:22 Tilbury to Trostre Works steel empties. The plain blue livery is completely devoid of any branding, either of former operator DRS, or current operator GBRf.

66304 Puriton 22 August 2023

66304 brings up the rear of the 3Q98 11:15 St Blazey to Margam weedkiller at Puriton on 22 August 2023. 66701 was leading the train, but I didn't take the picture, as not only was the approaching shot severely backlit, but I didn't want to miss this picture while crossing the road and repositioning the stepladder!

66305 Uffington 27 September 2008

Running nearly two hours late, 66305 approaches Uffington with the 6M90 11:30 (allegedly!) Avonmouth to Ratcliffe Power Station coal train on 27 September 2008. This was the second Saturday of this particular working, and I had deliberately gone to Uffington as the sun would still just about have been on the front of this train if it had been running to time. In the event by the time it came the sun was right behind it, just like the previous week! The signal on the left of the line in the distance is the redundant down loop line signal. This together with the corresponding up loop signal are the only evidence (apart from a wider area of ballast) that there once a pair of freight loops at this location.

66305 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 17 February 2015

With the tower of Ashchurch church on the extreme right, and the spire of Bredon church just visible above the large building on the left, 66305 passes Claydon on 17 February 2015 with the 4V38 08:20 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner.

66305 Lickey Incline 12 April 2015

66305 descends the Lickey Incline on 12 April 2015 with the 4V38 09:06 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. This is one of a very limited number of booked Sunday revenue earning freight trains, although of course Sunday normally sees numerous engineer's trains.

66305 Ledburn 25 November 2016

Looking smart after its recent repaint, 66305 passes Ledburn on 25 November 2016 with the 4L48 12:37 Daventry to Purfleet Tesco intermodal. This had actually left over an hour late, but by missing out its booked layover at Northampton, was just 28 minutes behind time when it passed me.

66305 Tredington 26 February 2019

66305 approaches Tredington on 26 February 2019 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. The heat haze in front of the Fiddington bridge in the background is from the loco's exhaust, but it could almost be from the ambient conditions, as this was the hottest February day since records began!

66305 Yarnton 4 March 2024

66305 is so filthy that it is difficult to tell what livery it is wearing, as it passes Yarnton on 4 March 2024 with the 4M19 11:47 Southampton Western Docks to East Midlands Gateway intermodal. Someone has cleaned around the number on the front, and added various other markings, including what appears to be a 51F (West Auckland) shed code!

66306 Heyford 11 May 2024

66306 SCS Logistics passes Heyford on 11 May 2024 with the 4M16 05:44 Southampton Western Docks to Ditton (O'Connor) intermodal. I knew that at this location the rear of the train would be cut off by bushes, but by a pure fluke I have managed to photograph the whole loaded portion of the train! The eight boxes seen here constitute the entire load, with just a long string of flats behind. The white panel on the side of the loco mentions the Skanska Costain Strabag Joint Venture (SCS) connection with the construction of the HS2 project. The loco failed in the Birmingham area, and had to be rescued by classmate 66731 Captain Tom Moore, which resulted in a delay of over four hours.

66402 Wootton Rivers 22 June 2010

Running over two hours late (which meant my very early alarm call was a waste of time!), 66402 passes Wootton Rivers on 22 June 2010 with the 4E31 06:25 Taunton Fairwater to Whitemoor scrap sleepers. The loco is on hire to GBRf, but still sports DRS livery, although with all branding removed.

66403 Long Marston 6 September 2010

66403 leaves Long Marston on 6 September 2010 with the 6E53 13:11 Long Marston to Doncaster Decoy, conveying a rake of Fastline coal hoppers, which had been in store at the depot  for several months following the collapse of Fastline. 66403 is one of the former DRS locos which is now on hire to GBRf, hence the rather crudely painted out DRS logo on the side. Although the loco had arrived, coupled up to the wagons, and performed a brake test long before the booked departure time, the crew decided to wait for the official time to leave. During this long wait it gradually got brighter, then the sun came out unexpectedly, and then of course it went back in again!

66403 Broad Marston 6 September 2010

After seeing 66403 leave Long Marston with the 6E53 13:11 Long Marston to Doncaster Decoy Fastline hopper stock move on 6 September 2010, I quickly nipped around the corner to see it pass Broad Marston. Although this location doesn't really show much of the train, I wasn't go to bother chasing it any further given the poor weather conditions. Note the painted out DRS logo on the side of the locomotive.

