66426 Ashchurch 26 June 2017

66426 passes Ashchurch on 26 June 2017 with the 5Z37 09:20 Worcester Hereford Sidings to Eastleigh Arlington ECS. This is the empty stock off the previous Saturday's Pathfinder Tours 'Mazey Day Cornishman' railtour. That tour, as well as this ECS, should have been Class 37 worked (hence the headcode). One of the tour locos (37069) failed prior to departure at Worcester, leaving 37059 to carry on alone. As a single 37 to Penzance might have been pushing it, 66525 was added at Bristol, with the tour eventually reaching Penzance 145 minutes late. The Freightliner 66 worked back to Bristol, where 66426 took over. 37059 was on the rear all the way back from Cornwall, as it is here. A more conventional Class 66/4 train followed this 50 minutes later.