66414 Shipton 14 August 2015

High summer on the Cotswold Line! 66414 races through Shipton station in the rain on 14 August 2015 with the 6V34 04:43 Ipswich to Long Marston (or just as far as Honeybourne if Realtime Trains was to be believed!), conveying a rake of freightliner flats. Despite the awful weather I wanted a picture of this train passing some identifiable location on the southern section of the Cotswold Line, as freight trains of any description are few and far between. In retrospect this probably wasn't the best choice of location, as the tanker parked in F.W.P. Matthews car park almost looks like part of the train at first glance! As far as I know, this is the first visit of a Powerhaul liveried loco to the Cotswold Line. Note the reproduction GWR station seat on the left.