66404 Allandale 16 June 2006

Malcolm Logistics branded 66404 passes Allandale with the 4N78 12:56 Elderslie to Grangemouth containers on 16 June 2006. This is on the predominantly freight only line between Greenhill Junction and Cumbernauld, although within sight of the busy Falkirk to Glasgow line with is procession of passenger services. Note the typical Scottish weather, with the clouds hanging low over the Campsie Fells in the background.

66407 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 8 August 2006

66407 was on hire to Freightliner on 8 August 2006, and is pictured here approaching Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham with the 4V60 10:55 Calvert to Bristol Binliner empties. Typical - unusual traction and what happens - the sun goes in whilst still being out fully in the background, which is the photographer's worst nightmare. Thanks heavens for Photoshop layers! Normally I wouldn't bother to resurrect a picture in these conditions to produce this acceptable result, but this is my only picture of a DRS Class 66 on the 'Bins'.

66412 Tackley 3 October 2011

Former DRS 66412 began work for Freightliner in late 2011, and is seen here on 3 October approaching Tackley with the 4O49 10:32 Birch Coppice to Southampton freightliner. Not much sign of its former Malcolm Rail livery, although the red and yellow markings on the front end make it immediately identifiable from a distance.

66412 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 18 October 2011

This is what a Class 66 looks like between operators. Former DRS 66412 is pictured here in plain black livery, with no hint of its new Freightliner ownership. It passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 18 October 2011 with the 4V50 10:54 Southampton to Wentloog freightliner. Obviously soon to be repainted into Freightliner green, it seems a pity, as it looks quite distinctive, especially with its front end embellishments.

66413 Yarnton 4 April 2018

66413 passes Yarnton in the rain on 4 April 2018 with the 4M61 13:00 Southampton Maritime to Trafford Park freightliner. The Freightliner stickers on the front and cabside are the only clue to the loco's new owners, with the livery still being DRS blue.

66413 Wolvercote 2 August 2018

On its first day in traffic after being painted into Freightliner's new Genesee & Wyoming livery, 66413 passes Wolvercote on 2 August 2018 with the 4M67 14:17 Southampton Maritime to Hams Hall freightliner. Prior to its arrival I knew that there were no boxes directly behind the loco, but was still surprised that nearly half the train was empty! I was also surprised that no other photographer turned up at this location, especially as it is one of a limited number of spots in the Oxford area where the sun is on the front at this time. Note the dust being kicked up from the newly laid track.

66413 Tackley 6 August 2018

Smell the paint! Genesee & Wyoming liveried 66413 runs alongside the public footpath at Tackley on 6 August 2018 with the 4M67 14:17 Southampton Maritime to Hams Hall freightliner. This was slowing down prior to stopping at the next signal, as all trains were, due to a track defect. I had hoped that this, along with some earlier late running, would mean that the sun would be on the front here. However, it was only half an hour late passing me, and so the sun was not quite round, although at least the sun was fully out!

66413 Hinksey 11 August 2018

66413 passes Hinksey on 11 August 2018 with the 4O14 07:29 Lawley Street to Southampton Maritime freightliner. Being the first of the class in the new pale orange livery, the loco is getting photographed wherever it goes. How many years will it take before the livery is commonplace, and everyone is chasing after the last of the rusty green ones?

66413 Tackley 23 June 2020

66413 Lest We Forget passes Tackley on 23 June 2020 with the 4M99 17:00 Southampton Maritime to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. This was only four minutes late here, but due to problems in the Leamington Spa area, it would be severely delayed at Banbury, and would pass Coventry 54 minutes late.

66413 South Marston 12 May 2021

66413 Lest We Forget passes South Marston on 12 May 2021 with the 6A15 08:32 Whatley Quarry to Oxford Banbury Road Mendip Rail stone train. Luckily this was travelling reasonably slowly, as when it first came into view it was completely cloudy. Although not quite full sun, this is a much better result than I was expecting, as the sun appeared at the very last moment.

66413 Baulking 18 May 2022

66413 Lest We Forget passes Baulking on 18 May 2022 with the 6A60 08:32 Whatley Quarry to Oxford Banbury Road Mendip Rail stone train. There used to be a footpath crossing here many years ago, but clearly the embankment reinforcements now precludes that!

66414 Baulking 12 May 2014

66414 passes Baulking on 12 May 2014 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. The former DRS Stobart Rail branded James The Engine doesn't look anything like as impressive now that its striking livery has been obliterated by a coat of dark blue paint.

66414 Kennington 28 July 2014

Now looking very tatty, the former DRS Stobart Rail branded 66414 passes Kennington on 28 July 2014 with the 4O48 11:26 Hams Hall to Southampton freightliner. It's unusual blue livery would have looked a bit more impressive if the sun had decided to go in!

66414 Compton Beauchamp 20 April 2015

66414 passes Compton Beauchamp on 20 April 2015 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This is my first photograph of a Class 66 in Freightliner's 'Powerhaul' livery, and although the increased area of black on the front makes it look a little odd, otherwise I think it is quite smart. The last time I saw this loco it was in unbranded DRS blue.

66414 Aynho Junction 16 May 2015

66414 slowly approaches Aynho Junction on 16 May 2015 with the 4O14 07:37 Hams Hall to Southampton freightliner. It would soon be entering the loop to allow the 1O82 06:16 Leeds to Southampton Central CrossCountry Voyager to pass. Kings Sutton church dominates the background of this view.

66414 Shipton 14 August 2015

High summer on the Cotswold Line! 66414 races through Shipton station in the rain on 14 August 2015 with the 6V34 04:43 Ipswich to Long Marston (or just as far as Honeybourne if Realtime Trains was to be believed!), conveying a rake of freightliner flats. Despite the awful weather I wanted a picture of this train passing some identifiable location on the southern section of the Cotswold Line, as freight trains of any description are few and far between. In retrospect this probably wasn't the best choice of location, as the tanker parked in F.W.P. Matthews car park almost looks like part of the train at first glance! As far as I know, this is the first visit of a Powerhaul liveried loco to the Cotswold Line. Note the reproduction GWR station seat on the left.

66414 Denchworth 7 September 2015

66414 runs along the up relief line at Denchworth on 7 September 2015 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This location is not particularly popular with photographers (because a signal gantry next to the bridge restricts the viewpoint somewhat). The much more popular Circourt Bridge can be seen in the background.

66414 Somerton 28 November 2015

66414 passes Somerton on 28 November 2015 with the 4O14 07:37 Hams Hall to Southampton Maritime freightliner. This was a lucky patch of sunshine, on a day when the initial bright start had already given way to cloud, despite the Met Office having forecast sun until around mid morning! Note how the Network Rail works in the foreground have exposed the crumbling remains of the old concrete fence, which will now presumably be replaced by something much more intrusive.

66414 Denchworth 18 February 2016

66414 runs slowly along the up relief line at Denchworth on 18 February 2016 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. It was lucky that it was only travelling slowly, as the 1A11 09:30 Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington HST had just overtaken it, and had only just cleared the frame as I pressed the shutter. Note the extensive embankment clearance on the left for the forthcoming electrification. Admittedly exaggerated by the long lens, but the trackwork on the down relief line looks anything but straight! Note also the huge rust patch that has already appeared on the recently replaced Circourt Bridge in the background.

66414 Uffington 25 February 2016

66414 passes Uffington on 25 February 2016 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This picture is taken from a little used footpath that crosses the line just to west of the site of Uffington station, and heads south towards the village of Uffington, crossing the line of the disused Wilts & Berks Canal.

66414 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 24 January 2017

Running 88 minutes late, 66414 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 24 January 2017 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. The early morning fog had largely cleared, but the sun was still very reluctant to come out.

66414 Challow 6 April 2017

66414 takes the relief line at Challow on 6 April 2017 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. In the background is the new Challow road bridge, which was opened in December 2014, but needed to be repaired less than two years later as cracks were appearing in the road surface!

66414 Asfordby 16 March 2020

With the fourteenth century spire of Kirby Bellars church in the background, 66414 passes Asfordby on 16 March 2020 with the 4M81 08:01 Felixstowe North to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. Asfordby station (closed in 1951) was situated near the rear of the train.

66414 Barby Nortoft 2 June 2020

66414 passes Barby Nortoft on 2 June 2020 with the 4M87 11:13 Felixstowe North to Trafford Park freightliner. Sometimes worked by a pair of Class 86s, this was not going to be the case today, as this loco had worked the inbound 4L89 21:25 Coatbridge to Felixstowe North.

66414 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 14 September 2022

66414 runs along the down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 14 September 2022 with the 6Z86 11:10 West Drayton Frays Sidings to Machen Quarry stone empties. The footbridge in the background is virtually unused, except by a few railway photographers!

66414 Uffington 4 November 2022

66414 passes Uffington under an impressive cloudscape, as it heads westwards with the 6C58 12:11 Oxford Banbury Road to Machen Quarry stone empties on 4 November 2022. This was running 35 minutes early, having been let out of Challow loop before its booked time.

66415 Wantage Road 15 January 2013

Making a welcome change from the usual green Freightliner locos on this train, DRS blue 66415 pulls slowly away from Wantage Road loop with the 6M40 11:56 Westbury to Stud Farm ballast empties on 15 January 2013. Not only did several of the wagon's wheels have flats, but so did one of the loco's. Quite a clattering noise!

66415 Compton Beauchamp 26 August 2016

I wouldn't normally photograph a light engine move, but couldn't resist this close up view of 66415 passing Compton Beauchamp on 26 August 2016, as it gives a clear view of its debranded DRS livery. It was running as the 0Y11 08:05 Stoke Gifford to West Ealing Plasser Sidings.

66415 South Marston 23 July 2019

66415 passes South Marston on 23 July 2019 with the 6C48 17:10 Appleford to Tytherington stone empties. Although this had left exactly on time, it was now was running 50 minutes early, but sadly that wasn't early enough to catch the sun, which had disappeared the moment I had stepped out of the car, a few minutes earlier!

66415 Uffington 7 February 2020

66415 You Are Never Alone passes Uffington on 7 February 2020 with the 4L36 07:45 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. This should have been a sunny morning, but apart from a few short sunny breaks, it was dull for the entire time I was at the lineside. Naturally it was a sunny afternoon after I got back home! At least the Genesee & Wyoming livery stands out in the dull conditions.

66415 & 59101 Hungerford Common 9 May 2022

Quite a load for a Class 66! 66415 You Are Never Alone has 42 loaded stone wagons in tow, as well as a dead 59101 Village of Whatley, as it passes Hungerford Common on 9 May 2022 with the late running 7A09 07:12 Merehead Quarry to Acton Mendip Rail 'jumbo' stone train. The failure of the 59 resulted in an hour late departure, but as the train did not have to wait in Woodborough loop, it was only 16 minutes late here. In view of the 4,000+ tonnes load, another Class 59 would have been the preferred rescue loco, or at the very least one of Freightliner's low geared Class 66/6s, but obviously 66415 was all that was available. In spite of this, it seemed to be doing OK, and reached Acton only 8 minutes behind time.

66415 Baulking 14 February 2023

66415 You Are Never Alone passes Baulking on 14 February 2023 with the 6Z86 11:06 West Drayton Frays Sidings to East Usk Yard stone empties. A location that is only just a short walk from the road, but usually a damp walk, as despite appearances, this field is often partially waterlogged!

66415 Baulking 15 February 2023

66415 You Are Never Alone approaches Baulking on 15 February 2023 with the 6Z86 11:06 West Drayton Frays Sidings to East Usk Yard stone empties. There was a band of cloud slowly approaching from the west, and just a couple of minutes after I took this picture, the sun disappeared for the rest of the day.

66415 & 66517 Woodborough 18 April 2024

66415 You Are Never Alone & 66517 leave Woodborough loop on 18 April 2024 with the late running 6A50 10:26 Whatley Quarry to Hanwell Bridge Loop stone train. The reason for two locos is that the train splits at Hanwell, forming the 6M52 13:42 Hanwell Bridge Loop to Churchyard Sidings, and the 6L52 14:26 Hanwell Bridge Loop to Dagenham Dock.

66416 Cholsey 30 March 2012

Making a pleasant change from the usual Freightliner green Class 66/5s, hired in DRS 66416 passes a very misty Cholsey on 30 March 2012 with the 4M55 08:55 Southampton to Lawley Street freightliner. In better weather conditions it would be possible to see trains approaching from a considerable distance at this location.

66416 Compton Beauchamp 23 July 2012

Making a welcome change from the usual Freightliner green 66s on container trains in the Vale of White Horse, DRS liveried 66416 passes Compton Beauchamp on 23 July 2012 with the 4O59 Wentloog to Southampton freightliner. Following right behind it was 66031 with the 6M50 07:36 Westbury to Bescot ballast - a busy five minutes amid the HSTs.

66416 South Moreton (Didcot East) 13 September 2012

66416 passes the site of Moreton Sidings, at South Moreton on 13 September 2012 with the 4V50 10:54 Southampton to Wentloog freightliner. Amazingly, considering it hasn't been used for any serious purpose since the track was taken up, the area behind the train is actually much freer of bushes than twenty years previously.

66416 Oxford 21 January 2013

66416 approaches Oxford on 21 January 2013 with the 4M28 09:32 Southampton to Ditton freightliner. It's a pity there weren't a few more boxes near the front of the train, but the novelty value of a DRS loco in the snow makes it worth a picture.

66416 Steeple Aston 17 March 2014

Still wearing DRS blue livery, despite now working for Freightliner, 66416 passes through the tree lined cutting near Steeple Aston on 17 March 2014 with the 4M55 08:55 Southampton Maritime to Lawley Street freightliner.

66416 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 8 June 2015

66416 ambles along the up relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 8 June 2015 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. Its a good job that it was just ambling, as the 1A11 09:30 Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington First Great Western HST had just overtaken it, and had only just cleared out of the way when this picture was taken.

66416 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 23 December 2015

66416 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 23 December 2015 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This was running 52 minutes early, and travelling approximately in the path of the 6M50 07:55 Westbury to Bescot engineer's train, which had gone via Newbury, due to signalling problems on its normal route between Chippenham and Swindon.

66416 Tockenham Wick 16 February 2016

66416 climbs Dauntsey Bank on 16 February 2016 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This view is taken from the lofty Trow Lane road bridge, near Tockenham Wick. Because the track approaches the bridge in a deep cutting, it is necessary to use a very long lens during the winter months in order to avoid the shadows. This does however give a clear view of the incline, and would on a clearer day show the wooded hills in the background. The brick chimney in the background belongs to the former Dauntsey Creamery, while the bridge over the line in the distance marks the site of Dauntsey station (closed in 1965).

66416 Uffington 23 June 2021

66416 passes Uffington on 23 June 2021 with the 4L36 07:39 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. The loco is wearing the revised Freightliner green livery, which will not be perpetuated, as it has been superseded by the new orange colour scheme.

66416 Didcot North Junction 10 October 2022

66416 approaches Didcot North Junction on 10 October 2022 with the 4O15 06:44 Lawley Street to Southampton Maritime freightliner. It had been intended for this to become the new Freightliner livery, until the takeover by Genesee & Wyoming.

66418 Inverkeilor 4 May 2008

Not many revenue earning freight trains run on a Sunday, the 4N83 Aberdeen to Grangemouth Intermodal is an exception. It is pictured here passing Inverkeilor in the drizzle on 4 May 2008 with 66418 in charge. Luckily it could be seen approaching from over a mile away, so there was no point in getting out of the car until the last minute!

66418 Baulking 16 April 2014

Filthy former DRS 66418 passes Baulking on 16 April 2014 with the 4L32 11:00 Bristol to Tilbury freightliner. The lack of containers on the train reveals piles of new sleepers on the trackside, some of which have already been used to relay the section underneath the new ballast.

66418 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 15 June 2017

66418 Patriot In Memory of Fallen Railway Employees passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 15 June 2017 with the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. This will probably be the last occasion that I take a picture from this particular viewpoint, as it won't be long before the view is ruined forever by the overhead wires.

66418 & 66413 Normanton 18 January 2020

66418 Patriot In Memory of Fallen Railway Employees & 66413 Lest We Forget pass Normanton on 18 January 2020, running as the 0Y30 15:20 Leeds Balm Road to Doncaster Belmont Down Yard. I don't often photograph light engines, but these both feature different new Freightliner liveries, and similar remembrance themed names.

66418 Edington 26 March 2020

66418 Patriot In Memory of Fallen Railway Employees passes Edington on 26 March 2020 with the 6C58 11:45 Oxford Banbury Road to Whatley Quarry stone empties. A change of operator since I last photographed this train at this location.

66418 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 10 August 2023

66418 Patriot In Memory of Fallen Railway Employees runs slowly along the down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 10 August 2023 with the 6C58 1228 Oxford Banbury Road to East Usk Yard stone empties.

66418 South Marston 21 August 2023

66418 Patriot In Memory of Fallen Railway Employees passes South Marston on 21 August 2023 with the 4L36 08:10 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. A shame about the lack of boxes at the front of the train.

66419 Lower Moor 10 April 2007

The first visit of a DRS Class 66 to the Cotswold Line occurred on 10 April 2007, when 66419 traveled light engine from Crewe Gresty Lane to Long Marston to collect a rake of twelve KAA flat wagons. The 6Z66 12:35 Long Marston to Chaddesden is seen here approaching Lower Moor. It actually left Long Marston considerably earlier than its booked time, but had to wait at Honeybourne for its correct path along the single line.

66419 Baulking 28 September 2020

66419 passes Baulking on 28 September 2020 with the 4L36 07:45 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. In contrast to some of my favourite Vale of White Horse locations, this one requires very little effort to get to, being taken by looking over a gate next to the Baulking to Kingston Lisle road.

66419 Radley 22 November 2021

Running 26 minutes late, but still in superb autumnal afternoon light, 66419 passes through the completely deserted Radley station on 22 November 2021 with the 4O03 10:50 Lawley Street to Southampton Maritime freightliner.

66420 Easenhall 20 April 2009

66420 passes Easenhall at speed with the 4M44 08:21 Mossend to Daventry DRS intermodal service on 20 April 2009. Although a remote location reached by a footpath, this location seems to be quite popular, which is surprising considering it is not a particularly good photographic location.

66420 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 13 July 2013

Making a welcome change from the usual Freightliner green liveried 66 or 70, DRS 66420 slowly passes Walton Well Road, Oxford, on 13 July 2013 with the 4O27 05:26 Garston to Southampton freightliner. Once again the lineside vegetation is starting to grow and obstruct the view from this bridge.

66420 & 66542 Wootton Bassett 10 July 2014

66420 & 66542 slowly come off the South Wales line at Wootton Bassett on 10 July 2014, and join the route from Swindon with the 4O51 09:58 Wentloog to Southampton freightliner. With just a Freightliner sticker on the front end to indicate its new owner, 66420 still retains its DRS 'Compass' livery, albeit with the removal of any mention of its former owner.

66420 Oxford 1 April 2015

Still wearing its former operator's colours, albeit with Freightliner branding, ex DRS 66420 passes through the centre road of Oxford station on 1 April 2015 with the 4O15 07:43 Hams Hall to Southampton freightliner. Although not obvious from this picture, there was a large bank of cloud approaching from the west, which the Met Office had correctly predicted, and that seemed like a good excuse to head for home!

66420 Callow Hill 16 February 2016

66420 passes Callow Hill on 16 February 2016 with the late running 4O70 09:58 Wentloog to Southampton Maritime freightliner. The church and village of Brinkworth can be seen on the horizon. Coincidentally, this was the second ex DRS Class 66/4 (both now in Freightliner Powerhaul livery) that I had photographed on this particular morning.

66420 Baulking 1 April 2016

66420 passes signs of impending electrification at Baulking on 1 April 2016, as it works the 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. In preparation for the work, the lineside bushes have been cut back slightly, allowing a marginally wider view than has been possible for many years.

66420 & 66416 Didcot North Junction 25 April 2017

With only a few Freightliner Class 66s in the Powerhaul livery, pictures of two working together are at a premium. Here a pair of former DRS 66/4s pass Didcot North Junction on 25 April 2017 with the 4O18 03:07 Lawley Street to Southampton Maritime freightliner. As this was running 82 minutes late, I assume that 66420 was rescuing the failed 66416.

66420 Grove 25 May 2017

66420 passes Grove on 25 May 2017 with the late running 4L31 09:03 Bristol to Felixstowe North freightliner. Note the partially completed electfrication, with three out of the four tracks wired. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing.

66420 Uffington 24 July 2019

With a toot from the driver, 66420 passes Uffington on 24 July 2019 with the 4E18 09:56 Fairwater Yard to Doncaster Wood Yard reclaimed concrete sleepers. I'm not quite sure for whose benefit the 'Danger Overhead Live Wires' notice (one of many) on the fence is for.

66420 & 59102 Great Bedwyn 25 June 2020

Running 47 minutes early, 66420 & 59102 Village of Chantry pass Great Bedwyn on 25 June 2020 with the 6C64 15:26 Acton to Merehead Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties. As this picture is slightly 'thin' with the church on the left, and the train on the right, I decided to include lots of sky. The well timed cloud drifting away from the clouds in the background (which thankfully stayed well to the east), nicely balances the composition.

66420 Uffington 7 April 2021

Running 52 minutes late, 66420 passes Uffington on 7 April 2021 with the 4L36 07:45 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. This had actually left Wentloog at 09:18, 93 minutes late. The fact there was no sun allowed a picture from the north side of the line for a change, that and the fact that I was still walking up the footbridge steps as it came into view!

66420 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 7 September 2021

66420 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 7 September 2021 with the 4L36 07:39 Wentloog to Felixstowe North freightliner. Having left Wentloog 95 minutes late, this was still running an hour behind time here, and consequently had no need of the relief line, where it was booked to stop. Therefore it was travelling at full speed on the main line.

66421 Ashchurch 26 June 2017

66421 passes Ashchurch on 26 June 2017 with the 4V38 08:20 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. 50 minutes earlier, classmate 66426 had passed this way with the 5Z37 09:20 Worcester Hereford Sidings to Eastleigh Arlington ECS, deputising for the booked pair of Class 37s.

66421 Eckington 19 March 2022

With a toot from the driver, 66421 Gresty Bridge TMD passes Eckington on 19 March 2022 with the 4V38 12:19 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. The 25mph speed restriction sign refers to the entrance to Eckington Loop.

66421 Ashford Bowdler 20 May 2023

66421 Gresty Bridge TMD passes Ashford Bowdler on 20 May 2023 with the 4V38 10:38 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Presumably this was running under caution signals, as it was slowing down considerably when it passed me. This location has been on my 'to do' list for some time, after noticing the bridge whilst deriving on the A49 road, a few hundred yards to the west.

66422 Clay Mills 25 June 2014

66422 passes Clay Mills on 26 June 2014 with the 6U77 13:42 Mountsorrel to Crewe Basford Hall ballast. The cooling towers of the disused Willington Power Station (closed in 1999) can be seen in the background.

66422 Defford 25 March 2019

66422 passes Defford on 25 March 2019 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Note the recent vegetation clearance in the foreground, on what was once the site of Defford station (which closed in 1965).

66422 Gleneagles 14 September 2019

I was not very impressed when the first train I saw on my trip to Scotland on 14 September 2019 was a Shed, rather than a HST, which was the purpose of my visit. Just after I arrived at Gleneagles, the early running 4D47 13:07 Inverness to Mossend Tesco liner was due, so purely for the record, here is a picture of 66422 passing through the station.

66422 Honeybourne 3 August 2020

66422 slowly passes Honeybourne station on 3 August 2020, as it brings up the rear of the 6Z68 13:30 Long Marston to Stowmarket Down Goods Loop, conveying 20 refurbished JNA box wagons. 68026 Enterprise is hidden by the bushes at the front of the train.

66422 Badgeworth 7 Aoril 2023

66422 passes Badgeworth in spring sunshine on 7 April 2023 with the 4V44 10:45 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the plain blue DRS livery is identical to the blue of the Tesco containers.

66424 Ashchurch 6 May 2013

66424 passes Ashchurch on 6 May 2013 with the 4V38 08:25 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Unfortunately this was running fifteen minutes late. Had it been on time, it would have been in full sun. Instead the sun had managed to find a band of high cloud, which has taken the edge off the light.

66424 Ley Court 2 November 2018

66424 passes Ley Court (on the long straight section of track between Oakle Street and Grange Court) with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner on 2 November 2018. Not a train that I would go out of my way to photograph, but as I was already at the location, it just meant waiting a while in the sunshine!

66425 & 66951 Barrow upon Trent 17 March 2015

An interesting DRS and Freightliner combination at Barrow upon Trent on 17 March 2015. 66425 & 66951 work the 6Z96 12:21 Crewe Basford Hall to Toton engineers train. 66425 later worked back to Crewe light engine as 0Z97, while 66951 hitched a ride on the rear of the 6L15 17:52 Toton to Whitemoor, which was worked by 66423.

66425 Up Hatherley 5 October 2017

66425 passes Up Hatherley on 5 October 2017 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. This train used to run several hours earlier, and while this later time is not so good for photography for much of its route, at this location the sun angle is much better than previously.

66425 Churcham 29 November 2019

66425 approaches Churcham on 29 November 2019 with the 4V44 10:44 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. I wouldn't normally have bothered waiting an hour for this, but with unbroken sunshine, and a little autumn colour, I made an exception!

66426 & 66430 Tredington 3 June 2010

6,600 hp for one wagon - what a waste of resources! 66426 & 66430 pass Tredington on 3 June 2010 with the 6M67 14:02 Bridgwater to Crewe nuclear flask. I was sorely tempted not to bother taking this picture due to the severe backlighting and lack of interesting traction, but the sheer ridiculousness of it warranted a picture. All nuclear flask trains are double headed regardless of load, but this still seems a little over the top.

66426 Tomatin 26 June 2013

66426 passes Tomatin on 26 June 2013 with the 4H47 05:04 Mossend to Inverness Tesco liner. There had a been a hint of sun earlier on, but of course as I had selected a spot where the light angle would be favourable, it immediately became virtually 100% cloudy!

66426 Dalnacardoch 26 June 2013

66426 heads south through Glen Garry, past the remote settlement of Dalnacardoch (basically just Dalnacardoch Lodge, the white building in the background) on 26 June 2013 with the 4D47 13:19 Inverness to Mossend Tesco liner.

66426 Kimberley Park 2 April 2016

66426 approaches Kimberley Park on 2 April 2016 with the 12:00 Dereham to Wymondham service. This should have been hauled by 56006, but that could not attend due to Network Rail's sudden concern that six locos was too much to travel in one convoy! It also developed problems, so the Mid Norfolk Railway's alternative was DRS's offer of 66426.

66426 Ashchurch 26 June 2017

66426 passes Ashchurch on 26 June 2017 with the 5Z37 09:20 Worcester Hereford Sidings to Eastleigh Arlington ECS. This is the empty stock off the previous Saturday's Pathfinder Tours 'Mazey Day Cornishman' railtour. That tour, as well as this ECS, should have been Class 37 worked (hence the headcode). One of the tour locos (37069) failed prior to departure at Worcester, leaving 37059 to carry on alone. As a single 37 to Penzance might have been pushing it, 66525 was added at Bristol, with the tour eventually reaching Penzance 145 minutes late. The Freightliner 66 worked back to Bristol, where 66426 took over. 37059 was on the rear all the way back from Cornwall, as it is here. A more conventional Class 66/4 train followed this 50 minutes later.

66427 Grange Court 22 February 2016

66427 passes Grange Court on 22 February 2016 with the 4V38 08:20 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. On the left, one of the Great Western Railway's Scots pine trees has fallen across what was the site of the old goods loop, and before that part of Grange Court Junction station.

66427 Cheltenham 23 June 2023

66427 passes Cheltenham on 23 June 2023 with the 4V44 10:45 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. This is the view from Cloddymore footbridge, a location well known to local photographers since the days of steam.

66428 Natton 6 March 2012

Tesco started running a dedicated train from the Midlands to South Wales in late February 2012. 66428 passes Natton on 6 March 2012, just one week after the start of the operation with the 4V38 08:22 Daventry to Wentloog, with a complete rake of 'Less CO2 Rail' branded curtain sided containers.

66428 & 66434 Tackley 26 July 2022

66428 Carlisle Eden Mind & 66434 approach Tackley on 26 July 2022 with the 6Y15 13:00 High Marnham Powergen to Fairwater Yard, conveying an extremely lengthy train of HOBC (High Output Ballast Cleaner) vehicles. Just a little further north from this location there used to be an excellent viewpoint for a very long train, but after a long walk to the location, I found that the view has now completely disappeared. With no time to go anywhere else, I had to make do with this spot, which only shows about a third of the massively long train. With hindsight I should braved the rush hour traffic, and gone to Banbury!

66429 Barby Nortoft 4 April 2015

Under a leaden sky, a very grubby 66429 slowly passes Barby Nortoft, as it prepares to enter the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) with the 4M34 04:31 Coatbridge to DIRFT intermodal on 4 April 2015. The massive new industrial unit under construction next to the line has completely transformed what was once a very rural view.

66432 Spetchley 5 September 2023

66432 passes Spetchley on 5 September 2023 with the 4V44 10:45 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. There were formerly loops on both sides of the line here. The loop on the right was removed in the mid 1990s.

66433 Defford 25 October 2017

66433 passes Defford on 25 October 2017 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. With hardly a breath of wind, and the very warm temperatures, if it wasn't for the autumn colours in the background, this almost seemed like a summer's day!

66433 Fiddington 30 October 2017

66433 passes Fiddington on 30 October 2017 with the 4V44 10:47 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. As can be seen from the pile of chippings in the foreground, there has been extensive vegetation clearance here, which has opened up the view considerably. It's a pity that the single bush on the right was left, as that will get in the way of a morning shot from this location.

66434 Newtonhill 25 June 2013

With the village of Newtonhill spread out across the hillside in the background, 66434 crosses the viaduct over the Burn of Elsick, on 25 June 2013 with the 4A13 12:20 Grangemouth to Aberdeen Craiginches intermodal. Unfortunately the dull lighting does not really show off the distinctive Malcolm Rail livery.

66434 Newtonhill 25 June 2013

Just a few minutes after the sun had disappeared behind a huge mass of black cloud, 66434 passes Newtonhill on 25 June 2013 with the 4N83 18:20 Aberdeen Craiginches to Grangemouth intermodal. Perhaps it was a blessing after all, as the shadows had been creeping across from the bushes on the left.

66434 Ashchurch 4 December 2016

66434 passes Ashchurch on 4 December 2016 with the 4V38 09:03 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Note the recently installed fence on the right (considerably higher than the one it replaced). Despite the fact that it must have been a nuisance whilst installing the fence, no attempt was made to remove (or even trim) the tree next to the relief line!

66434 Churcham 8 December 2020

66434 passes Churcham on 8 December 2020 with the 4V44 10:45 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. Unfortunately the sun dipped slightly for this, but the thin high cloud luckily hasn't affected the result too much.

66434 Minsterworth 3 February 2023

66434 passes Minsterworth on 3 February 2023 with the 4V44 10:45 Daventry to Wentloog Tesco liner. This was running right behind the 45mph 7Q78 08:40 Doncaster Belmont Down Yard to Newport Docks (Sims Group) scrap move, which held it up until it overtook it at Severn Tunnel Junction.